Currently Watching: Bhuppae Sunniwat


Surprise!!!! Yes, I am watching a Thai drama! Please do not get comfortable though, I don’t do this often *laughs*. But really, I am watching this because of certain someone. And that someone is Anu (aka @amysticlady). Every time I am in India, I make sure I will see her. This year was extra special for the two of us. I begged her to stay with me for a night at my hotel and she took the chance to convert me (back) to lakhorn. She assured me that Bhuppae Sunniwat is unlike any other. I am telling ya, the woman was very persistence!



I decided to take the plunge after watching few BTS clips on YouTube. She’s right – the OTPs are cute and funny. But what made me decide to watch it more is the story. It is a time travel drama! You know how much I love this genre! I also was warned that each episode is 2 hours long. Oh my goodness, do I have the time to finish it? But come to think about it, it is just like watching 30 episodes drama. Right now, I am zipping through episode 9 of 15 episodes. D was shocked that I am watching a violent drama *laughs*. It is true, some of the women in this drama are vicious! The scenes with slapping and screaming were tough to watch. He urges me to go back to my family drama *rolls eyes*.


But I can assure you, Bhuppae Sunniwat is actually entertaining and not so much of craziness as other lakhorns. I love the acting the most. Granted, few scenes were cringing, but they were cute cringe. I actually agree with Kmuse’s post to 4 Reasons to Check Out Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat. She is right. This drama not only gives you the history of Thailand (great for those who are new to Lakhorn), you also get to enjoy the sis-mance (the best!) and the sizzling OTP. I don’t really like the side story between Constantine Phaulkon and Mae Maria. I especially despise Phaulkon of his douche bag face and the fact that he thinks he could get away with what he wants. If I could punch his face, I would! Don’t be fool by this two-faced character. He pretended to be sided with the King and the Thai people but in reality, he still loyal to his old nation.


Now let’s focus on the story between the OTP. So the original Mae Karakade was a vicious, wicked and selfish young lady. Date’s father took her into his household because her dad passed away and got her engaged to Date. Por Date hated her to the guts. To make the matter worse, Por Date is turned off by her and he is interested with Mae Ying. Mae Karakade found out about Mae Ying and plotted to kill her using her two servants. Unfortunately, her attempt to murder Mae Ying got a new twist. Mae Ying’s servants ended up dead and everyone knew who the culprit is. Por Date and his father decided to chant moon mantra to punish the culprit – be it Karakade or someone else.


Obviously, Karakade is the culprit and she died. Her two servants witnessed her passing. But fast forward to the present time, Kadesurang – a look like Karakade except she’s less pretty and nerdier – died in a car accident and her soul got transferred back in time and assume Karakade’s body. Living as Karakade, Kadesurang tries to adjust the new life she is living in including understanding the damage Karakade did. Kadesurang works hard to improve Karakade’s image and so far, she is doing great. People are slowly trusting her. Her servants were shocked of the new and improved Karakade. Por Date doubted this new person and he eventually falls for her. But he could not help wondering who she is…


Now, as usual, I left few things so that it will not be a complete spoiler for you. It won’t be fun, right? I am looking forward to finishing this series. I know the real Karakade is dead yet her soul is still taunting Kadesurang. Why? Are they related? I am also worried about Kadesurang. She did wonders as Karakade but does she have to go back to her present life? Her mom and grandma miss her terribly. I do not know how this show will end. At the meantime, I think she should marry Por Date. The man practically flirting with her!


I hope you will consider watching Bhuppae Sunniwat or Love Destiny or also known as Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat if you have not seen it. Only 15 episodes long, this drama is less intense as other slap kiss slap lakhorns but still dramatic! You can’t leave the dramatic part behind *giggles*. It is funny and entertaining. I adore the costumes and the makeup on Kadesurang/Karakade. So beautiful and she is a beautiful actress. Well, enough blabbing. Off me go to finish this beautiful series! Wish me luck!



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