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So here’s the thing… I do not recall I have seen BL theme drama before. Ever. Wait, does Bromance counts? Anyway, I must be having a memory relapse but omg if it’s true, I think my BL cherry just burst with Ossan’s Love. I finally got a chance to start it after weeks of hating and bickering with my TL for enjoying the show without me. Yes, I was THAT cranky! But yesterday I got to dance like a maniac because I was able to marathon all five episodes in one sitting! Thankfully the episode was 40 minutes long and they were funny!


It seems that there’s a 2016 version of the same title. And when I researched, it has the same casts, too. What is going on? Deja vu? The special drama was only an episode long and ran about 48 minutes. I’m curious to watch this version but no one was subbing it. I’m glad someone is invested in subbing the current one. Thank you, subber! And I assume this year’s drama picks up where the special was left off. Or who knows, it could be totally unrelated!


Ossan’s Love involves triangle love. Not one but three triangle love, at least, I could count. Will I think there will be more? I doubt it since there are two episodes left. Frankly, I do not want another mess. Haruta needs the next two episodes to sort things out – his messy life, his love life, and his own personal feelings. Haruta definitely gives up hope on women but does he not notice anything about Chizu at all?


So here’s the deal with Ossan’s Love. Haruta works in a real estate company. His performance is meh – his name is at the bottom of the list. I wonder why and how is he still employed! He’s not popular among women. His desire to marry one with big boobs definitely failing. One day he discovered his Chief has a feeling towards him. He is not into this gay vibe but found himself trap between respecting his boss and getting involved in a relationship with a married man.


At the same time, Haruta faces problems at home. His mom fed up with his lifestyle and decided to move out. Haruta has been relying so much on his mom and he’s clueless to house chores and meal prep. He needed someone and that someone is Maki, his office mate. Maki agreed to move in. He is a diligent young man who does all the house chores. Haruta found it beneficial to live off Maki’s generosity until one day… Maki confessed his love for him!


Yeahhhhhh I was *internally* screaming so loud! Haruta shares his stories with Chizu, his bff. She listens to everything he said and gives suggestions, advice, and whatnot. You know, what a bestie do. But deep down she has feelings toward him. Haruta is too blind to notice or recognize her feelings. Granted, he’s now caught in a triangle love between his Chief and Maki.


I don’t want to spoil too much but Haruta decided to give a gay relationship a try. Chizu was shocked when she caught him with his lover. Poor girl… will she give up on him or make him realize that he is straight after all? Yeah, it’s tough. Chief also has to handle his own mess aka confessing to his wife that he’s a gay. Maki, too, has to deal with Takekawa who’s in love with him. Haruta definitely stuck in the middle of everything.


Ossan’s Love is only 7 episodes long! How disappointing! Why do they always make fun dramas short? I am currently waiting for two more episodes. What I love about this show is the characters are acted by mainstream actors and it’s aired on a national channel! Japanese is completely revolutionizing this BL theme! I highly recommend it if you are able to get a hold of the episodes. It’s so hard to find an open-minded BL drama and I think we all should take advantage of it! Well, unless if you have seen Chinese and Thai BL dramas. I heard they are great! This show employs great acting and great props too. You don’t want to miss the heart lights! The cutest!


4 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Ossan’s Love

  1. BL cherry? You made me laugh! Mine was burst with Addicted and what a story that was! You’d be surprised how well some of them are written and the story feel real too. The run the spectrum of cute and cuddly to down right soft porn! This was my first BL JDrama (though I’ve seen movies). I’ve watched more Chinese than Thai. Some are really, really cute too! I said that already but its worth repeating. As far as the movie? I have it. Yes. I searched and found it done by the same subber. I think the SP is why they made the drama! Interested? Holler at me!


  2. OMG! My thoughts exactly 😂 I love that this is not a typical BL production. Shown on national TV and acted by popular and seasoned actors, this is a dream come true! What I don’t like about Chinese and Thai BL shows is that the actors they hire are mostly newbies and the production value is mediocre. Here at おっさんずラブ Ossan’s Love, we have a great storyline, big production, creative direction, mainstream cast and a whole lot more! Not to mention the whole SNS promotion shebang! I’ve never experienced rooting and tweeting about a BL show together with millions of fans from Japan and all over the world at the same time! Really happy to be part of a trending topic!

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    • Hahaha it’s the best when all of us unite for Haruta. I don’t know if you follow me on twitter but myself and few others life tweet Ossan’s Love whenever we watch it. It’s great to hear everyone’s two cents and squee.

      At this point we know his sexuality is but I really can’t helped but shipping him with everyone. I’m worried with Maki though since he seems to be so invested in this relationship whereas Haruta is only experimenting.


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