Currently Watching: Nirvana in Fire 2


Oh my goodness, I just couldn’t believe I let this drama slide again. I started months ago but due to my work travel, I just could not focus on this magnificent drama. Nirvana in Fire 2 is not a drama you can multitask. You really need to sit down and absorb the story. Granted, it has no ties to the first installment, Nirvana in Fire, unless they make a reference about it later in the drama. As for now, I could not see any ties between the two except they are the heirs of Chang Lin.


Knowing that they are no similar cast, I hesitant to make comparison (though I did in the beginning) because the stories were independent to each other. While the first installment was politically heavy, the second one is lesser yet with a compelling plots. But one thing stays true: the emotional roller coaster ride. This is why I encourage you to watch this drama without any interruption. You will be so emotionally and mentally invested. I can be hooked with any dramas but this one, I just cannot keep an eye off of it.


The casts are as magnificent as the first installment. I was not confident when they recruited Huang Xiao Ming as one of the main casts. To me, he has the face. Just the face. But he has proven himself that he is more than just a face in here and I’m impressed with his acting! No overacting, that is. However, this is my first time seeing Liu Hao Ran. I fell in love with him just because he is such a cutie pie. His acting was somewhat kiddish in the beginning but it matches with his character. As the show progress, he matured up with his character. Great build up, I must say! I applause to the director for recruiting Liu Hao Ran. I am sure he attracts younger crowds.


In the beginning, it was hard to believe that this show is centered around Ping Jing, barely a man but too old for a boy with a wise instinct, lively and full of enthusiasm. With his street smart sense, Ping Jing is one of my favorite characters in this drama. I literally watch him mature before my eyes. The first 15 episodes, this drama focused on him and his brother, Ping Zhang. The chemistry between the two is awesome! As brothers, Ping Jing looks up to his brother so much! Watching these two interacts made me miss my siblings. And Ping Jing generally have great chemistry even with Xiao Yuan Qi, the emperor’s son from his concubine and the young Crown Prince – his cousin. His relationship with Lin Qi is cute. She is generally a cold-hearted gal but slowly open her up to him.


While I am not sure where this show will take me to, but I know for sure is the goal is to capture Pu Yang Ying. He mobilized the Yelingzi group to take revenge on Liang dynasty. Pu Yang Ying is a sleek man. He polluted Xiao Yuan Qi’s mom and he is now trying to control Yuan Qi. Thankfully, Yuan Qi caught on and found his loyal servant is also one of Yelingzi. The prince killed his servant but not sure if he announced it to Ping Zhang and Ping Jing. The brothers caught on too but there are too many spies living around them. They are all marked in red tattoos in mozhen flower shape.


As I am only on episode 24, I am sure there are more stories to this and I know Pu Yang Ying is not easily defeated. He has made contact with many people and manipulated many to carry out his goal. You can tell immediately he is purely evil. He speaks very eloquently but every word that came out of his mouth is truly manipulative embodies with gentle poison. He is one man you have to keep an eye for he is aim to revenge what the Liang dynasty did years ago. I am currently upset that one of the spies manage to poison Ping Jing. It will take a few more episodes for them to get to Ping Zhang, the Prince of Chang Lin and the powerful general for the dynasty. When that happens, who will lead the country? The Crown Prince barely a teen and Xiao Yuan Qi is unrecognized. Will Ping Jing able to rise and lead the army?


This 50 episodes drama is worth every second of your time. As I said before, this installment is not as grand as the first one and less political, but I find it more invested in the characters here. I doubted a younger main character and Huang Xiao Ming but they made me forgot who they are in real life. And I love that it is so independent from the first one so you don’t need to watch it to enjoy this one. Now remember how sequels always a disaster? Not this one! It turns out better than I thought!


4 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Nirvana in Fire 2

  1. “He’s just a face” I feel the same way😔 even though I love Tong Liya and would watch her in ANYTHING and love NiF I put this on my waitlist.


  2. I liked E1 and then got too busy to focus on this show. And I had the same feeling – this one needs your focus and time. I’ll definitely be getting on this train, hopefully sooner than later!

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