Currently Watching: Ashi Girl


If you are a fan of Nobunaga Concerto (like me), you don’t want to miss Ashi Girl. Bel and I have been waiting for this drama ever since it got aired in 2017. This underrated drama is a funny gem you should not missed. The story is super easy to follow and very lighthearted. I am once again amazed how the Japanese is able to come up with a drama that is practical in life. The only unpractical part? The time traveling! But obviously, I am a fan of this genre.


The story is simple. Using her brother’s time traveling device, Yui time traveled to the Warring state era where she met Wakagimi-sama, an heir to a clan. Yui keeps going back and forth and consults her history teacher about the fate of Wakagimi-sama. Pretended to be a boy and participated in the war as one of the foot soldiers, Yui’s mission is to get closed to the heir and save his life and his soldiers. In the process of saving Wakagimi-sama, Yui slowly uses her ability to time travel and brings joy to the people around her.


This 12 episodes drama is only 30 minutes long per episode. The show is so fun, interesting and entertaining you could binge watching it in 6 hours! This hearty drama is a must watch. Yui being a runner does not even mind running after him! The love is so adorable. Their chemistry is sweet. What I love the most is Yui! Her strong determination is admirable. She is able to turn things around so quickly. Loved it! I am currently on episode 5 and I am just dying to see where Ashi Girl will take me. Will she be able to save Wakagimi-sama from dying in a war? *nervous*



One thought on “Currently Watching: Ashi Girl

  1. I simply LOVED this drama! LOVED IT! I watched it in one single day! The story was cute, the romance was cute, and the two leads were super adorable together. Very little angst in this one. But the little romance there is made up in chemistry between the couple!!

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