Currently Watching: Are You Human Too?


Sigh, despite my busy schedule, I managed to start another new drama again! I want to kick my butt but that gotta hurt, right? *laughs* I can’t help it, though. Besides, it’s Seo Kang Joon. I can’t missed this cutie pie. On top of that, Lee Joon Hyuk is back! I feel like winning a lottery seeing him twice in three months! Also, Gong Seung Yeon is in this drama. Another talented cutie pie. I enjoyed her so much.


I feel like just yesterday I finished I’m Not A Robot and I thought I have to wait years for another robot drama. Nothing similar in the story line, but share one common ground. Falling in love with human. In Are You Human Too?, that exactly is. A human started doubting a robot with a feeling. Even the robot said so himself! So how can a robot progress and develop such friendship feeling? But there are more to it than this meager romance. It is about revenge. A mother’s revenge. Well you know what they say, don’t mess with a mother. She will hold grudge to the end of her life!


Yup, that’s exactly what happened! Nam Shin was taken away from his mom after his dad died and because he is the the third generation heir for a successful conglomerate. Upset, Oh Ro Ra, an AI genius created an android that looks exactly like her son. She updates the droid as her son grow. So when her son vaca in Czech Republic, where she is based, her son was ran over by a van and fell into coma. She sent robo Shin to replace her son and send it back to SK. Hot Secretary Ji is responsible of teaching and guiding robo Shin to be as real as the real Shin.


Now, the story gets real when we thought Ro Ra is the only troublemaker. It turns out, there is another troublemaker who wants Nam Shin die. Seo Jong Gil wants the whole company and he hired someone to run over Shin in Czech. When he found out Shin survives, since he does not know robo Shin exist, he attempted to kill him again and again. His last resort was to marry his daughter to Nam Shin. Fortunately, robo Shin walked out of the wedding. All because of Kang So Bong, his PA. His attachment to So Bong is cute yet weird. Ro Ra is stunned by robo Shin’s behavior. She felt So Bong manipulated robo Shin when in fact, the droid began to have a mind of its own.


How would they end this drama? I am worried sick to my stomach. Nam Shin is an asshat and I secretly wish he die. I really want robo Shin to have a life of his own and ship him with So Bong. So Bong is also intrigued by robo Shin who always reminded her that he does not have any feeling… Yet, he does! I am hoping for a crazy twist! Is it insane to wish that the real Shin swap with robo Shin? Urgh I know it can’t be happening based of the last episode I saw *facepalm*


Okay, I am dying to know how they will end this drama. I am sure I am not alone. Robo Shin is too sweet and adorable I do not want to see him hurt. I really want robo-human ship to work. Eottoke? 20 episodes aired, 16 episodes to go. Each episode is 35 minutes long so it won’t be long before the series end. There are few cliches but I care nothing of them coz I love the story regardless. If you are into this kind of drama, watch it. I personally recommend it.



4 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Are You Human Too?

  1. I’m only 12 eps in, and pleasantly surprised by how much I’m enjoying this one! RoboShin is so sweet. ❤ Like you, I have no idea how they're going to resolve this story. DON'T KILL ROBOSHINNN!!! 😫


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