Currently Watching: Miss Hammurabi


I unexpectedly started Miss Hammurabi before my trip and I am now behind in this drama. Since it has ended, I could just marathon the remaining 5 episodes when I reached home this weekend. Initially, I wasn’t planning on watching this drama because of Go Ara. Again, my love hate relationship with her acting cringe me. Since she did (tiny) well in Black, I thought I should give her another chance. Besides, Infinite L is in it. He did well in Master of the Mask, I would not want to miss watching him again. And fair enough, his acting continues to improve. Perhaps, acting is his future career. Who knows, right?


Another main reason I started this drama is because of Sung Dong Il. I believe (I could be wrong) this is his first main lead character. I adore his nasty mouth and scruffy tired face yet most of the characters he played are darn awesome! Can I jolt your memory with his famous character as the dad in Reply series? Totally jjang! And before I forget, one last person worth mentioning is the comeback of Ryu Deok Hwan. I enjoyed him in all God’s Quiz seasons and Faith. He is a great actor and so glad to see him back in small screen.


See? Many reasons to start Miss Hammurabi, right? The story itself is overwhelmingly heart breaking and heart wrenching. Some are downright annoying. The cases, I mean. This drama focuses on the journey of Judge Park Cha Oh Reum, a newbie joins Judge Im and lead Judge Han as judges for the circuit court. Judge Park is extremely emotional and sensitive yet rebellion so she takes each case deeply. So deep that she cried in the court too. Her wants for justice is so strong that I feel she is in a wrong field. She should be working for human rights instead.


Now, what makes this drama interesting is not just the cases but the life of Judge Park. For once, Judge Im had a crush on her when they were in high school. But she disappeared. He does not know why until he heard from her. The truth is she did not remember him much, either. I guess the pressure from her past forces to forget everything, including her path to become a pianist. But what I like about Judge Im is even though he likes her, he does not act like a pathetic foolish fool in front of her. His composure is cool. I am sure his heart combust too many times *laughs*.


So where do we go from here? I don’t know. I am hoping for a closure for Judge Park. Her mom is lying in death bed. Chaebol Min is interested in her but not sure if she is. I know Judge Im still likes her but not sure where this relationship will go. My biggest take from Miss Hammurabi is the chemistry. I am not talking about the romance but the chemistry among the casts are pretty tight. There is something about them that makes me drawn to this drama. For some reason, the format of this drama reminds me of Japanese dramas. I really loved it. Watch it if you are into a warmth yet funny drama. My only doubt is… they are too young to be a judge!



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