Currently Watching: Devilish Joy


Aaaah I finally able to watch currently airing drama. It feels weird not watching more than one  in a longest time. And it feels weird to marathon dramas lately. I feel old *laughs*. Don’t mind me, I am just wacko today. Speaking of wacko, this drama started quite like that. In fact, it was off-putting because it was so cheesy my heart could not take it at all. Mari told me what do I expect? She pointed at the title. Devilish Joy. Hmmm she’s right, what do I expect? Anyway, I went on with the cheese and guess what… here I am 8 episodes later and really, really liking it!


Okay, just to be clear, it was cheesy in the beginning but it gets better and better in my opinion. I love the character Joo Gi Beum, played by Song Ha Yoon. Once a successful actress, her career went tumbling down due to a murder she did not commit. Her previous manager, Kim Beom Soo, is determined to ruin her career. After three years of hiatus, she decided to make a comeback but the road to even land an audition in a minor role is difficult. Beom Soo blocks all her path. But I wonder why? Just because he thinks she committed a murder? He used to represent her so what he is doing now is extremely fishy. What is he hiding exactly?


Gi Beum met Gong Ma Sung three years ago. She was a popular actress back then. Ma Sung was being a charming man, as always. He helped her once and for some reason, they connected immediately. Promises were made but then it just dissipated. Three years later, they met in under weird circumstances. Gi Beum is no longer the confident person she was once were. When she met Ma Sung again, she felt different and weird out. Ma Sung did not remember her and their encounter before. It turns out, Ma Sung got into an accident and his life changed forever. His ability to remember is very limited, so he had to jot down in his journal daily so he would be able to read it the next day. His life is not so lucky. He is considered curse after his parents died. As an heir, his stepmom is doing everything she can to ruin Ma Sung.


By episode 8, Ma Sung is framed with a proposal that he did not approve yet his signature was on the paper. He now tries to figure out what happened; he now know that his stepmom has access to his place as confessed by his secretary. Meanwhile, he also tries to date Gi Beum but somehow their so called date never materialized. Something always happened. Gi Beum is patience yet trying not to let her guard down. It is difficult to stand up for herself due to “murder” labeling. Ma Sung could not careless of her background. He somehow feel connected with her. He is in love with her. But how could he fall in love with her if he does not remember her or anything the very next day? And how is he going to go around to people who is trying to sabotage his life?


Devilish Joy is cute and bubbly most of the times but it also has its wicked moment! I hate Kim Beom Soo for being snarky and cruel towards Gi Beum. I hope his cockiness will be shot down soon! I hate Lee Ha Im, an actress that used to work with Gi Beum but now represented by Kim Beom Soo. She is ignorant and stupid, and uses her beauty to start mindless rumors toward Gi Beum. Obviously, it works but one day I hope to see her foot in her mouth! And last but not least is Ma Sung’s stepmom. Her evilness is not so apparent right now but as the show enters the second half, her cattiness will come out.


I am looking forward to the next week’s episodes. It will be crazy period for the next 8 episodes to come. I am sure I will be watching it with anger and cat toys. It has been awhile since I get furious (in a good way) over a show! I don’t mind it, though. I recommend this drama for marathon because the waiting for new episodes every week is quite painful. It is not like it is extremely good, but it is compelling and interesting. I love the subtle of angst and romance in Devilish Joy. Give it a watch if you are up for it!


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