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UPDATE as of October 31, 2018: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I take it back! Watch it!!!! The story got better and better. DO finally broke out of his shell by episode 12. I know it is a bit too late but I assume it is because he finally able to feel his character fully. He still need to work on his facial expression but he is much better now. I am in the middle of episode 16 (final) and I am just dying to see the demise of VP Kim!

Yes, please watch it! I highly recommend it NOW!

I don’t know why I decided to watch 100 Days My Prince. I just felt like it at the time. But now, 10 episodes in, I am not impressed by it. Is it me or does anyone feel the same way? I don’t want to drop it because I really am hoping for the rainbow on the other side. I was hoping it would be as squeeworthy as Bogummy’s Love in the Moonlight. I did not get any of it. I am a bit upset. And EXO DO as the Crown Prince is a bit depressing. His 1 dimension facial expression frustrates me. Is he angry? Is he mad? Is he in love? I wouldn’t know! Why couldn’t he gives us more like he did in It’s Okay, That’s Love?


The driving force of 100 Days My Prince, in my humble opinion, is the female lead, Hong Shim, played by Nam Ji Hyun. She carries the character really great and you can see it from her body language, her eyes, her facial expression and the tone of her voice. We all love our sweetheart Ji Hyun from her two previous hit drama, Suspicious Partner and Shopping King Louie. As Hong Shim, she’s funny, cute, adorable and lovable! And as the last single woman standing in Joseon, Hong Shim really have no intention in rushing into marriage.


The ever perfectionist yet cold and demanding Crown Prince, Lee Yul, released a law that all women must marry before the age of 28. Hong Shim is turning 28 years old but has no intention of getting married. The prominent Lord in her village offered her to be his fifth wife and in return, he will lavish her with money to support herself and her dad. Obviously, Hong Shim refused to do so and her dad came to rescue her just in time. He announced that Won Deuk, the guy who promised to marry Hong Shim has came back from war and ready to tie the knot with her.



Unfortunately, no one knows who Won Deuk is. Her dad said he found Won Deuk injured and nursed him back healthy. The guy has amnesia and her dad took this opportunity by naming him Won Deuk so he could save Hong Shim from marrying the pervert Lord. The trouble began immediately because Won Deuk acts very noble even though they live very poorly. He gives so much trouble to Hong Shim and her dad. Hong Shim realizes he’s good for nothing but when she discovered he’s quite useful at writing and giving advice, she open a business for the public. But that did not go through because all of a sudden the house was wreck by a notorious debt collector.


Now they both are trying to survive. Meanwhile, Won Deuk started gaining some memories but they all very fragmented. Hong Shim, once a noble girl, saw her long lost brother in town but he insisted that she should stay away from him. His mission was to find the missing Crown Prince. It turns out he is in town to assassinate the Prince. If you can connect the dot, Won Deuk is the missing Crown Prince. But when he was found by Hong Shim’s dad, he had a different robe. Why did he not wear his Royal robe?


Well, if you are curious, you should watch it. But I don’t really recommend this drama. The romance is quite high school which is kind of cute because the writer details out the slow romance between the lead. However, there is no chemistry between them. DO’s eyes are dead and I just can’t feel it. It is so heartbreaking! I am going to finish it just because I need to know the ending (love the political aspect in this drama) even though I already know how it will end *rolls eyes*. This is my fate for starting a drama on spontaneous.

9 thoughts on “Currently Watching: 100 Days My Prince

  1. Welp… If you were watching on DramaFever the decision’s been taken out of your hands. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe for the best? (And I can’t see DO as a romantic lead; he’s just been too good as damaged and vulnerable.)


      • I just can’t get past seeing him as the emotionally unstable soldier in the 2 “Along with the Gods” movies — and maybe it’s his eyes 👀. I don’t like to knock an actor or actress for looks, because sometimes, if they’re talented they can persuade you that they are the sexiest, most attractive beings out there, but he just isn’t there yet (and I don’t think he ever will be). Leading man, 👎, supporting actor 👍.

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        • Omg it is his eyes that got me like… wth. Oh yeah, he’s worse in that movie. Unstable but the eyes says otherwise. I bet you the director couldn’t say much perhaps because of his agency.

          Even as a supporting actor, he’s not convincing enough. I think he should work on his eyes, go to acting school or leave this acting career.

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