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Finally, a drama I could brag about! Scary? Maybe. Intrigue? Yes. Interesting? Absolutely. Romance? Get the hell out of here. However, I must say, The Guest is not for the weak heart. Surprisingly, my heart is strong to handle all the grossness. I started watching it when I was in Myanmar. Jet lag is my best friend and it gives me ample of time to catch on new dramas. Hence, I started 100 Days My Prince and of course, The Guest. Bel warned me to watch it at day but I could not resist. When someone says that, it felt like a challenge. The worse part was I saw the first episode while having dinner! I felt so satisfying watching the bloodiest scene while slurping my delicious pasta con funghi!


To be honest, I am rather confuse with The Guest after watching episode 10. I thought I knew something but now I just don’t anymore. It is scary yet thrilling. I really want to know who The Guest is. Twenty years ago, Hwa Pyung learned his lesson the hard way. He was born into a family of sharman and knew that any weak mind person could be possessed by demon and evil thing. One day, his family did a powerful ceremony to chase a powerful demon that came haunting his village. This demon would possess people and they would go mad and stab their eyes. At the time, they blamed Hwa Pyung for the death of his mom and his grandmother.


Meanwhile, Yoon witnessed his brother, Priest Choi turning crazy and hunting him. Kang Kil Yeong and her mom happened to be driving passed Priest Choi home and saw Hwa Pyung standing in the middle of paddy field. She asked what is wrong but Hwa Pyung was not able to say anything. Kil Yeong’s mom, a detective, entered Priest Choi’s home to ask for help but the atmosphere in the house/room was creepy. She found Yoon hiding underneath the bed and then got attacked by his brother. Her brutal death also yielded to Priest Choi’s death. A suicide. Obviously not.


Fast forward to present time, these three met coincidentally. Hwa Pyung was tracking down a killer that was possessed The Guest and came across with Yoon who is now Priest Mateo. Kil Yeong followed her mom’s footstep and became a detective. Kil Yeong does not believe in demon possession but Hwa Pyung does and he is determined to find the demon that known as Park Il Do. Yoon aka Mateo specializes in exorcism and decides to help Hwa Pyung in hunting Park Il Do.


I know the show has not ended yet but I really, I am officially declaring The Guest a masterpiece. The acting, the script and the cinematography are to die for. And you know what, kudos to all the actors that played possessed characters. They look so real especially the girl in episode 8 to 10. I really can’t wait to catch up on last and this week’s episode. I heard this show will get a second season too. If this is true, thanks OCN! But please, do not cut corners!


5 thoughts on “Currently Watching: The Guest

  1. The possession scenes, exorcisms and shaman rituals are some of the most realistic I’ve seen. I definitely see where we all are related as the shaman rituals and voodoo practices are identical!! The acting has been stellar and I can’t say I’ve been bored. OCN once again has put out a fantastic drama!!


    • I am glad I saw the show despite poor and unrealistic ending. I am with you. OCN produces great show and The Great is fantastic! I would love another season but the ending has changed my mind. I am tired of chasing Sohn now.

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