Currently Watching: Project S Series – Skate Our Souls


Okay, so I decided to watch the third series of Project S two days ago. Am I crazy? Yes. Am I addicted to it? Yes. I don’t know what to say. It’s a great slice of life drama, to be honest. Again, I have to thank NeeNee of Asian Addicts Anonymous for this recommendation. On the surface, they make the drama series around sports. The previous two seasons were used volleyball and badminton as the theme. The third one is pretty obvious. Skateboarding. But I feel that each season gives us a deeper meaning to life. To be fit in. To be accepted. To be respected. To be independent.


This third season, Skate Our Souls, takes viewers into deeper feelings than the first two. When a depression hits, it doesn’t discriminate gender, age, nor wealth. This is the story about Boo. A high school student that is aware of his depression. He knew what he’s doing but really has no way of getting help. His way out of this madness is self-harm. It pains me to see him cutting himself. It pains me that he has no one to talk about his problem. It pains me that he is alone. He went to the hospital to seek treatment. Due to his age, he is required to get parents’ consent. Unfortunately, his dad thinks otherwise. This is a huge problem.


Boo has no friends in school. He tried to befriend his classmates but the fear in his eyes stop him. He is very self-conscious with his surrounding that he could feel all eyes on him when one day his teacher pointed out that his grade used to be good. It was merely a comment but the build up pressure in his head kills him terribly. One day, his plan for suicide got thwarted by a group of skaters. He met Simon, the leader of the group. Initially, Simon and Boo bet that one of the skaters to do a trick (slide against the stair rale) without alerting the security officer. If Boo wins, he will get the skateboard for 2000 baht. If Simon wins, he would need to pay more.


Actually, Simon tricked him. Boo lost but refused to give up on the board and ran away with it. He met Simon again later on and per Simon’s “influence”, Boo joined the group. He starts to hang out with Simon and his gang. His confident level gone up a bit but once again crushed when his dad found out about it. His dad even threatened Simon which led Boo to self-harm himself again. When his dad saw it, he took Boo to the hospital and realized that a treatment is needed for his son. He began to allow Boo to hang out with Simon, too.


Now the problem is… will skateboarding help Boo with his depression? 6 episodes in and I have zero confidence that he will get better. But the topic of depression is quite apt and much needed in today’s society. I was once a victim of depression and I understand completely. The actor plays Boo is extremely talented. He is so convincing as depressed Boo. I have yet to encounter an Asian actor that could be so bloody good as James (Boo). I’d like to watch his other work now. If you have time to watch Skate Our Souls, do it. It is worth 8 hours of your time.

What do you think?

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