Just Watched: Call Boy



I was told not to watch it when my son is around. It’s a naughty movie. Bel added Call Boy two weeks ago. I was bothered that everyone in the family could see in on my home Plex platform. So I decided to watch it immediately and if I don’t find it interesting, I would end and clear it from the list. The opening of the movie got me breathless already. I could not believe my eyes! Butt naked Tomi!!! Oh mae oh mae…


Initially, few things came racing to my mind. Why is Tomi ruining his career? Does he not get job offers anymore? And many more questions came to mind but as the movie progressed, I began to see the other side of Tomi. His character is beyond as a male prostitute. As Ryo, he is not there to provide pleasure to his clients, his existence is there to fill the void that is missing in them. He was very immature in the beginning. With his first client, he was unable to control himself and surrendered his body to her. But as the number of clients increases, he began to understand that physical connection is not what most of his clients’ want and need. To be there for them mentally and emotionally made him realize how fulfilling his job is.


Sure, the sex is schmexy. But if you can get past the action, you will find this movie very engaging and fascinating. Yes, it is disturbing most of the time. Think R-rated porn. But also, you need to be open-minded because Call Boy is nothing but a psychological movie that tests you as a viewer.

10 thoughts on “Just Watched: Call Boy

  1. Yeah….pictures would have flagged this as porn!! What a movie!! I really can’t look at Tori the same; but what a good actor he is! I’ve seen enough to know this. I can’t consciously recommend to anyone but it was an eye opener!

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  2. WAIT CAN YOU SEE WHAT I WATCH??? OMG😱😱 anyway, Ive watched this movie twice and as a sex health researcher I applaud them for their use of contraceptives, their ability to talk openly about sex and HIV and also destigmazing sex work. On the otherhand, my naughty side enjoyed this move because it was very female centered and showed how fragile human beings are and our desire to feel AND I LOVE TORI AND he was brilliant. That being said, I totally understand why he “failed” his first sexual act, I would have given him a 4, he was all over the place and grabbing everything but I loves that he started listening to his partner. Anyway, the movie was great for me.

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