Currently watching: Go Go Squid

I’m back again! This time I bring you adorable fluffy cotton candy goodness. Do I know what the show is about ? (nope, am still a bit confused). Can I explain to you what the male lead does for a living? ( again, nope). So what am I going to talk about? The cuteness that is this show and this couple. Just look at her

“Go go squid” is a drama adapted from the book “Stewed Squid with Honey” by Mo Bao Fei Bao. It’s main character are 19 year old Tong Nian. She is a small celebrity on Social media where she does cover songs. She’s also very intelligent and is about to graduate from university at a young age. Her otl comes in the form of this grumpy man. He is 29 year old Han Shang Yan. He does stuff with computers! Ok it’s a bit more complicated. He used to be a very famous competitive gamer but just as his group was about to reach the top. He announced his retirement and left the group. At the beginning of our story it’s been 10 years since his retirement and he now manages his own team. Including his young cousin who is one of the best in the world Cute shirtless guys also know as team K&K

Why should you watch? Because it’s adorable. She is this little ball of sunshine that at first sight decides he will be her boyfriend. He honestly doesn’t know what to do with her and would had forgotten about her if not for a random meeting in a different town and their parents being old friends. so if you want to smile lots, check this one out!!! disclaimer!!! Know there’s a lot more going on in this show. The whole broken team/friendship. The younger cousin being in love with Appledog. The very not subtle super government propaganda. Yet am watching it because I love the otp and everything else is just there. Also many thanks to the wonderful people that tried to explain to me via Twitter why the original team broke up. I still don’t get it. Ive decided to read the book and maybe I’ll do a story wrap-up post where I know stuff! Till next time.

What do you think?

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