Currently Watching: Hotel del Luna


I was not keen on starting Hotel del Luna at first. Maybe because at the time, I was still recovering from my illness. And when I started watching the first episode, I did not get a good vibe. Not only it is because of Hong sisters’ drama, I feared that the drama reminded me of Goblin even though it was not written by them. Mimi from The Talking Cupboard pointed out to me of Master’s Sun instead and I immediately cannot deny the similarity. The glamorous set. The richness. The beautiful cast. The luxurious brands. Yup, I can’t deny this drama won my heart now. Either way, I feel that it is a marriage of two dramas which to be honest resulted in a very interesting and engaging fantasy drama.


I am not sure how many episodes have aired; I am still playing catch up and currently on episode 8. I did not like the first episode but by episode 3, my interest piqued. I love the idea of assisting (angry, lost or revengeful) ghosts to their afterlife. It is not a new concept as this is a common belief in eastern and southeast Asia culture. The Hong sisters use it to make Hotel del Luna more fascinating. Not a bad idea! In my religion, these angry ghosts will not get a chance. They will be sent to hell! Yikes! But another thing that piques my interest is UI’s wardrobes in this drama. Stunning and beautiful! I would love to get my hands on her dresses! And her earrings!


Now back to Hotel del Luna, the basis of this drama is the hotel, the guests and the CEO of the hotel, Jang Man Wol. The hotel is located in the heart of Seoul but it looks unappealing to people. However, it is a hotel for special guests. It houses ghosts temporarily before they leave for the afterlife. Most of them still have unfinished business and Man Wol is there to help – with a price, of course. Man Wol is a finicky and greedy woman. It can’t be helped because of the life she went through. I will spare the deed here but yes, she is an immortal soul assigned to guard the hotel. Why? Again, because of her past. You just have to watch it.



And then we have Go Chan Sung, a Harvard graduate who’s life were sold to Jang Man Wol by his dad. He hesitated to work for the hotel at first and ignored Man Wol’s demand. She had no choice but to pull her last card which is gifting him special eyesight. It provides an ability for Chan Sung to see ghosts. He then had no choice but to work for del Luna. It was not an easy thing for him in the beginning. He suffered a lot. He even got his first (blind) ghost follows him everywhere. He finally helped her ease her pain when her death case was solved (episode 4 I think). Now, every episode we get a different ghost case so I always looking forward to the next. And the next. But there is one thing that lingers – the dead tree in the hotel started to bloom. The leaves starting to grow and a flower started to bloom. It appears that it has ties to Man Wol.


If anything, the tree is an indicator that Man Wol’s journey is about to end. She is likely to be the final guest of her hotel. But how and when will she leave? Chan Sung’s other task is to manage the hotel’s finances. Man Wol is a big spender. She is in love with cars. Her addiction puts the hotel on a brink of bankruptcy. She loves manipulating the guests, too. Chan Sung feels uneasy with her doing and he is working his best to save the hotel’s finances as well as saving Man Wol’s fate from getting reincarnated to a dog or pig (due to poor karma). It was sweet of him to think of his boss. His caring personality starting to move Man Wol. I don’t know if she starts to like him, but I am sure there is a tie between her and Chan Sung in the previous life. Well, Chan Sung also began dreaming of Man Wol’s past life ever since he started working at the hotel. Now, the question is… how are they related?


I can say Hotel del Luna is one of the best summer dramas I am currently watching. It is funny and fun. I have a lot of questions but I am patient to see how it ends. I always look forward to the new episode – you will never know what you will get. I am waiting for the next surprise! What’s next? UI and Yeo Jin Goo have good chemistry together. But I am hoping for a zero romance from these two. Actually, I am preparing my heart for the worse since the sisters are known to give a non-typical ending. A 16-episode drama, tvN has done it again with another fantastic fantasy drama. My only hope is that the crews are getting paid from working their butt off.



8 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Hotel del Luna

  1. I love love love this show. It’s titering on unhealthy levels. I first was only staying around because IU is killing it in this role. She goes from grumpy, to sad, to wishful so well. Also her clothes is to die for. Also I like the idea of redemption and forgiveness the show is giving us. It’s also giving us just good people stories like the sweet grandfather that would not die till his dog was saved. Also I want the Hong sisters to be praise for being brave enough in a country where sexism is big to write the story of the hidden cameras. To preach that people that make them are trash, people who distribute them are trash and people that watch them are trash! Sadly in RL we don’t have a vengeance spirit or an angry god to give the victims justice. Yet I hope that it helps on person who sees one of these videos being spread to not watch it and report it.

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    • Praise the lord for Hong sisters’ bravery. I really like this new side of them. I’m with you on UI. She changes her mood so flawlessly. I love it when she’s jealous. So cute!!!!!!

      I agree with you on the redemption and forgiveness. If not her, it would come from him. There’s a great balance that I enjoy from this show. I am on ep 10 now and my goodness, UI in red dress and hat is so gorgeous! I thought she looked radiant in purple but red must be her best color yet!


  2. I have seen only 3 episodes and I like it! I won’t say I’m addicted but the story is interesting (if somewhat like Goblin or Master’s Sun) and cast is good too. I also love 2 songs so yeah it’s good so far 🙂


    • I’m starting to get addicted because the later episodes starting to intermingle and connected. I just have to hit that NEXT EPISODE button 😆.

      Yeah, the songs are growing on me. I really like the recent released one. I guess you just have to continue now, Snow 😜


    • The fashion! So envy! I wish I could dress like her. And agree with you on the bickering – but most of the time from her. He’s definitely more on a calmer side. I love his character. Calm and collective, and oh so thoughtful!


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