Currently Watching: Melo suits me

Female friendships!! This show seems to be about to give us that. This is one of my favorite subjects i in dramas. We need more healthy samples of girls being there for each other in good times and bad times. So this show has already won my heart by giving me that in the first 2 episodes.

We open with 4 people watching a drama and each revealing a bit of their characters by what they think of the shows ending. The shows main narrator is Im Jin-Joo (Chu Woo-Hee) who by flashback we see has ended a relationship of 7 years. It doesn’t seem like it was a healthy relationship since they were constantly breaking up and getting back together. She finally calls it quits for reals when she finds out he is cheating on her. As she mourns her breakup she walks by a store and very expensive purse starts to speak to her. The purse convinces Jin-Joo that owning her will not only heal her break up but will change her life. so Jin-Joo spends all the money she has buys & loves her purse. She is also hired by a drama writer who is a believer that purses heal and she shows Jin-Joo her collection and hires her as an assistant writer ( I cant stop laughing at this but I already love Jim-Joo!). Unfortunately the purse is not magical and as we cut to present time, Jin-Joo is sitting in writing room with 4 other women looking exhausted.

Next we have Hwang Han-Joo who uses to be the schools goddess. Guys would line up to just stare at her. While she enjoyed the attention she was busy studying and hanging out with her friends so she never dated anyone formally. Until one day a guys shows up in the library and starts wooing her. She tells him to go away but he returns several times and once she tells him she likes funny guys. so he joins a comedy troop and she’s smitten with his effort. They end up pregnant and get married but the jerk suddenly decides he wants a divorce. He claims he is young and wants to be happy and when she asks “what about my happiness” his cruel asnwer ends everything. That answer makes Lee Eun-Jung ( friend #3 chasing him down the street very satisfying.

So now Han-Joo is a single mother juggling work and being a mommy.

last we have Lee Eun-Jung. She makes documentaries and after one of her boss tried to get too friendly with her. She crashed his car, quit her job and started her own company. While looking for subjects for her documentary she meets Hong-Dae. He is a restaurant owner that offers to help her find subjects and he also wants to invest in her documentary. They end up falling in love and her documentary to everyone’s surprise becomes a huge hit. Sadly Hong-Dae gets sick and passes away. The friends think Eun-Jung is doing well dealing with her pain. Until one day her younger brother gets home to a very quiet house and finds her in the bathroom. Full of worry and guilt for not noticing suddenly Jin-Joo, Han-Joo and her small son Hwang In-Kook move into Eun-Jung’s house. So that’s how all our characters end up living together. They seem to be doing ok, except for one small problem everyone is ignoring. After the suicide attempt, Eun-Jung is dealing by acting like Hong-Dae is still around. She speaks to him all the time. Im Jin-Joo says that they aren’t ready to deal with this yet so they are letting it continue since it’s not harming Eun-Jung.

These are our main characters. Three women in their 30’s still trying to figure life out and am extremely happy to come along with them on this journey. I want to see Jin-Joo become a famous writer, Han-Joo to be awesome at her job and her kid to be happy and healthy. I also want her ex to drive off a cliff. Most importantly I want Eun-Jung to find herself again, it can’t be healthy to refuse to let go.

One thought on “Currently Watching: Melo suits me

  1. Oh my goodness, Mari! Thank you for recommending this drama! It is so bloody funny and awesome. I really love slice of life drama like this. The script feels so casual and spontaneous. Eun Jung is my favorite character at the moment. She is so carefree and say whatever she wants to say! Love it! Can we get more dramas like this?


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