Just Watched: Justice, My Foot!



I was bored one time and decided to watch Justice, My Foot!, a 1992 Hong Kong movie that is currently available on Netflix. I cringed immediately because it has been a while since I last saw a Cantonese drama or movie. I also cringed at the way they acted. Mind you, because it was an old movie, the acting is definitely not as par as movies today. The language tickles me as always but also brought back good memories. I understand Cantonese but never dare to speak it in public. I initially saw this with family and everyone had a good laugh! But I finally finished it myself because I knew no one was interested or even care if they see the ending.


First of all, seeing familiar faces really gave me goosebumps. Stephen Chow. Anita Mui (RIP). Paul Chun. Wong Yat Fei. Eddy Ko. These were the IT actors of the 80s and 90s! I somewhat relief and feeling nostalgic seeing them. I should watch more oldies. And if you are up for some oldie movies, please try Justice, My Foot!. It is portrayed as a silly movie but with substance. Stephen played Lawyer Sun, the best lawyer in Guangdong. He decided to quit when his thirteenth son passed away. He has no luck with having an heir and it disappointed his wife, Madam Sun. They both decided to run an inn. But while running the business, he came across a murder case. He decided to use this case to go against the corrupt system.


Interesting, right? Like I said, the movie is full of silliness and humor yet the content isn’t. I enjoyed it for the most part despite spending time cringing for the first half of the movie. Oh well, I cannot complain. But I am not one to recommend it since I am not sure if you can stand the old style of acting. Watch it at your discretion.

Here is a funny clip I found on YouTube. I don’t know if it is subbed though…

What do you think?

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