Just Dropped: Flower Crew – Joseon Marriage Agency


Yeah, after 5 episodes… the mood of this show went from bad to worse. I don’t feel it. In the beginning, it felt like another highly anticipated drama. I mean… it has been a long time since we last saw Flower boys drama theme. I was hoping for something strong, cute and silly but instead we got only a little of everything. Maybe it is because I had a blast watching Be Melodramatic, The Tale of Nokdu (reviews coming soon!) and Extraordinary You (reviews coming soon!), Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency felt short with me. I hate to dropping a show but I am afraid that my time is more precious.


The show started light in the first episode but out of nowhere, it became dark with the kidnapping of Kim Soo/Lee Soo. I just thought it was not planned well by the writer and director. If you read the synopsis, I thought Kim Soo is the lead but it turns out, Matchmaker Ma Hoon is the lead. I should have guessed it is Ma Hoon just by the title of the drama but my brain simply could not make the connection between the two. Also, based on the title, my gut feeling is that there will be no romance among the Flower Crew but somehow this drama is leading to a romance between Ma Hoon and Gae Ddong, and Do Joon and Ji Hwa. Why?


All in all, it is a light drama. Do not expect an epic show unless the writers heard the viewers’ comments and reviews, and decided to change the tone of the show. This show is definitely not for me, y’all. Adios Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency. You will make someone happy but this arranged marriage between you and me is over. Dropped!

One thought on “Just Dropped: Flower Crew – Joseon Marriage Agency

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