Just Watched: One Page Love


I needed a mindless drama and found One Page Love as my new drama victim. This mini drama is so cute. I was drawn to it mainly because of Furukawa Yuki. You know me, I am a sucker for a handsome baby-faced Yuki. I have been his fan since Mischievous Kiss series. So clearly I am bias and love this drama so much! Plus, with only 6 episodes long, it is a breeze watching Akira zip through from one man to another. Oh hey, she is not a player but she is a magnet! Her sweetness made these men want to love and protect her.


Unfortunately, Akira could not move on from her first love. When they promised to meet again in 4 years, he did not show up. She got upset and heartbroken. She wondered if she will ever see him again. But instead, she met Yuri. Her impression of Yuri in the beginning was not impressive. She felt Yuri is a two-timer. But as she gets to know him, her view of him changed. But how her heart feels about him?


Akira moved to Tokyo and began to publish her manga. Her manga is called One Page Love – a love story of her life. She hang out with her best friend, Yamato, very often without realizing that he has feelings toward her. She met Yuri again and became friends. Yuri became fond of her and confessed his love. But Akari could not move on and still thinking of Ikumi. One night, she stumbled on Ikumi and followed him. She got shocked when he avoided her and eventually pushed her out. It was hard for her to do so but she continued to pursue him.


Her life became tougher. She did not what to do. Should she keep pursue Ikumi-kun or accept Yuri’s love? Or take his bestie’s confession with her? The ending was very unexpected from damsel Akari. Really, I did not expect it at all. I am quite happy with how this drama turns out. Though the acting is week, the story is lovely. It is a light drama that not necessary a must watch but wonderful to watch on a rainy day.


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