Just Watched: Scarlet Innocence


I did not realize I have Scarlet Innocence saved in my phone. Since my internet connection in Rajshahi was weak, I decided to watch this movie. Unbeknown to me, this movie is quite racy. I am not proud of myself for watching it. Lee Som and Jung Woo Sung were good individually but their chemistry is off. The sex scene is nothing extraordinary. Had the two got better chemistry, this movie would have been enjoyable to watch. The story itself is pretty pathetic. I was angry at Lee Som’s character, Deok Yi.  She decided to take revenge on Hak Kyu for her mom’s death. But you know what? It is her fault! She killed her mother!


Long story short, Deok Yi’s rendezvous was cut short because Hak Kyu’s sexual harassment allegation got cleared. Hak Kyu is a married professor so he went back to his family while Deok Yi, a cashier at a local amusement park, got devastated that he left. He came back one night to see her. She ran towards him without turning off the stove. Her house was burned down, her mom died and she was left with burned scar. 8 years later, she moved in next to Hak Kyu’s home. Hak Kyu’s wife died because of him. He now live with his estranged daughter and he was about to lose his eyesight. Deok Yi took this opportunity to get back on him.


I just don’t get it. This movie is stupid. The revenge is stupid. She fell for a married man and left her mom for days. She is to blame for her mom’s death. Not Hak Kyu… although he, too, deserves to be blind. All stupid harassment he did with his students. He neglected his wife and daughter. And he is so handicapped for being a blind man. Like why does he needs help with taking bath? Anyway, I do not recommend this movie at all. What a waste of my time!

What do you think?

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