Currently Watching: Until We Meet Again The Series


*coughs* I really do not know where to begin! I started Until We Meet Again knowing that it is a BL Thai drama but what I did not expect is the prettiness that got me sucked in. I mean wow, oh wow! How are they so pretty and handsome? Thank you, God, for allowing me to witness your creations before my eyes! So many eye candies but one actor caught my eyes immediately! Nine Noppakao Dechaphatthanakun. Hello, gorgeous! Unfortunately, he is not the main lead but he is related to the lead. I’ll tell you more.


Okay, I may sound shallow (actually I am) but the reason I watch this show (despite the pressure from my TL) is because of the story. I know myself. I would have dropped it if the storyline is boring. Until We Meet Again employes all the prettiness the director and writer could find but in return, we get weak acting skills. It was hard for me initially to handle; I cringe a lot. But once I passed my cringe-ness, I enjoyed the show so much. My cringes lasted a couple of episodes. The best part of watching these actors is their chemistry. Out of this world beautiful chemistry that even some on-air heterosexual couples cannot get!


As I said, I loved this show because of the story. I find it very empathetic and sympathetic towards In and Korn. They lived during a time when homosexuality was unacceptable. Korn came from a big mafia family and bubbly and cheery In could not care about his background. The two dated but in the end, their fathers came in between them. In was a fighter but Korn could not bear watching In suffers because of him. In front of his and In’s dad, Korn took his life. In was devastated and took his life, too. Before their death, they promised to look for each other in the next and next and next life. This is the story of their reincarnation and how they found each other.


Korn and In lived through Pharm and Dean’s memory. They carried these without knowing why. Pharm is a sensitive freshman student who cannot tolerate loud thundering sound. He gets spook easily to the sound of thunder. Dean found himself looking for the one but he does not know where and who to look. When Dean and Pharm found each other, it was the most beautiful thing. Right now, the temptation to be together is high. I do not see any conflicts between them and I do not expect a third party to be in between them. Pharm’s family fully support of the relationship. Dean’s siblings are, too. But we have yet to see his parents. I am a bit nervous. Would they be cool about it?


Only 12 episodes long, 9 episodes have aired so far. I have yet to watch the latest one but I definitely will once I have the time. Right now, I am enjoying the romance and the In and Korn’s romance history. The side stories are also interesting. Unbelievable friendship chemistry! Somehow though, I feel they could have reduced the episodes. There are many unnecessary scenes but who’s complaining! I don’t mind it since it really is cute and I am just happy to squee.

10 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Until We Meet Again The Series

  1. It’s definitely one of the most romantic for me. I have never watched so much BL dramas in one season! And you wonder why I can’t get into the other romances? This is why. There’s enough conflict in these without that unnecessary third person.

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