Currently Watching: Woman of 9.9 Billion


I was intrigued by my tlist’ tweets and vowed to watch it as soon as I got back from my last trip. What I had thought it would be one satisfying drama, I didn’t realize it also turn out to be one angry and stupid af drama too! I don’t know how many times I roll my eyes or slap my forehead. From one stupid plot or character to another stupid plot or character. I know what you are thinking. Why do I torture myself? Just drop it, Nelly. But… but… despite all that, it is quite addictive! Lord, I saw the first 8 episodes in one day! I just cannot and frankly, refuse to stop! What kind of addictive they put in Woman of 9.9 Billion?


I wish I know! I mean the story could be simple. You found the money. You split the money. You escape poverty and voila, live happily ever after! But nope, not to Jung Seo Yeon. Her marriage is disgusting. She disgusted with herself for marrying a pscyho, Hong In Pyo.  Anyway, while having a lover’s argument with her bestie’s husband, Lee Jae Hoon, they were shooked by a loud bang sound. They both checked and found a crashed minivan with two passengers. AND boxes and boxes of cash! Like I said, what would you do with that much money? If I were Seo Yeon, I would just submit that divorce paper and escape the country. I don’t know why she is so stupid. She was being cautious at the beginning which I get it. She is not as naive as she looks but her logic is quite off.


Remember, we do not know who this money belongs to. There is a possibility that the money belongs to some thugs. But right now, it belongs to no one except everyone claims it is theirs. As always, they are all driven by greed. Seo Yeon became the unluckiest of all. She is determined to make it hers. Her wish came with a price. So many obstacles just to hold on to this money. Her dream of happiness never arrived. Her husband nearly killed her. Her ex-lover nearly killed her. Her bestie hired someone to follow her. And now she is playing with fire. Urgh, this stupid game she plays… Will she ever realized that her noble decision is wrong since the beginning?


This drama is ending this week. 4 more episodes of brain farts! I can do it. We all can do it! How do I expect Woman of 9.9 Billion to end? God, I don’t know. I hope she is smart enough to take whatever money she got left and leave! Well, one can hope, right? This is a 32 episodes drama by KBS2. I don’t know if I would recommend it to you. I swear so much from watching this show. It can drive you bat shit crayyyyy!


What do you think?

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