Currently Watching: Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo


Yeah, it is a mouthful to say the title but you just have to say it anyway. Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo. How do you feel? Yeah, it can be tough for some people. Me too! However, the drama is not as complicated as the drama. In fact, this rom-com is so much more and what I needed. February was a rough month and I am still not ready to share it but I will when the time is right. Now, going back to this drama… the lead story reminded me so much of the Mischievous Kiss series! And you know how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cold male lead, and bubbly female lead! Only the Japanese could do this well…

The setting is in the hospital. The love began before Sakura become a nurse. She was on her way to school when an old lady collapsed. She called for help and a jogger stopped by to help. She was stunned by him. When she realized he is a doctor, she immediately knew that nursing is her future career. When he praised her bravery and tapped her head, Sakura knew that he is the person she wants to be with. But first, she has to finish school and goes to nursing school! The question is… will she be able to work with Tendo sensei?

Obviously, she did. Not only she was able to work under his wing, she even got to live next door to his apartment! But one thing surprised her… Tendo sensei is not as kind as she remembered! In fact, the nurses in the cardiology department nicknamed him “Devil”. Turns out, he is one mean doctor! Now, what is Sakura’s plan? How will she make him fall for her? One rookie mistake she made was confessing to him right away! *slaps head* Girl, why did you do that? His arrogance is to the roof! He calls her baka! Yet, she does not care! Love is blind! Totally, and I don’t blame Sakura one bit. She is determined to make him hers!

The nurses nicknamed Sakura the “Warrior Chick”. They are all rooting for her. Despite making a lot of mistakes, she perseveres. Sakura has good observations of the patients. Tendo sensei starting to notice that about her. He secretly rooting for her. And secretly falling for her. Our Warrior Chick wins! But then what? Will he agree to date her? Will he do all the things a couple would do? I am worried about them. Can Sakura get the love life she has been wishing for? Is this the only hurdle she has to face? Are there any roadblocks ahead of this relationship?

7 episodes subbed and I have only seen up to 5 episodes. I might catch up on episode 6 later today. Altogether, the drama is 10 episodes long. I am trying not to watch all subbed episodes at once but it is difficult to control myself. The show is too addictive! Too cute! I squee like a little girl! I am a fan of Sato Takeru so his coldness really turns me on *giggles*. However, I am starting to fall for Kamishiraishi Mone! First of all, she is darn cute and pretty! Secondly, she looks like Park Shin Hye (minus the height). The acting is really good. Not much cinematography though since the characters spent most of their time at home or in the hospital. The soundtrack is not bad but I have heard better. The consolation is the story itself. You just have to watch it to understand this bubbly cute rom-com!

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