Just Watched: The Novelist



Okay, I am sorry I had to use the alternative name of this drama as my post heading. If I use the original name, Pornographer, it might attract unusual traffic. I do not want… that. But, being that The Novelist is a BL drama, I expect that this show will have a lot of kisses and skinship. You know, like Until We Meet Again. So as you can imagine, I started this drama with an expectation of romance and sex but what I did not expect is that this drama is phenomenal. I wonder why Bel stopped me from watching it? *rubs chin*


Some scenes are really obscene but nothing you and I have not witnessed it in the past. I think it is fine. What I am shocked about is the story itself. I think everything was planned by the novelist aka Rio. Well, you tell me if I am wrong. Rio’s career has been stalling for months. He is now bored. He ran out of ideas to write. He ‘ran’ into Kuzumi, a university student which resulted in an accident. Rio’s right arm is broken. Kuzumi is broke and offered his service to help Rio with his writing. What he did not realize is the type of novel Rio is writing. It is explicit. It is a dirty novel. The plan was to help Rio until his arm is healed but Kuzumi found himself drawn to Rio.


The interaction between the leads is undeniably amazing. The development of their relationship from being strangers to something more is incredible. You can almost feel how desperate and confuse Kuzumi feels while Rio slowly plants his idea of romance into Kuzumi. I found them beautiful together without being too much or crossing the border porn line. I highly recommend The Novelist especially if you are a BL drama fan. Great acting by all three actors and the plot twists will shock you. Just 6 episodes, this drama is available on Viki. This deep drama will not disappoint you.

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