Currently Watching: Takane to Hana


I added another live manga drama to my watch! It is called Takane to Hana and it is available on Viki if you are interested. I started this drama as a filler but I found myself quite invested in it. I usually hate this type of drama but in the light of Coronavirus, I need something silly and goofy to cheer me up. Y’all know me; I am not a fan of high school drama. Though Takane to Hana does not focus on life in school, it did focus on something I completely disapprove of. Adult male and high school girl romance. The level of ickiness was high initially but it has died down a bit. Focus on the characters rather than the ickiness.


Now, because it is a live manga drama, the male lead tries so hard to mimic the manga.  His acting turns me off but eventually, he became more of himself. The female lead is on the opposite side. She is good at her acting but her face is not so believable. She looks like she’s wondering why is she in the drama. But by episode 3, the acting by both leads got better and I could see that they are more relaxed. This is when I started to enjoy the show more and more… I hate that I am almost done with it! 2 more episodes to go! T__T


If you remember the icky part, it is because Hana’s sister could not attend the arranged marriage meeting her father set up with his boss’s grandson. Hana stepped in on her sister’s behalf but the meeting did not go through as plan. She ran away but Takane took note of her. She is the first “woman” who is not interested in his money nor being married to a chaebol. His curiosity began and started meeting her at her school and take her to places where he can show her off to people. Both of them started to develop feelings for each other but continuously deny when they confront each other. I love how sincere Hana is to him. I also love how Takane talks to her. He seems to respond immediately rather than giving her a half-ass answer.


No matter how smooth the relationship got, something else came that shook it all. A love rival came in between them but it is rather weak. My only concern is when Takane’s grandfather strip him from his title in the office and kick him out of the house. How is he taking it? Does he know Hana does not mind him living in a poor condition? I hope there will be a happy ending. I do not expect marriage to happen since Takane is fully aware that Hana is still in school. Ok, off me to go to finish this drama!


What do you think?

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