Just Watched: Boku Dake ga 17-sai no Sekai de


This drama was never on my list to watch. Ayesha recommended it and she pretty much convinced me because it is only 8 episodes long and less than 35 minutes per episode. So, why not add another drama to my fat watch list, right? Fortunately, I was able to finish it in one day. The unfortunate part is that I did not expect to shed tears. When I started it, I knew it is impossible for me not to cry. I also had the inclination that the ending will be nostalgic and beautiful. Sure enough, it was beautiful… and rather apt that we are in cherry blossom season.


Boku Dake ga 17-sai no Sekai de told a story of friendship between Mei and Kota. Kota met in an accident that took his life immediately. 7 years later, Mei left her job and went back to her hometown. She visited a cherry tree that was currently in full blooms. She reminisced over Kota and thought she was dreaming when Kota suddenly appeared in front of her. She screamed ran all the way back home. Kota got confused and ran to his school. A student told him that he is actually dead. He did not believe and ran home only to see that his home is under construction. Kota also was confused by the amount of years he’s been missing.


Anyway, long story short Kota had a difficult time adjusting to his new life. All his friends are matured and with careers while Kota stuck in his teenage mindset. He has always like Mei but did not get to express his feelings. But his biggest fear is his sudden jealousy towards Iori, his other friend who also bears feeling towards Mei. Who will win this romance race? And also, how much time does he have before he disappears again? His friends also tried to find a reason to why Kota died in the first place. Are they able to solve the mystery behind his death?


I think this drama is underrated. Not many people have seen it unless if you are subscribed to IrozukuSubs. The music is beautiful, the cinematography is gorgeous, the acting is not bad and overall, the story is amazing. This is a good friendship drama. The romance is no longer important because the drama focused more on Kota and his close friends. I highly recommend this drama. The bittersweet ending will leave you satisfied.

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