Just Watched: Train to Busan


It takes me 4 years to finally watch Train to Busan! I have never been interested in any zombie shows or dramas. I mustered my strength when Kingdom and Kingdom 2 aired. Even so, I was too scared I watched them in broad daylight. Yeah, I am a chicken and wuss. I don’t do well with the horror genre. When I started to work from home due to COVID-19, one of the things my son and I decided to commit to watching different movies every night. Though my son cheated at times, I stick to the rule. Only unseen movies and of course, I suggested Train to Busan. I needed a friend!


Of course, when I tweeted this, everyone told me it was not a good idea. “I made my grown daughter watch it with me when it came out, and she hasn’t forgiven me yet. It is scary”, “It’s scary, Nel!” and “Zombies everywhereeee”. My replied to them were “Where is Bel when I need her?” and “We are sleeping together tonight! There is no turning back now!”. Yeah, we were determined! Honestly, we were scared to death! We covered ourselves in blankets! The first 30 minutes were definitely the scariest but once we passed the scary stage, we began to fully invest in the story. It was very thrilling and nerve-racking. All we want is for the survivors to survive! That’s all!


Yeah, nothing much to summarize this movie except the train is heading to Busan with some passengers infected by the stupid virus that turned them to zombies! The survived passengers’ goal is to escape death! That’s all! Of the 1 hour and 58 minutes, I can say only 12 minutes of calmness. Prepare your heart if you have not seen it. It is gory and bloody! I love how fast the zombies move, though! And I feel this is one of the best zombies movies out there! Pure action yet very emotional! I am glad I finally watched it!


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