Just Watched: Romance Doll


When I saw Romance Doll popped up on my Netflix dashboard, I knew I cannot miss it for the world. As much as I love Issei, I love Yu Aoi more! I have been waiting for this movie ever since the announcement was made in early this year. I admit I did not really know what the movie was until I saw the title. Romance Doll? Like sex doll? *side eyes* Provocative! I knew Bel would love to watch this drama so I watched it for her and me *grin*. For only 2 hours long, I knew it would be a piece of cake to watch. 


The show started with Tetsuo took up a work recommended by someone. It turns out to be creating romance dolls for sale.  His mentor, Kinji, had been working so hard to imitate the human like texture and touch of the skin onto the dolls. One day, the boss told Kinji to revolutionize the doll to the next level. They both agreed that they need to make a mold from an actual person. Sonoka took the “honorable” job as a model for Kinji and Tetsuo. When the work is done, Sonoka left right away. I guess she was embarrassed but glad that she did a good “deed” for science. Yeah, she did not know that it was for sex toys. Ouch!


Tetsuo chased her and asked for a date. Of course, it ended up in marriage. The romance between Tetsuo and Sonoka were not fleshed out so I was disappointed. I wanted to see how their romance blooms after their first encounter. Anyway, after months of marriage, they became drifted a part. Tetsuo struggles when he should tell her what he does for a living. You could tell he became frustrated with himself that he ended up sleeping with a different woman. Sonoka, on the other hand, showed a remorse feeling towards him and herself. Why?


It is so obvious that these two are not being truthful to each other. They became strangers in their own home. Lack of communication and intimacy tore them apart. I wish they had been truthful from the beginning. Though there is no way of changing the ending, I thought it could have been better and pleasant. So, if you plan on watching the show, keep in mind that this is not a romance movie. The pace is slow and it can be boring at time. I don’t really recommend it if you are looking for fun. I found this slice of life movie sad and devastated. I cried a lot at the end…

What do you think?

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