Currently Watching: Miman Keisatsu: Midnight Runner


I love rookie police drama! It is, almost, always hilarious and Miman Keisatsu is no exception. I came across this drama by accident when my favorite subber twitted her new subbing project. Not knowing what this drama is about, I dived in right away and found it a great comedy drama that is suitable with my boring quarantine life. The fact that is only 10 episodes long, I knew I could commit to it.


Recently wrapped up (3 days ago), I found this drama so ridiculous yet funny. This drama is full of no-sense logic and over the top scenes. I wonder how they get passed in my head! But what I love the most is the casting! Honma Kai is so uptight and disciplined while Ichinose Jiro is a relax and happy-go-lucky guy. Their differences clashed in the beginning but when they were boarded into the same hostel room, they turned around and became the unexpected best buddies!


The cases don’t make sense but I am watching it for fun. Leave your thinking head behind, peeps. I do wish that they were more engaged; at times, I found them a bit delirious. But hey, they are rookies and still learning. My next aim is to watch the movie Midnight Runner just to see which version is better. But for all I know, each version has its own strengths and weaknesses. For now, I can guarantee that Miman Keisatsu is a great filler drama!

4 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Miman Keisatsu: Midnight Runner

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