Just Watched: Space Sweepers

If you are looking into watching something fun and entertaining, please consider Space Sweepers which is available on Netflix. Let me just say this: the graphic is impressive! I know Koreans don’t do well in sci-fi genre movies or dramas, but I see an improvement here. I wonder if it is supported by talents from other countries… Regardless, Space Sweepers was a good movie! My husband agreed, too (he’s hard to impress)!

The movie followed a team of four – Tae Ho, Captain Jang, Tiger Park, and Bubs the robot – on a junkyard spaceship called The Victory. Yup, they collect junk and sell it to make money. Since it is a dog eats dog world, the team is known to be the fastest team in the space. One day, they came across a humanoid named Dorothy. It has a big bounty if they could return Dorothy back. However, there is a twist! Dorothy is not as dangerous as everyone thought it would be. Plus, Tiger Park got super attached to her to let her go. Now, they have to fight with people who have been looking for Dorothy.

As much as this is a sci-fi movie, I found it to be so funny and emotional. Each character has its own baggage and it is interesting to know their past life before becoming junk collectors. I truly enjoyed this movie. I highly recommend it if you have not seen it! Great CGI, great action, great story, and best of all… it is a wholesome movie!

What do you think?

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