Radio Romance episode 6

The Radio Romance crew runs into a few problems that mean they can’t broadcast from the station. Will they manage to work together to get the show in the air?

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Radio Romance episode 5

Time to figure out who’s carrot is bigger! *rolls eyes* men and their need to compete at everything!

Wrist grabbed count: amazingly zero

Me slapping these “men” moments: too many

We are back in the parking lot where Ji Soo-Ho rushes to stop Song Geu-Rim & Pd Lee from leaving together. He says he must speak to her right away. To which Pd Lee says “speak to me instead”. they start arguing and when Geu-Rim tries to stop them she gets pushed to the ground.

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Our Favorites Shows of 2017

Hello guys!!! I can’t believe that this year is over and it’s time for this list again. I pitched this idea to Nelly about 6 weeks ago and she said “let’s do it” and then she got busy & I got.., well let’s say my middle name is “procrastination” but here we are.

So what dramas made me have lots of feels? What dramas did I rewatch? What dramas did I talk about nonstop on twitter? Like always the criteria for this list is simple. A drama that aired in 2017, it has to be an Asian drama but it can come from any Asian outlet. Nelly let’s do this!!!

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