Currently Watching: 20th Century Boy and Girl

It seems like 2017 is going out with a bang drama wise for me! There are soo many shows I loved in this last quarter of the year! This is one of them. This is a story of 4 friends, their love life’s, their struggles and most importantly their friendships.

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Currently watching: School 2017

I’m back!!! I’m here to share my love for a certain show that’s currently airing!

School 2017 airs Mondays & Tuesdays on KBS2 if you are in the states Viki is streaming it!

Why should you join me in this??? Why? Why??

Honestly because the show is good! 10 episodes have aired and I learned to love and care for the three main character as if they where mine.

so what’s the show about you wonder? Well it’s about a a group of students in their second year of high school ( I honestly don’t know how to label SK schools but I believe by their ages it’s the equivalent of a sophomore/junior in the US).

The main characters are: The class president Song DaeHwi he is the schools number #1 student and seems flawless. He seems perfect on the outside but having a poor background means he has to work a lot harder for his place. He is ambitious and willing to do anything to get into the top university.

All schools have a bad boy!! And here is ours Hyun TaeWoon. He checks all the needed boxes for bad boy in a kdrama. He is rich, good looking, seems to not give a care about anything. Yet you find out out that what you see is not what you get with him.

Out female lead is the adorable Ra EunHo. She’s cute, spunky, loyal to a fault. She won’t stand for any injustice and will never give up without a fight.

Then we have one of their teachers Shim KangMyung. He is their homeroom teacher and the one we often see interacting with the students. He hasn’t been jaded by the school system and still cares for the all the kids. He is often the only adult on the kids side. He is this adorable awkward man and  has this cute friendship/romance going on with the person in charge of security in the school Han Sooji. They start off in opposite sides, but know both seem to just want to help the kids.

So please join me in watching these kids journey into adulthood. This is the age when you decide what’s important to you. What you want to be in life. What friendships are worth keeping and how to deal with a world that seems to only protect the affluent.

Also have a mention that this show has the cutest otp? They are adorable together!!!

#TBT In time with you Ep1

The year is 2013, Mari is desperate for more dramas but after 1 year of nonstop drama watching she’s running out of shows that give her feels!! One day shes on Tumblr and reads a post about friendship. There’s two friends ( a guy and girl) she’s in the bathroom sitting on the toilet and he is outside sitting on the floor leaning against the door. They are both just talking like this is completely normal. The quote say something like “find someone that wants to talk you as much as Li Da ren to Cheng You Qing” Needless to say I was interested. I googled, I followed links. I found a very crappy version, but I hit played and fell in love. Please join me as I go back and watch my favorite drama of all time. I have recommended this to so many people, but there’s still some out there that need to see the light!!

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#TBT My favorite dramas: Dalja’s Spring

The drama drought continues guys! But I feel like such a slacker since I made Nelly add me as a contributor and then disappeared. The guilt lead to an idea! Why not talk about older dramas that I love. There’s always new people jumping into the hole that is K-drama land. There’s also people like me, who just love finding blogs about dramas they love. This one was my very first “noona romance”, Dalja’s Spring. Continue reading

Music Tuesdays: Meet the new  ROokies “Highlight” 

Clockwise: Doojoon, Dongwoon, Yoseob, Gikwang, Junhyung

So gals & guys!!! I have a new group that I’m trying to get everyone to love! They are a 5 member group that consist of

Rapper/song writer/producer: Junhyung

Main vocals : Yoseob

Random dance breaks : GiKwang

Random chorus part and beloved kdrama actor ( except for Iris2 ( but we don’t talk about Iris2)) DooJoon

And my favorite maknae, DongWoon

Highlight just released two mv’s and you should check them out on YouTube ( buy their mini album  here)

Here are the links to the videos! Go listen, comment, share. Let the boys feel our love as they start their careers again!

Plz, Don’t be sad is my favorite of the two, the tittle makes you think its going to be a sad song, but it has a fun beat.

The ballad was actually released first, it’s beautiful but I’m not in a ballad mood. So maybe it will grow on me later.



Just Watched: My Runway

How would your life changed if you and a super model switched bodies? Not just any model buy one of the TOP models in the country. Think of all the fun, awesome parties, amazing clothes. One catch you are a female high school student and the model is male. Bring on the fun, awkward and laughs. Continue reading