Currently Watching: Melo suits me

Female friendships!! This show seems to be about to give us that. This is one of my favorite subjects i in dramas. We need more healthy samples of girls being there for each other in good times and bad times. So this show has already won my heart by giving me that in the first 2 episodes.

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Currently watching: Go Go Squid

I’m back again! This time I bring you adorable fluffy cotton candy goodness. Do I know what the show is about ? (nope, am still a bit confused). Can I explain to you what the male lead does for a living? ( again, nope). So what am I going to talk about? The cuteness that is this show and this couple. Just look at her

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Radio Romance episode 5

Time to figure out who’s carrot is bigger! *rolls eyes* men and their need to compete at everything!

Wrist grabbed count: amazingly zero

Me slapping these “men” moments: too many

We are back in the parking lot where Ji Soo-Ho rushes to stop Song Geu-Rim & Pd Lee from leaving together. He says he must speak to her right away. To which Pd Lee says “speak to me instead”. they start arguing and when Geu-Rim tries to stop them she gets pushed to the ground.

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