Special Eu-Mak: B.A.P 2017 World Tour Party Baby


I am living a dream now. Last night, I attended B.A.P World Tour Party Baby concert with Bel, JaeSwoon, and Van. The concert lasted for two hours but 16 hours later, I am still on BAP hangover. It even crossed my mind last night that if they have a second show tonight, I will go back again! They were fabulous performers. It is hard to put this feeling into words. I did not take a lot of photos or videos because it is hard to record the experience. I believe that you have to be there in person to experience the mind-blowing, outstanding BAP members. They were mesmerizing. They were professional. They were awesome! But hey, even though I said this I managed to capture a few videos and photos for this post. Also, I would like to thank JaeSwoon for sharing the photo of us.

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Wednesday Eu-Mak: K.A.R.D


Thanks to Anu, I am currently obsessed, YES OBSESSED!, with K.A.R.D! Oh Na Na and Don’t Recall have been on repeat since last week! The songs are so catchy and they make me wanna go clubbing! Like right now! So why do I love them so much? Besides the songs, I actually love that K.A.R.D is a co-ed group. Two males and two females. They also have a hidden member which featured on the first song. In my opinion, they all have unique voices and they each compliment each other. They dance great, too. I have no issue with them. Really! I am just too obsessed with the songs and the tunes and with them, in general!

I wonder what their fanbase will be called? I honestly want to be a part of them now *giggle*

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Song of the Moment:Seongbukdong


Yes, I have not been posting any songs on my blog since I don’t know when. I am super busy and my Wednesday Eu-Mak is now officially neglected by me! Booooo *heads down*.  I stop listening to songs too. I only listen to the podcast and to songs that I have on my phone. But today I decided to take a peek into the music world and Kim Feel pops up right away!

This song is a great come back for my post. It is a beautiful song; the melancholy feeling describes my somber mood. I love how it started softly and gradually built up then dies down again. The piano part at the beginning really creates the hell-raising feeling. Kim’s voice is undeniably awesome. You can almost hear his voice breaking out when he pulls a slightly higher note. I seriously think he will be great carrying a rock genre song. That tiny raspy… I want him to just.let.it.go!

Here is Seongbukdong for you! Enjoy!


Wednesday Eu-Mak: Daylight

74kex6wl_802df5_fYeap, I missed my Wednesday music post today. Life is busy lately. I am also behind on my Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and Moon Lovers! Can you believe it? I can’t either!!! So for my quick and late post, I’d like you all to listen to Daylight, performs by Arashi. Daylight is an OST for recent aired Jdrama, 99.9. Did you watch it? I did not but I bet Bel did *wink*.

I love this song! It is so upbeat and lively! I don’t usually like Japanese pop but Daylight is exceptionally awesome. From the piano to vocal, Daylight is pack with energy! Perhaps the drama is also as energize as the song? *rubs chin*. Well, I hope you enjoy this song and hopefully brighten up your day.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival aka Chuseok! This is the best celebration after Chinese/Korean New Year! Have a great celebration and we know this is the sign the weather will cool down dramatically! Coolio!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Freedom


Let’s celebrate our freedom together! In my case, let’s celebrate Key J’s Freedom. This song is breathtaking to hear at this wee hour! It was released on Monday and the song is flooded with awesome groove. Jazzy, unpretentious and smooth. Yup, those are my first thoughts. Key J’s sharp rapping voice sort of giving this song a punch but really complimented by another singer’s soothing voice. I wish I know his name. It’s either Common Ground or AKPIL. Yeah, this is as much as I know for now.

This song arrives at the right time when the cool air is crawling into our system. I am sure September is the best month to enjoy such light and airy song like Freedom. Have an awesome day, yeoreobun!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Ready For Your Love


Is it time to fall in love? For all I know, autumn is here… Even though the weather will cool down, autumn love is quite lovely *wink*. But I’m ready to fall in love. Well, let’s just say I am. I just put an offer on a house over the weekend. I’m pretty nervous which buyer the seller will choose. The house is insanely beautiful and move-in ready! That home is my current love! Please pray for me!

Ready For Your Love is J-Min’s newest single. I have been a fan of her voice since she lent her voice for To The Beautiful You OST. Now she is back with another hit. The number of views is pretty low, though. This is a great comeback song from her. Some fans on YouTube said what took SM so long to release a comeback album for J-Min. I wonder that, too. J-Min has a unique voice. I heard she’s more active in musical theater performance which really, fits her and her big vocal. Now that I’m thinking… I hope one day she would do a musical with my man, MBLAQ GO *wink*.


I hope you love this song. Also, I love her hair. By the way, today is the last day of August. To my home country, Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

Song of the Moment: Scarlet Heart’s Just You


Are you all ready for Scarlet Heart: Ryeo??? I saw the Chinese version Bu Bu Jing Xin but couldn’t finish it. I really hope the Korean version one is more interesting. But lookie, the first OST is already out! Thanks to the EXO boys for lending their voices, Just You is a sweet and tender song pack with powerful and soulful vocal. The song really touches deep into my heart. Chen’s voice is especially awesome, he always gives me the chills to my spine bone. This song is just…. Too much to handle right now. Yeap, I’m tearing up a bit. Happy tears, of course!

Now I can’t wait to hear UI’s voice for Scarlet Heart OST!!! I’m a huge fan of her voice! Soon I hope!