Stalking: Yang Yang


Eeeeeeee… My heart is skipping a beat each time Yang Yang is on my screen!!! Ermagerd… I can’t! I feel so guilty for stalking him now. Yeah, you should see the guilt on my face. But nevertheless, I just have to do some research on him. You know, for education purpose *laughs*. I mean, we all want to get to know him better, right? So who is this handsome prince?


This 24-year-old actor (soon to be 25th on September 9) is from Shanghai. Graduated from the People’s Liberation Army Arts College in dancing, Yang Yang was personally picked to be the main lead for The Dream of Red Mansion. He was also in The Four (with Zhang Han and William Chan), The Lost Tomb (my next drama to watch) and The Whirlwind Girl.


Of course, his popularity is currently rising with Love O2O. The temperature is hot hot hot! Are you watching it?


I recently saw his interview clip by GQ. He was given 50 questions to answer. He said his nose is his best feature. Well, I’ll say that again. He does have a gorgeous nose!


So Yang Yang loves to dance. It’s been his passion since he was young. Check this clip out! Thanks, Issy babe! Watch really carefully… I’m so happy that he dances with a smile on his face!

Another dance practice – oh wow, he is serious!

And cute dance for Rejoice MV – is that Queen Bey’s song in Chinese? *dances*


Yang Yang is so popular China even issued a stamp after him early this year! Wow! This is insane! Great honor, though!


Would you use it? Not me! I will take him to my grave! *laughs*


This 1.8m tall dude is simply adorable to miss. I’m trying so hard to hold my composure but can I? *laughs* Gah, he’s so handsome I just can’t… Looks like I’ll be watching more Chinese dramas and movies in future!


Doesn’t he look great in glasses too? If you want to see him in a nerdy yet romantic character, catch him in I Belonged To You. The movie will be out soon.


So many people say he resembles Infinite L. I see him resembling former MBLAQ member, Lee Joon. Who do you see him resemble?


I’m quite thrilled for his next fantasy movie that is slated to air in 2017. It is called Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. That is one heck of a title!!! I swear it means better if we all understand Chinese. But good lord, Yang Yang back in long hair again!!! I die!


Before I leave, here is the GQ interview with Yang Yang. In here, you can see his true personality. He’s pretty open and not shy about anything. And the fact that he knows he is good looking? *speechless* *bows to Master*

Of course, I can’t leave without some BTS from Love O2O *wink*.



Breaking News: Happy Wedding Day, Wallace Huo & Ruby Lin!


And I woke up with wedding photos of my lovely Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin!!! It’s a bittersweet to watch him end his life singlehood and enter to hell marriage hood. Happy Wedding Day to the couple! I wish them all the best and for an everlasting marriage.

The wedding venue looks super gorgeous. The place was showered with pink flowers. Wallace is definitely a romantic guy!

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And speaking of romantic…. Someone pointed out that all the money in the red packet is from the year 2005… The year he and Ruby met. Wow, how thoughtful!


Ruby appeared to broke into tears during the tea ceremony. I don’t blame her. It is the official and traditional Chinese wedding for most of us, too. But look at her beautiful red dress. I approve!


Here is an up close photo of the groom. Sorry, I failed to find a bigger one!!!


And the moment we are waiting for…. Some of the wedding photos I was able to get!

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The best part of the wedding is when Wallace said to Ruby “I’ve known you for so long. I was so lucky to become your friend in the past. Now we’ve become husband and wife, I feel even luckier. We might have many ups and downs in the future. There will be many turns and tests. I hope we can work things out together, hand in hand, and face our future life together. I love you.

I wonder who took a close up photo on the wedding ring… *wink*


As usual, every wedding must be accompanied by pre-wedding photo sessions. Here are the pictures! They look stunning!!!!

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Lastly, the seal-the-deal kiss! Congratulations again, Ruby and Wallace! Look at how cute they are together!


Wait!!!! Wallace ahhhhh…. another mobile phone! You’re dead fine, I’m okay with that *wink*


You can see more photos on Wallace Huo Forum and Wallace Huo Info.



Breaking News: Pre-Wedding Photos of Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin

Just a quickie, Wallace and Ruby’s pre-wedding party photos are floating on the net now! I’m so happy I get to see them! Well, me and all his fans! The beautiful couple is indeed beautiful! They are totally looking so radiant tonight!


And here is up close and personal with the married couple-to-be…. Wait, are you sweating, Wallace?


Gah, and here is Wallace with his almost spouse-to-be…. *giggles*. I’m sorry Hu Ge…


With lovely Shu Qi


I wish the couple best of luck! I can’t wait to document their wedding photos! Bali is definitely the destination to be…. But look, hey….. What the hell, Wallace? Someone brought his mobile phone! Not fair! *fumes*



Happy New Year!


I came home from Los Angeles just in time to celebrate 2016 with my family. It was a quiet celebration, all of us were in bed *giggle*. In this coming year, there will be challenges and tears for me and my family. I have been mum about it for awhile and not so sure if I’m ready to reveal it. I constantly reminding myself that I am not perfect and so I should embrace all changes that coming my way. I need to be brave. I shall be brave. Today is the first blank page of my 366 life book, I will make sure that I write it well.

With that, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers and followers a very Happy New Year 2016. May all your wishes and hopes be fulfilled. Please fill your life with happiness and good memories! Do you have any resolution? I haven’t thought of any but I will certainly think of several goals for this year soon. Take care, everyone!

Stalking: Wallace Huo

Okay, this is making me a bit nervous. Kinda weird but this is the first time that I am going to do something like this and nonetheless a guest post. Surprising, really surprising! I am Erl btw, and I’m “invading” my dear friend’s “house” to shamelessly admit that I am stalking someone. Seriously though, I’ve never considered myself as a stalker, well maybe just “borderline” but I’ve never crossed that line. Until Wallace Huo that is.

I can still remember how it all started and I have to admit I’ve known about him from a long time. I say from a long time because *ehem* Dolphin Bay *ehem* oh and 100% Señorita. But back to how the stalking started. My good friend and enabler Nelly recommended his current drama Love Me If You Dare and being me, after a few days of “trying” to resist, I gave in. And now here I am.

Honestly, what is not to love about Wallace Huo Jian Hua? I mean look:

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Be sure to have a fan or turn on the air conditioner because the hotness is too much to handle. That is one FINE man oozing with testosterone and more.

And there’s also this:

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If his colored photos looks divine, black and white photos of him is art in a high level. And I have to say that his lashes is far longer than mine, how is that even possible I don’t have any idea but nonetheless, it just makes him more lovable. Let me just pause and lick my screen for a bit. *licks* *licks* Alright, moving on. More of the awesome:

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But that’s not all, and by that I mean this:

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Beautiful right? Here’s more and I mean MORE because this amazing guy brings bromance to a whole new level and more:

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But he’s not just “that”. He is also just a “regular” guy who takes public transportation and speaks freely with his fans.

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And he sings, fact is he originally wanted to be a singer when he first joined the entertainment business:

And he turned 36 today. That’s right, it’s his birthday today and I have to say he’s the living proof of what Nelly said, 30s is the new 20s; that is possible.

Happy birthday dear Wallace Huo. Wishing you all the best on your birthday, more projects, good health and all the best that life has to offer.





Breaking News: It’s Fei Liu’s Birthday!

11098592_430298317151399_1217032267_nFor Wu Lei’s fans out there, today is this kid’s birthday! I really enjoyed his cute acting in Nirvana In Fire. I really am looking forward to his upcoming work, The Imperial Doctoress. And this child actor has so many dramas in his portfolio. Wow! He’s truly a born actor! Wu Lei is 16 now. 16!!!! Oh my goodness, he definitely has many years ahead of him and already this popular. I really look forward to his future work, he is definitely an actor to watch! 7b2f2fe1-ab0f-4a31-a7d0-85aaf136e5757fad39afjw1evp6ep8zk1j21w01f0b2c1435411X5-2

And look at the following photo shoots! Is he really 16? Wow! Thanks LifeWithDramas for the photos!

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And I’d like to thank Yanhua Chen for this clip! He is just adorable!!!

So can you blame me for spamming my post with Wu Lei? *giggle*

CKCVZTcVAAEFAt-8cb5219cStar 70

You can’t! You just can’t! *teary laughs*. But before I end, let’s wish our cutie boy a very Happy Birthday! I wish him all the best in his future career! Remember, he is a rising star!


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