Just Watched: Tokyo Tarareba Musume


Sex & the City Japanese style! Except there are only three main ladies in this drama. Tokyo Tarareba Musume was on my radar ever since Bel blogged about it. I love watching dramas with female leads. It’s the different perspective and opinion from women that I fascinated about. Besides, I am biased. I adore my species very much! *laughs*. I completed the drama last week and I just want to say I’m glad I waited until it is done to blog it. Why do you say? The ending was as I expected but the journey to this happy ending was rough.

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#TBT In time with you Ep1

The year is 2013, Mari is desperate for more dramas but after 1 year of nonstop drama watching she’s running out of shows that give her feels!! One day shes on Tumblr and reads a post about friendship. There’s two friends ( a guy and girl) she’s in the bathroom sitting on the toilet and he is outside sitting on the floor leaning against the door. They are both just talking like this is completely normal. The quote say something like “find someone that wants to talk you as much as Li Da ren to Cheng You Qing” Needless to say I was interested. I googled, I followed links. I found a very crappy version, but I hit played and fell in love. Please join me as I go back and watch my favorite drama of all time. I have recommended this to so many people, but there’s still some out there that need to see the light!!

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Currently Watching: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (Reaction Ep 1 – 8)


If you are on Strong Woman Do Bong Soon fever like usI am sure you look forward to Fridays. So far, 10 episodes have aired and we have eyes only for the OTP. The ever so lovingly and petite package Park Bo Young and the how-did-he-suddenly-so-attractive Park Hyung Sik! If we could bottle these two together, we would! They are simply attractive together. Sorry Ji Soo, looks like you are completely forgettable in this drama (Mari: I still love JiSoo, but the OTP is LOVE) . I hope he gets justice on his next project because really, he just can’t be saved anymore *pouts*. For this post, I have decided to do it differently than usual. Mari and I will comment on selected scenes from each episode (up to episode 8). WARNING: OTP heavily focus. Why? Because we can! *wink*

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Currently Watching: Quartet


A story about classical musicians? I am in. A story about their secret lives? I am definitely in! Who doesn’t want to know their dirty little secrets, right? This recently completed drama was off my radar until I see several of my Tlists gushing over Mitsushima Hikari who plays Suzume. I don’t recall seeing her in any of my dramas before. But then again, you can say I’m new to Jdrama watching even though I spent my childhood watching loads of Japanese dramas. The gap between middle school and my current age is too wide. I have since moved on and made a comeback last year.

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#TBT My favorite dramas: Dalja’s Spring

The drama drought continues guys! But I feel like such a slacker since I made Nelly add me as a contributor and then disappeared. The guilt lead to an idea! Why not talk about older dramas that I love. There’s always new people jumping into the hole that is K-drama land. There’s also people like me, who just love finding blogs about dramas they love. This one was my very first “noona romance”, Dalja’s Spring. Continue reading

Just Watched: Samurai Gourmet


WARNING: If you are hungry, do not watch this drama. WARNING: If you are not hungry, do not watch this drama. *laughs* Seriously, I think I have gained 2lbs simply by watching the show. All the foodies… Oh.my.god! And I quote my husband, “Japanese love to romanticize everything, including their food.” Well, it is true BUT my ignorant husband (yes, I called him ignorant all the time *giggles*) fail to consider that the Japanese are very obsessed with food. Whether it is their traditional food or food adapted from other countries, they plate the food so deliciously. I even drool on a simple instant ramen. By the way, it was shoyu style! *licks lips*

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