Currently Watching: Bhuppae Sunniwat


Surprise!!!! Yes, I am watching a Thai drama! Please do not get comfortable though, I don’t do this often *laughs*. But really, I am watching this because of certain someone. And that someone is Anu (aka @amysticlady). Every time I am in India, I make sure I will see her. This year was extra special for the two of us. I begged her to stay with me for a night at my hotel and she took the chance to convert me (back) to lakhorn. She assured me that Bhuppae Sunniwat is unlike any other. I am telling ya, the woman was very persistence!

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Currently Watching: A Poem A Day


I love this kind of drama. Sweet. Adorable. Comedy. Romantic. And the funniest thing is A Poem A Day is a medical drama! Thankfully, it is not that kind of medical drama that involves blood! *shudder* I had enough of blood after Tokyo Vampire Hotel! This drama is definitely different. I initially had a doubt of this pairing. Lee Yoo Bi is super quirky and cute so it was hard for me to picture him with Lee Joon Hyuk. Yoo Bi and Jang Dong Yoon, on the other hand, is more compatible but…

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Currently Watching: Caution, Hazardous Wife


It is Ayase Haruka! I am a huge fan of this young lady! And in this drama, she once again plays another smart character – a smart housewife. I am also a fan of Nishijima Hidetoshi but he is not the main attraction in this drama. Ayase is. I am so glad I started it – been on my watch list and Bel’s tweets has forced me to push Caution, Hazardous Wife to be on top of my watch list. Only 10 episodes long, this drama is an easy watch and quite relaxing. I don’t feel stress at all!

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Currently Watching: Nice Witch


I decided to take a break from watching KBS family drama. The last 8 episodes of My Golden Life got me frustrated and upset. Not only the show was extended by two more episodes, the writer failed to use the opportunity to smoothen out the mess. I was livid and vowed to not watch another KBS weekend drama (for) now. But on the good side, SBS new weekend drama Nice Witch is on and the episodes are much shorter. 40 episodes long is a bonus – more opportunity to me to focus on other weekend drama!

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Currently Watching: Kimi wa Petto


I have been wanting to watch Kimi Wa Petto like forever! Finally able to start it while I was in India and I regretted not starting it sooner. This drama is so cute! Everything is so cute. Their chemistry gives me goosebumps. I just can’t. Despite a few things which I could not understand, I still couldn’t help but squeeing like a school girl. Now, as much I love the show, I really can’t weigh in on how good it is compared to the original Kimi Wa Petto and the manga, as well as the Korean version made into a movie titled You’re My Pet. I now want to watch all of them just to see how good each version is.

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Just Watched: Radiance


I can’t help but watching another slice of life movie again… Japanese writers and directors are masters in making this kind of movie. Radiance is the name and this love story is beautiful and poetic. I feel so lucky to watch it because I never knew there is such thing as a movie for visually impaired people. Do you?

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Currently Watching: Tokyo Vampire Hotel


Tokyo Vampire Hotel is a piece of art! But not everyone will cherish this masterpiece. At times, I found this drama full of crap and stupid! And at other times, I found it so weird. However, I am thoroughly enjoying it. I found the show quite symbolic (whatever that means). Like I said, this drama is a piece of art – a moving art that combines a loose plot, very graphic and gory scenes, disgusting needs and just blood everywhere. The colors are vibrant and the lightings are perfect.

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