Currently Watching: Money Flower


Where do I even begin with Money Flower? It is hard to express my feelings in words. Money Flower is the most intriguing, captivating and chilling drama of the year! This drama is exceptionally well written and most definitely, well acted by Jang Hyuk, Lee Mi Sook, Park Se Young and Jang Seung Jo. I am a fan of Jang Hyuk and his last work, Voice, was a total flop. Not because of him but of how chaotic the drama was written. It was hard to like the show. It had so much potential… tsk tsk tsk.

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Just Watched: Five


If you need a good laugh, you want to watch Five! Only 8 episodes long with each episode less than 30 minutes, this show will make you laugh from start to finish! I finally able to finish it because the final two episodes took a bit longer to be subbed. I am pretty sure the subbers were busy with life. Thankfully, it gets finished. I ended up watching the last three 3 Papas episode unsubbed because no one is subbing it anymore. This is always a hit or miss if you decide to watch Japanese dramas. Because of that, I vow to watch a show only if the series is fully subbed.

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Just Watched: Vampire Detective


I finished what people label it as trash! *laughs* I can’t help it myself. The more people hating it, the more I like it. I guess I am just born with that gene. Bel enjoyed it, too, and that’s all that matters! And if you ask why I decided to watch it? I had a fondness for Lee Joon’s acting in My Father is Strange and thought I should give him love on his other work. Vampire Detective came up in my search and I immediately asked Bel to get it. She was interested too and I was glad coz I did not want to watch it alone.

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Currently Watching: Saboriman Katarou


I stumbled Saboriman Katarou aka Katarou: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman on Netflix and I am currently addicted to this show! This drama is certainly designed to promote Japanese local sweets! If only it is summer now and if only I could just fly myself to Japan!!!! The sweets are so mouthwatering but Katarou made it mouthwatering 1000 times better!!!! Based on a comic from the same title, this 12 episodes drama is very entertaining and the slapstick humor is hilarious. Even my husband found it funny despite him complaining about how Japanese loves romanticizing every single expression!

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Just Watched: Love for Ten – Generation of Youth


This web drama has been on my Netflix list since the mid of last year. I wanted to watch it for SungYeol. He looks totally adorable donning that curly hair and glasses. His transformation is so cute! Who would have thought this Infinite boy can be so geeky yet handsome! This 2013 drama is only 12 episodes long with each episode around 10 minutes or so. Totally something you can finish it in one sitting.

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Happy New Year 2018


Happy New Year, everyone! We would like to thank all of you for your kind support in reading and commenting on our posts – it means a lot to us. We look forward to what is in store for 2018. Mari will focus on her drama commitment *laughs* and I will focus on watching and blogging more often. Also, I hope to meet more and more readers which I have befriended them the most through Twitter – including Mari!

2017 was a rough drama watch especially for the first 6 months of the year. We started watching more and more when summer began. We do not know what is in store this year but we are hoping for more fluffy dramas like Weightlifting Fairy. Hope our prayers get answered by Asian drama Gods!

Do you have a 2018 drama goal? If yes, please share with us below.

Just Dropped: Tribes & Empires: Storm of Prophecy


I got so excited about this drama I even blogged the trailer last year or was it two years ago? Well, who cares. It takes forever for them to air this drama out. When they finally did, I got tiny excited but my feelings were deflated. By episode 11, my mood has gone and I have no desire to continue. I would like to be as excited as everyone else. Really I do. But the pace is so slow and I am just not as motivated to sit through it now. Don’t get me wrong, 75 episodes long is no biggie. I have seen longer episode dramas and able to get myself focus and content from beginning to the end.

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