Just Dropped: Vagabond


It was terrible of me to even started Vagabond. I know I got succumbed to it from watching the trailer. Lee Seung Gi looks cool in it even though I am not a fan of his acting. But the main reason I started was for Suzy. I just love her despite her lukewarm acting. The two leads reunited after their successful drama, Gu Family Book, which I did not nor have interest in watching it. Again, it was because of Seung Gi. I am not sure why I hesitated. His last drama I enjoyed watching was King 2 Hearts. He is one of the male leads that never made my heart flutter… it was never love, sadly.

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Currently Watching: Hot and Sweet


I decided to watch Hot and Sweet, this cute and mindless romance web drama on Viki. Since it is only 8 episodes long, Hot and Sweet is an easy watch while you are having your meal alone. Like right now. Me and my breakfast. To be honest, there is nothing special about it. But I thought the acting was not bad and the cinematography was beautiful. The chemistry between the leads is pretty convincing. I just wished the writers give more depth to the leads’ background and fleshed out their characters deeper. I really want to know their past that made them who they are now.

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Just Watched: Aku no Hado


While I was watching One Page Love, I got curious if Yuki has new dramas that I missed. I saw Aku no Hado on his drama list. It’s a dark, serial killer drama genre with him as the main lead. I couldn’t believe my eyes and asked Bel to put it up on Plex. The fact that it is produced by WOWOW, I knew immediately it’s going to be a great watch! Bonus point: 5 episodes at only 26 minutes long per episode!

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Just Watched: One Page Love


I needed a mindless drama and found One Page Love as my new drama victim. This mini drama is so cute. I was drawn to it mainly because of Furukawa Yuki. You know me, I am a sucker for a handsome baby-faced Yuki. I have been his fan since Mischievous Kiss series. So clearly I am bias and love this drama so much! Plus, with only 6 episodes long, it is a breeze watching Akira zip through from one man to another. Oh hey, she is not a player but she is a magnet! Her sweetness made these men want to love and protect her.

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Just Watched: Love and Fortune


One night, I could not sleep at all so I decided to watch something to keep me asleep. I thought of catching up with Hanbun, Aoi but I am all caught up. I decided to browse on Netflix instead to get my Japanese drama fix. I started with Tuna Girl but 8 minutes into it, I got turned off by the main character’s overly bubbly character. I definitely was not in the mood for something cheery. And then I was led to Love and Fortune. The synopsis screamed pedophile! It is disgusting but I found myself clicking the Play button. Did I regret it?

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Just Watched: Hibiki


A long plane ride from Kunming to Beijing was enough for me to catch a movie. I decided on Hibiki because of the synopsis. I hesitated a bit though because it is a high school movie. However, there was no hint of romance which encouraged me to continue watching. And watch I did. I was glued to my screen and released a tiny bit of scream – not because I was cringing but I felt very disturbing with the main character. Hibiki. She is savage! SAVAGE, y’all!

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Just Watched: Banjo no Himawari


Yeap, you guessed it right! I am on my Japanese drama roll! This sudden free time allows me to catch up on the dramas I missed this past summer. After watching two feel-good dramas, I decided to go back to one of my favorite genres in Japanese dramas. Mystery and crime. I selected Banjo no Himawari not just for that, but also because it is only 4 episodes long. The atmosphere of this drama is dark. And cold. This drama also introduces me to shogi. What a mind blowing game! Have you heard of this board game?

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