Currently Watching: Soshite, Dare mo Inaku Natta


Wow, the title keeps getting longer and longer, isn’t it? *laughs* The English name to it? Lost ID. Yup, that’s it! Let’s not question it, languages work differently. But let’s focus on this drama. Five episodes aired and another five episodes to go. What I hate about this drama is that it is a Sunday show. Why can’t they air two episodes in a week? The waiting is so unbearable. Glad I have other dramas to fill in the watch hole… Or else, I don’t know what am I going to do with myself!


Soshite, Dare mo Inaku Natta is very intriguing drama. It all started when Todo, a system developer, developed a program that could wipe any person’s identity off the net world. In the beginning, I thought it is a cool idea. I really hate when people find me on the internet. And then I realized, that is not a good idea either. So same goes with the system Todo invented. For some reason, someone used it against him. It started one night when he went out for dinner with his mom and introduced his pregnant fiancee to her. He offered to pay for their expensive dinner. His credit card got rejected and he went ahead and paid the meal with cash. He did not put it into much thinking and went ahead with his life.


Days later, he was called by the company’s committee and asked for his identity. That’s when Todo found out that not only his identity was stolen, his life was completely shattered, too! He was suspended from his job immediately. He found out all access to his funds were freezed. All his friends are not the friends he thought they are. He eventually lost all including his fiancee. What is next? Who can he trust? Not even his mom! Imagine all this happen to you. Who would you trust?


The bartender at the bar seems suspicious too. But so far he’s been nothing but helpful with Todo. Don’t believe take my words seriously though… Anything can happens. Todo is a very intellectual person and so all the obstacles he went through on the last episode are heavily logic-based questions. I was a bit excited since I love the questions but… Anyway, this show is so unpredictable. I really can’t tell what will happen next! Todo was asked to take his own life… Or else all his love ones will be dead. Really? At this point, who should he trust? I’m curious, are you? *wiggles brows* My one advice: Trust no one!