Currently Watching: Misty


I fell under Misty spell last week. I could not stop watching it the minute I landed back to the States. Well, that sounds so dramatic! But you get my point *laughs*. I have been yearning for a Kdrama that could give me satisfactory as Prison Playbook and Money FlowerAs you all know, Misty ended today. I haven’t seen the final two episodes and have been avoiding Twitter like plague. I really do not need any spoilers today.

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Currently Watching: Temperature of Love


Temperature of Love. A simple kind of drama. Nothing fancy to rave about yet… I am, however, loving every single bit of it. I don’t even know where to begin. I started out of blue today because I am not ready to be angry with Witch’s Court (I will start it soon). Okay, who am I kidding! I started it because of Kim Jae Wook! Kim Jae Wook in suits and vest. Kim Jae Wook and his voice. Kim Jae Wook looking very serious. Kim Jae Wook smiling. Kim Jae Wook stretching on a couch. Kim Jae Wook. Omo… I am in love. But wae wae wae he is the second lead again???!

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Just Watched: The Last Princess


When I first saw the trailer, I knew I must watch this movie no matter what. I fell in love right away with Son Ye Jin’s portrayal as Princess Dok Hye. Her stunning beauty and her elegant and poised character struck me immediately. The trailer got me into tears. And when I finally saw the movie, my heart and soul were moved by it. Wait, I was also angry! Angry at how the Japanese treated the Princess and angry at how the citizens were treated.

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Currently Watching: You Are A Gift


I was debating whether I should give up or continue. Each time I feel like giving up, You Are A Gift picks up again. But the reason I wanted to give up was not because of the drama, it was because of my schedule. As you noticed, I do not have time to blog lately. My work has consumed my life. Hence, my watch also affected. I am being very selective once again. It is not easy to watch, blog, be a full time mom, housewife and a worker. It is a miracle that I get to finish Working Mom, Parenting Dad. But I vow not to neglect my blog. It is my portal to release my tension from life. I will slowly blog again but it won’t be as frequent as I normally do. Bare with me, peeps *winks*


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Just Watched: The Pirates


I haven’t been blogging on movies for awhile… I have been very lazy and decided to blog movies if time permits. Today is your lucky day coz here I finally decided to blog The Pirates. I’ve been meaning to watch this ever since I found out that Kim Nam Gil nabbed the main lead role. He is my mustache oppa *giggles*. And the best part is his co star from Shark, Son Ye Jin, is part of the movie too. Nice! Coincidence? *shrugs* I don’t know. Are they comfortable working together like Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum? Maybe.


So about the plot for The Pirates. Hmmmm… Where do I begin? *rubs chin* It is the most ridiculous thing ever. *facepalm* It is just a bunch of bandits and pirates trying to catch a whale who swallowed the royal seal. But the process of catching this whale is funny and all the mishaps scenes that Sa Jung the bandit and Yeo Wel the pirates went through to get the seal back for the Emperor were hilarious. The first 30 minutes into the movie was a little painful. I was questioning myself whether I should stop or move forward. The scenes were so serious and I was yawning several times. But once the focus move to the bandits, you will see the mood in the movie shifted a bit and you will find yourself holding your tummy from laughing too hard.


This movie is flooded with famous faces and they all received equally time on the screen as the OTPs! Now that speaks a volume, unlike other movies which just adding known faces just to pull audience. Not The Pirates and which is why I love this movie a lot. The OTPs nailed the role really well. The stunts were great and let me tell you about Son Ye Jin. I thought she is a girly girl, but in this movie as Yeo Wel, she showed us that she can do so much more than a pretty face. And oppa Nam Gil, well… He is just awesome and funny. I get to see him smiles a lot *giggles*. Listen peeps, I highly recommend The Pirates! Great and entertaining movie!


Currently Watching: Come! Jang Bo Ri

Come!_Jang_Bo-Ri-p1So, it’s been awhile since I saw long episode weekend dramas. I’ve been avoiding it like plagues lately simply because I have too many daily dramas on my plate. Plus, long weekend dramas are usually angsty! I can’t handle angsty much, and if you are the type of watchers that need hand holding, this drama isn’t for you. I need hand holding in this drama. I have been cussing like a mad soldier, chingus! This drama is not good for my health and emotional being, yet…. YET I’m so addicted to it! Why kdrama Lords, whyyyyy? If I’m to describe it as a metaphor, it is as delicious as bitter gourd! Ya, exactly! I have been paying this drama closed attention when it was airing. I was partial to even begin coz I just don’t like the poster drama! Yeah, I judge book by its cover… So what? *sneers*


Guess who influenced me to watch Come! Jang Bo Ri? Who else but none other my daily sisters, Bel and Lena! But guess what? They are done and left me hanging alone! T_____T Fine, fine, I’ll gather up all my fats and energies for this show. I’m dying to know the ending anyway even though, somehow, it is predictable. But the journey to the end will not be smooth. I will remain a flipping cussing girl throughout the show. My only buckle that keeps me from cussing out loud? My son, A. Yeah, I can’t do it in front of him. When I do feel like it, I will make a fist and flip a finger on my back! Yeah, this show is nasty and be prepare for it, chingus!


Come! Jang Bo Ri is a 52 episode drama. Yikes, they extended it by 2 more episodes? I guess it was THAT good, eh?  I’m impressed but this means I have 30 episodes to go! *rolls eyes*. Fine, fine… I’ll watch. So what’s Come! Jang Bo Ri is about? It’s about Bo Ri, of course! She went missing one night after caught in a fight between her mom’s selfish drive to be the next heir to Bo Ri’s grandmother’s imperial Korean traditional tailor and designer hanbok center. Bo Ri was adopted unwillingly by Min Jung’s mom. Min Jung on the other hand grew up poorly but with great ambitious to remove herself from poverty by getting adopted by, unexpectedly and coincidentally, Bo Ri’s parents. Min Jung is one vicious girl, she will do nothing to pursue her goal. Basically, she’s the mastermind of pathological liar! But to be honest though, nothing is wrong her goal. We all need to be ambitious, right? But Min Jung is a little bit nasty though. She was so determined to get what she wants that she willingly cut her ties with her own mother. Bo Ri was brought up well prior to being adopted by Min Jung’s mom. Before she went missing, she was hit by Min Jung’s mom’s truck and caused her a permanent damage to her head including losing her memories of her past.


The time jump brought us to the adult Min Jung and Bo Ri. Min Jung became crazier and will do anything to stop Bo Ri from rising above her. Bo Ri was trained by Ok Soo in making hanbok. Because of her memory loss, she doesn’t know that Ok Soo is her aunt and Ok Soo couldn’t recognize her own niece. Min Jung was trained in clothes designing by but her wish is to replace the missing daughter for her sponsor, Bo Ri’s real parents. In turn, she switched her focus to be hanbok maker. She successfully convinced her sponsor to accept her to become hanbok student. Though it was too late and they hesitant to accept her, Min Jung’s twisted words was so convincing even her sponsor parents couldn’t say no to her.

1401069405-Jang-Bo-Ri-Is-Here-ep12-590by330 (1)

Come! Jang Bo Ri is definitely makjang. It has been awhile since I saw makjang dramas and this show have all the makjang cliches from birth secret to amnesia to revenge and to whatever that will come to my plate. Yes, I have seen 22 episodes but so far, despite the makjang-ness, the show can be super funny and romantic too. You heard me, right! When it is funny, it sure IS really, really funny. But heh, there are some stoooooopid moments too. *shrugs* It can’t be perfect, right? For those who love nitty gritty, cuss induced drama, Come! Jang Bo Ri is the one for you!