Who Was Your Favorite Drama Mom and Dad?

Wow, I did not expect yesterday’s blog question received a lot of views and comments (on this blog and on my twitter). Thank you so much! Today’s question is also from Mari. Who was your favorite drama mom and dad? It can be from different shows and it doesn’t have to be a husband/wife couple. Another good question!

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Currently Watching: Angry Mom


Dear my readers, despite the title, I managed not to get angry at all. *wipes sweat on forehead* In fact, from watching this, I got girl power vibe which is insane and awesome at the same time! What got me angry though is the OST. “I’m crying, crying, crying…” Oh gosh, shut up already! The song is… er, nice but I somehow find it inappropriate and unfitting when they spin it as background music for certain scenes that are more suitable with a more of an upbeat tempo. But, after watching episode 14, they finally play it on the appropriate scene. I do find the OST weird. They are aiming for a mature taste but I just don’t think it works out. *shrugs* I don’t know, that’s my only beef with Angry Mom. But other than that, this show is BEYOND FABULOUS!!!


For those of you who haven’t started Angry Mom and is simply thinking whether to watch or not, well… I’m here to giving you that piece of mind! QUIT THINKING AND START WATCHING IT ALREADY!!! Angry Mom is unlike you and I ever imagine it to be! I hesitated in the beginning as well. And the fact that I could guess what it is all about (I don’t read synopsis btw) but not entirely sure whether I’m right or is it my kinda drama to watch, it was a gamble I decided to take on. Of course, I asked around as well and all my friends recommended it to me! Let me tell you one thing, the show is helluva good I marathon all episodes just in time to catch episode 13 and 14! Yeap, I am addicted to Angry Mom! The show is ending next week and I look forward to see how they wrap this up.


On the surface, Angry Mom is pretty self explanatory. Mom got angry. Mom took action so that she can protect her child. Well, yeah… that was my initial thought. What I didn’t expect was that mom took her anger to another level by disguising herself as a high school student after her daughter got beaten up in school. My jaw literally on the floor when she decided to go on this route. Well, with her youthful looks and assisted by her gangsta friend, she entered the school as Jo Bang Wool. She is determined to find justice for her daughter. But in pursue of righteous and justice, she found herself caught in intermingling her past life as troubled teen as well as entering into the world of murder, scandal, money and politics. Yeah, for this high school dropout mom, it is overwhelming but her life experience taught her to be persistence and courageous. But Kang Ja, Bang Wool’s real name, has one issue. She’s so naive! As you watch it, you can certainly see how she trusted people so easily which made me very uneasy. But then again, she reminded me of…. ME! *laughs* I trust people easily too *hides in the corner*. But as a mother, you have to be skeptical and curious all the time. And that is Kang Ja. She has tons of hypothesis in her head but unwise when comes to make certain important decision. Come to think of it though, as a protective mom, she does what is best but her unwise decision could left you lost for words. *sigh*


To be honest, Angry Mom applies lots of realistic decisions and choices which you hardly seen on most kdramas. Perhaps 2015 is the year of realistic and make-sense drama? *shrugs* It is time for these writers to realize we viewers are not stupid! And Angry Mom is written in the most believable plots I could imagine at this moment – except for believing that Kang Ja can pass as a high school hwaksaeng. Okay, I know I talk a lot about Kang Ja but she’s not the only main characters here. There are a few more like her daughter, Oh Ah Ran. She’s unbelievably good teen actors and I adore her lots! Her home class teacher, Park No Ah, also another character to watch. You will feel annoyed by him in the beginning. He is an example of a teacher who wants to do everything right. Put yourself in his shoe and you would understand his every single action he made for his students. Another main character is Go Bok Dong. He is absolutely joy to watch but again, you will start with anger before switching to like him. His life story is pretty sad (which you won’t be getting it after episode 10) as well and the reason for him to act the way he is will leave your heart aches.


This 16-episode drama incorporated many pools genres under one roof. You get comedy, a light romance, drama, family life and murder. I love how they take us the viewers from ghetto (believe me, Kang Ja was ghetto) to daebak! This show is very entertaining even though the issue is pretty depressing. Good job to the writer and PD for making Angry Mom one of the best drama I’ve seen for 2015! It’s a drama that is full of feelings that you simply don’t want to deny it. In fact, which I usually don’t say it, it is definitely worth watching it again and again. Make Angry Mom your next watch drama! Jjaebal!