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I finally able to start this glorious drama everyone has been raving about. I was either getting ready or already started my traveling when it first began airing. I was full of envy and jealousy that my Twitter friends could watch it and I couldn’t. But now the show has ended and they all are in withdrawal stage while me, enjoying every minute of it. In fact, I even spamming and tweeting madness whenever I get a chance. Some friend I am, huh? *laughs*

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Let’s Eat: Mokja nom nom Timeline Cap Episode 16 (Finale!)


Wow! Here we are! The finale! Can you all believe it??? We were  not happy with one episode per week before but now that it is nearing to the end, we now realized one episode fills the gap of two episodes per week deal. And by the way, are we curious what’s going to happen to 804? Do you think delivery boy is cruel enough to kill her? To revenge the death of his father? Would 804 believes him? This cliffhanger till the end is what keeps us going! Let’s not waste any time… Let’s watch Let’s Eat!!!

Episode 16


My Myooz: Yay I’m excited. Let’s start! Ready when you are!

Laurie ADgirl: At 0:45 now. Play!

My Myooz: *thumbs up* Scary time again!


Laurie ADgirl: I hope he does nothing stupid…

My Myooz: Me too! He’s gonna push her? Run!!! Whoa that’s a cliffhanger!

Laurie ADgirl: Her parents kept her in the dark. He should know that…

My Myooz: He thinks she knows it all. So she IS missing! *gasps*

Laurie ADgirl: I bet he will feel real bad when he knows she totally has no idea. *sigh* The cuteness will overload I hope… *grins*

My Myooz: I don’t think that’s her text. Do you?


Laurie ADgirl: Hope they figure out she did not send the text…

My Myooz: Or she’s under duress. *shrugs* Hmmmm… 806 looks cute as always.

Laurie ADgirl: 805 and 806 will figure it out.

My Myooz: Hahaha a little threat by one arm man and he got the number and address lol


Laurie ADgirl: Yah and our hero is figuring it out already. Hwaiting!

My Myooz: Kwang Suk! You’re in trouble!! Yes! Catch him, 806!


Laurie ADgirl: Booyah!

My Myooz: Whoa! What?

Laurie ADgirl: Did he really hurt her?

My Myooz: We don’t know. C’mon deliver boy. Spill it!


Laurie ADgirl: Delivery boy jump when 806 lifted his arm. Hahahaha. Yes spill it!

My Myooz: I hope he have no Intention of killing 804… *pouts*

Laurie ADgirl: Me too.

My Myooz: Funny that 804 dresses in white and delivery boy is in black. The contrast. *rubs chin*


Laurie ADgirl: He only wanted the truth and to scare her… that’s all.


My Myooz: Yeah yeah. Wait wait! There’s another person in this case?


Laurie ADgirl: Angel and the devil …i did not catch that!

My Myooz: You think? *raises brow*

Laurie ADgirl: Maybe he thought she knew something? *shrugs*

My Myooz: Omo. Oh and chocolate. Hey, that’s 805’s chocolate she ate! Do you think 804 did all this? It’s so unlike of her.


Laurie ADgirl: She is taking the stress eating roll *snickers*

My Myooz: Oooooh!

Laurie ADgirl: I am starting to think she did.

My Myooz: Kim saw them holding hands! Hmmmm I think you’re right.


Laurie ADgirl: Getting used to the phone keypad while watching is really a challenge. Poor Att Kim!

My Myooz: Hah. I thought she might fly to see her mom but she has no money. Gasp! Let’s eat for the last time? This is sad.



Laurie ADgirl: She may have went to see her father… Who knows!

My Myooz: Kim! Don’t do this to yourself! Jjaebal *rubs hands*




Laurie ADgirl: He is doing it coolly…


My Myooz: How’s that coolly?

Laurie ADgirl: This is a sad goodbye *teary eyes*

My Myooz: My heart aches for him. *punching heart*

Laurie ADgirl: Honest and as cool as Att can get. Mine too.

My Myooz: Sounded like he’s back to old self with that wicked laugh. *laughs*


Laurie ADgirl: He is enjoying the last time watching her eat. And then… gets caught! LOL

My Myooz: No no no no no lol And he told her Oh eats too much these days lol He tears up, didn’t he?



Laurie ADgirl: How excited she got thinking she was home. I am sure he finished in tears. WHAT?!! She is going to let him go???

My Myooz: Awww now they both realized they know nothing about 804. This makes me sad. I hope she’s just saying it… Awwww even Barasshi miss her!



Laurie ADgirl: You know she will make her feel super guilty.

My Myooz: The door is unlock? *gasp*




Laurie ADgirl: 804 just realizing how bad her father was!


My Myooz: She was kept in the dark, wasn’t she? Oh wow, can this show gets any better?

Laurie ADgirl: Yes. To protect her I think.

My Myooz: She’s back to her old self! That was fast!


Laurie ADgirl: I think her disappearing was more to do with her dad then 805 and 806.

My Myooz: Me too. It’s a rational decision. I want that noodle too!


Laurie ADgirl: Haha there aren’t that many boyfriends like me! Noodles!

My Myooz: Awwwwww he’s being too cute now! Actions??????


Laurie ADgirl: I would smack him for not kissing me!

My Myooz: Omo! Omo! He took his jacket off! Me screaming!!!!!

Laurie ADgirl: Hahahahaha caught by the BFF!

My Myooz: Ahhhhhh Naughty naughty!


Laurie ADgirl: TIMING ugb!




My Myooz: Damn it!!!!! Punch hand in the air!

Laurie ADgirl: The BFF test! *giggles*


My Myooz: Laughs! 1985? He’s been lying! The music!

Laurie ADgirl: Yup! She is so happy for her!

My Myooz: I love this BFF test!




Laurie ADgirl: You know he will be listening… *ruffles hair*

My Myooz: Notice the way BFF sits!

Laurie ADgirl: You get a good looking guy and you introduce me to the manager?

My Myooz: Hey! Hey! Hey! Daebak daebak daebak! Lol BFF approves!



Laurie ADgirl: Like an elder!

My Myooz: Kim is back!

Laurie ADgirl: She has a TV program! Omona!


My Myooz: Blow fish! Lol Beauty infatuation! She just made fun of Korean women!


Laurie ADgirl: Such a nosy that manager!

My Myooz: OHEMGEEEEEE OH!!! He’s nosy!

Laurie ADgirl: This whole dialogue has me laughing!

My Myooz: She’s so full of herself again!

Laurie ADgirl: I like that much better than defeated Oh!

My Myooz: Kim had no choice but to say yes lol I agree! A win win ending lol


Laurie ADgirl: Where are you at? Viki jumped back to the Bff scene on me.

My Myooz: 35:04

Laurie ADgirl: Play! Love how Manager falls back and forth on siding with Kim and Oh.

My Myooz: I’ve never seen manager works before! Potential client?


Laurie ADgirl: Me either. Had no idea what his actual role in the office is…

My Myooz: What the…?

Laurie ADgirl: I was just asking myself the same thing!

My Myooz: Heart like Buddha? Eeeeewwwwww


Laurie ADgirl: Gag gag gag

My Myooz: Barasshi the model!


Laurie ADgirl: More Barassi

My Myooz: Look at this boy! Lol

Laurie ADgirl: He wants a kiss from Unni too! *giggles*


My Myooz: Business as usual…

Laurie ADgirl: Noona i mean…

My Myooz: Hahaha this boy! Jealous over a dog!


Laurie ADgirl: Yup! Hate to be his gf when he is older.

My Myooz: Aish back on diet? He’s controlling boy lol

Laurie ADgirl: Love Att Kim’s eye roll and had shaken when Oh is talking about herself.

My Myooz: Kim is so supportive! Hahaha why doesn’t he wanna go dinner with Kim? Ooooh potential gf for Kim?


Laurie ADgirl: Probably becomes the Diva with the Manager. A little forward i want that hehehee

My Myooz: Yeah! Oooooh. Love at first sight?

Laurie ADgirl: He is sold watching her eat hhahahhahaha

My Myooz: Hehehe he get turn on when a woman eats well *snickers*



Laurie ADgirl: Eats real food.


My Myooz: I miss that face!! Such a flirty scene!!!! With food!

Laurie ADgirl: The smug diva self-confide face….. priceless.

My Myooz: Yes! Priceless!

Laurie ADgirl: Sly 806


My Myooz: Just kiss the trophy! Omo! He’s a sly! Food food food!

Laurie ADgirl: Hahahahahahha squish the fly! Do you know how many bugs I killed with the other one?


My Myooz: That explains!

Laurie ADgirl: Yay and they are a couple!


My Myooz: Oh my. They are friends! I ship delivery boy and 804! Wow!

Laurie ADgirl: Food description.


My Myooz: Mother falling in love now! Who doesn’t, right?

Laurie ADgirl: Me to. No harm in a little misunderstanding. I can easily be that mother.


My Myooz: You could!  Delicious just watching these two!

Laurie ADgirl: My girls bring home 806 is a done deal.

My Myooz: I’m so glad it all works out btw these four.


Laurie ADgirl: Grins Me too. Friends f0r life!

My Myooz: Is that beef or pork? My mother! Aaaaah

Laurie ADgirl: Not sure beef I think

My Myooz: Spicy yet yummy lol

Laurie ADgirl: I love it. Did the other say with the corn chowder i made?

My Myooz: Awwwww Love the poem! I can’t believe I’m tearing up here, Laurie!!!!


Laurie ADgirl: WHAT NO REAL KISS? *pulls hair* Wae wae wae?

My Myooz: I don’t mind. This is the best drama I’ve seen! Love the bloopers!

Laurie ADgirl: It was Daebak!

My Myooz: Seriously great! I’m glad you agree watching this with me! I love everything about this show. Really daebak!

Laurie ADgirl: Just like peering into someone’s life.

My Myooz: Yes. Ok Laurie, we will do once again this summer! I’m gonna miss ya loads now. I’ll find something lite and easy again for us. If you see anything you like starting July, lemme know ^^

Laurie ADgirl: I will keep looking. Hopefully something with Hyun Bin will be out by then or shortly. I will miss watching and chatting with you.

My Myooz: Hyun Bin? He’s overdue! Yes yes. Me too! Ok Laurie, bye!

This was such  a refreshing and amazing drama. This underrated drama is the biggest surprise of 2013 dramas. Laurie and I love this show so, so much! The food was great. The romance was light and awesome. The mystery build up was nicely done. The best part of Let’s Eat? The comedy! It continues to be funny since the beginning to the end. Laurie and I definitely agree that this is a MUST watch drama! And we would like to thank you to all our readers for being very patience with us. We will see you again this summer. Until then, enjoy your food and keep that plate empty…

Let’s Eat: Mokja nom nom Timeline Cap Episode 14


Sorry, real life took over me but are you all excited for this episode as much as we are? It was a little cliffhanger at the end of episode 13 and it left us breathless! Who was following 805? Was it the laundry ahjusshi? Kim attorney? Or the cutie delivery boy? I suspect the writer will be bringing in another person, completely unrelated, as the stalker. What do you think? I know I know, let’s just watch it… I’m excited to find out myself!

Episode 14


Laurie ADgirl: Ok, I am at 1:05. Play!

My Myooz: *thumbs up* She was in rush. The laundry guy does look suspicious. Hah! Not him after the call.

Laurie ADgirl: Yes, he does. Not the laundry guy… phew.

My Myooz: Now that looks like Kim!!! *gasp* Not Kim!



Laurie ADgirl: With all the things going on and as suspicious as she always is, you would think she would take someone with her, to meet a stranger.

My Myooz:Not delivery boy too! I know! See? I told you Laurie they’ll bring another person into this mess.

Laurie ADgirl: Shit!


My Myooz: I don’t understand why is he chasing after 805?


Laurie ADgirl: Me either!

My Myooz: Hahaha don’t you need to wait 24 hours to report a missing person? Good move for calling Kim! It  is the only way to trace her. How did  she remember his deongsaeng?



Laurie ADgirl: I still do not get why she would blindly follow someone. She would not do that with 806. She was too suspiscios.


My Myooz: Hmmmm new found confident? Lol She’s one skeptical woman. Well she was now… How in the world he has 806 trophy? Geez just climb up the fence!


Laurie ADgirl: Never broke it smashing the girls on the head?

My Myooz: He’s a total psycho. What taste? What smell? Oh gosh 806!


Laurie ADgirl: He is a nut job for sure.


My Myooz: Who’s dead? Omo! Did he cry?


Laurie ADgirl: I jumped when he got hit!

My Myooz: I know. I was worried.

Laurie ADgirl: It was a set up! Phew!


My Myooz: Wait! How did he get arrested? Yay! Her skeptical and curiosity pays off!

Laurie ADgirl: I have one thing to ask about the Psycho… was he not the guy who tried to date Oh Ha Ni on PK and she tried to make BSJ jealous with?

My Myooz: Whoa whoa whoa. 806 is really concern with 805 well being!


Laurie ADgirl: So she was smart enough and she set him up. YAY!

My Myooz: No no no. That’s Lee Tae Sung playing Bong Joon Gu. Yeah. Our boy is injured *cries*  What? Lol Aigoo aigoo he’s being cute!



Laurie ADgirl: Love how he gets her to sign his cast *giggles*


My Myooz: His face turned sour when Kim walked in though…

Laurie ADgirl: Poor Kim! I feel so bad for him now.


My Myooz: Awwww not good for Kim now. Food madness again!

Laurie ADgirl: Coal BBQ, my favorite!

My Myooz: Coal briquette? First time hearing it. What is it?


Laurie ADgirl: They use charcoal rather than propane. Same as a BBQ but the flavor with charcoal , to me, is so much better. Ugh! Viki froze on me, had to try again.

My Myooz: I’d think charcoal is flavorful. Oooh Viki *facepalm*

Laurie ADgirl: Waiting to kick in, mmmmm!  *punches air * at viki

My Myooz: Viki gave me a hard time last night too. Couldn’t watch Miss Korea.

Laurie ADgirl: *red face* I could scream!


My Myooz: Yours is? Lol

Laurie ADgirl: Yes, my face! Play!

My Myooz: Hahaha, you’re too funny! Is that pork?


Laurie ADgirl: Yes it is. Looks like pork belly

My Myooz: Good thing his left arm that got injured and not his  right arm.

Laurie ADgirl: Look, he watch her eat.


My Myooz: Awww he stop chewing just to look at her!

Laurie ADgirl: It’s love *throws confetti*

My Myooz: Definitely love! Uh oh 804 and her dream to feed a man food now… Lactu what????



Laurie ADgirl: Not sure have to look again with recaps. I love her (805) jealous face though.


My Myooz: But what is the reason he attack those women? Kimmmmmmmmm!

Laurie ADgirl: Also her face when he shoves the lettuce in her mouth!


My Myooz: That was cute! I feel bad for Kim… *pouts*

Laurie ADgirl: The stalker thought she saw his face.


My Myooz: That’s it, right? Nothing more, right? She rearranged her bed back to where it was before. It’s the beginning of the beginning of looooooove!

Laurie ADgirl: SWOON!!!!

My Myooz: Love that they KaTalk each other. She met the wrong husband lol you bet she did!


Laurie ADgirl: It is sweet.


My Myooz: *gasp* Don’t tell me she fell asleep talking to him! OMG BFF is right. Just like we thought so too.

Laurie ADgirl: Love the tears.


My Myooz: Me too! Oh gawd she’s right. 805 needs to move out. Madam auntie? Lol



Laurie ADgirl: The little guy is cute.

My Myooz: We know his sole purpose *laughs*

Laurie ADgirl: Of course she can’t move, he would never see 804.


My Myooz: And she wouldn’t move because of 806! Look at Oh! This Oh! I’m getting really annoyed with her *facepalm*


Laurie ADgirl: Me too. You would think as a lawyer she would be a strong independent woman. It is something you would think 804 would be more like

My Myooz: Exactly. Highly educated attorney vs a university student. She said “I grew up delicately!” Perghhh I’ve had enough of her. She annoyed me. She’s definitely crazy! Awwwwww Ox bone soup for him *bat lashes*. So sweeeeeeeet! Kim is totally depressed *pouts*


Laurie ADgirl: Oh maybe annoying but her lines are great. I love the way he stopped at the smell of the soup


My Myooz: Right? He got good sense of smell! Kim. I feel sad for him.

Laurie ADgirl: Poor Kim. So lost trying to do the right thing and let her go. He gets caught!

My Myooz: Yup. Ooooh look at her! Delivery boy quit? *scratches head* Wae?


Laurie ADgirl: 804 is alone again *pouts* Were they working as a team? Then again they only needed him to throw us off.


My Myooz: Jaemi eopseo! No fun. He has a beef with 804. I think now that he found out 804’s mom is in States, he went back home to tell on his parents… These two my god! They are both wrong!!! So typical office gossip!


Laurie ADgirl: He might have. He was just after info. Poor girl… *sigh*

My Myooz: That’s my feeling. He opened her package, remember? What… Ashamed because he was the one encouraging her to see the “victim”? Aish. He could just say sorry.


Laurie ADgirl: Yes he was.

My Myooz: Aaaaaaa she remembers him now.


Laurie ADgirl: I am so far behind right now.

My Myooz: I’m at 42:58

Laurie ADgirl: Stupid thing crashed again so switching to viki on the pc. It’s getting so I cannot really enjoy it. I am still enjoying it but not to what I would if it would stop crashing! Grrrr

My Myooz: I know how it feels. Where can you watch ads free? I know! GoodDrama!

Laurie ADgirl: Maybe…

My Myooz: I’m at 42:58

Laurie ADgirl: 39:30. If only it could just stop playing 50 million ads!

My Myooz: Urgh

Laurie ADgirl: Kim is feeling guilty…

My Myooz: He shouldn’t!

Laurie ADgirl: He shouldn’t

My Myooz: But I know why he feels that way.

Laurie ADgirl: She remembers the pin! *jumping in joy!

My Myooz: I know. I’m excited. He’s excited too now. His face lit up a bit! He should have not run away when he gave her the hair pin.

Laurie ADgirl: No he should not have… *shaking head*

My Myooz: They could have worked out. Ai. Here it comes! The rejection!

Laurie ADgirl: Yes they could have… One of the sweetest rejections I have heard.


My Myooz: Yeah yeah. Very calm. Very warm. Goo Daegi lol

Laurie ADgirl: Love the dry cleaner ahjusshi! Go on a date! *ROFL*


My Myooz: But why is he denying it?

Laurie ADgirl: He is not sure maybe? *shrug*

My Myooz: Squeeeeeeee! Nice trick! Ooooo 804 is not at home.

Laurie ADgirl: IT was and now an unofficial date! *clapping hands* SQUEE!

My Myooz: Yum.

Laurie ADgirl: From our spoiler!

My Myooz: Yes yes yes!

Laurie ADgirl: SSSSQQQQUUUEEE! Good and spicy!



My Myooz: I want that!

Laurie ADgirl: Suju!

My Myooz: Love the way she giggles with food. What is he eyeing?


Laurie ADgirl: 804 is going to see them kiss I bet.

My Myooz: Ooooooh she wouldn’t let him drink! Omo!


Laurie ADgirl: WHAT?? Delivery guy is a bad guy! Ack!


My Myooz: Aaaaaaaaack! Which delivery guy?

Laurie ADgirl: The young one!

My Myooz: Is this it? Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Laurie ADgirl: I was only speculating 804 would see the kiss *snickers*


My Myooz: You’re right! She saw it! Whoa! That was one awesome forceful kiss! Ooooh my heart! Preview! It’s not the end yet! Wow! Delivery boy is no good ! You there?

Laurie ADgirl: Yes had to switch from laptop back to tablet. No matter how bad 804 becomes, I totally feel for her. Lost, alone, and no one to confide in. Not fully understanding life

My Myooz: She can’t be bad. Maybe thinking 805 stole her thunder.

Laurie ADgirl: I think in the end she will still be good and be happy for 805 and 806.

My Myooz: I hope so. It is unlike of her to be angry. Once 806 talk to her, she will be ok.

Laurie ADgirl: Hurt but not angry. I think 805 will be the one to save her from Delivery boy.

My Myooz: How?

Laurie ADgirl: Can I say I am heartbroken that he is bad? *sniff*

My Myooz: I am bummed tbh

Laurie ADgirl: Not sure about that theory, yet. It may be the one thing to have her friend them again…

My Myooz: But I don’t know he would push her to the corner like that… It’s not her fault.

Laurie ADgirl: No but how do you make her family suffer, or bring them back to pay for their crimes? You take her out. He may manipulate everything so she jumps.

My Myooz: But what good he will get if she’s dead?

Laurie ADgirl: They come back for her funeral, they suffer from the total loss of her. However, back to my squee moment! Love love love that kiss!

My Myooz: Me too me too!

Laurie ADgirl: The moment is leading up to it..

My Myooz: Yes.

Laurie ADgirl: Hands to cheek big smile!

My Myooz: Just so happened her mouth is all out there. Thanks to the spicy food *giggles*

Laurie ADgirl: Yes! Just what we wanted.

My Myooz: Yes yes yes

Laurie ADgirl: Really added to the heat! *fanning self*

My Myooz: Hahahaha

Laurie ADgirl: While I love to chat, I have to now run and get some things at the store for dinner, and get laundry done. Real life calls!

My Myooz: Same here. Time to do real life work again.

Laurie ADgirl: Bye


Oh my, how awesome was this episode, eh? The stalker is finally caught! But there was no explanation to why he did it… Or did I miss it? And who goes around town with a dead person in a trunk? Only a psycho would do that. We also get to see, as Laurie described it, the most sweetest rejection we have ever witnessed in kdrama history. There was no argument there… All 805 asked of Kim was a simple understanding that she is just not into him. Now that’s another mature point the writer has taken us in Let’s Eat. Seriously, can this show be any better? Before you know, it keeps making you think why can’t other dramas be as good as this one?

Of course, I can’t leave without talking about the KISS! How awesome was that? Goo Dae Young-shi, that was very smooooooooth of you to do that! Smooooooooth! WE LIKE!!! Noonas approve *thumbs up*! Can we get more of this cuteness on the next episode?

Currently Watching: Gloria


Yeap, I’m on one of those looooooong episode drama again! I’m not sure I want to commit to another family drama in future. It really drains my energy to do anything else. With so many new shows airing soon, I find Gloria a bit old fashion. I don’t blame the show though because it is part of the theme. I do, however, find this drama very, very interesting and somewhat unique. Let me put this upfront before I start blabbing ridiculously (or not, it could go either way): this is my first Korean drama that was written very down to earth, very raw, very genuine and different than other dramas I’ve seen (or at least I could remember). And I’d like to thank Stephanie from CrazyForKDrama for encouraging me to watch this drama. She endorsed Gloria to almost everyone and I finally listen to her (again!)! You can read her review on Gloria here.


This family drama surprises me in many ways. It is so hard to pin point which exactly I like or dislike. The characters are brilliant in their own way. But don’t be fool by this 2010, 50 episodes drama because the writers did not waste any of our 50 hours time recklessly. The writers spent less than 5 episodes to introduce us to the main four characters! Yeap, I’m not kidding you. It was interesting to watch how each character got introduced and they made viewers dive in to the root of the problems right away. The four main characters are separated by family status. Team Rich vs Team Poor, they say. Ok well, yes… wealth is always a factor in most Korean dramas and Gloria is no exception whatsoever. But two of the main characters, though came from the richest family, are the most down to earth richest kids I’ve seen in my drama history. They are willing to give up everything (money, fame, family) just to be with their loves one. I shook my head in disbelief, yes… most of the dramas I saw, when such things happened, the kids surrender to their evil family (or parents) scheme. Not this one! Gloria is a total daebak family drama! Makjang wise? Tolerable I must say…

So the four characters are Gloria aka Na Jin Jin, Lee Kang Suk, Ha Dong Ah and Jung Yung Seo. Team Rich are Kang Suk and Yung Seo and Team Poor are Jin Jin and Dong Ah. Kang Suk and Jin Jin are an item and so are Dong Ah and Yung Seo. Let’s break it down in details (to my best knowledge, of course!), ya?

The Good Guys

  • Gloria aka Na Jin Jin: before discovered as a singer, Jin Jin does odd jobs (milk delivery, car washer, food delivery, server) to support herself and her brain-damaged (caused by accident) elder sister, Na Jin Joo. She got her breakthrough as a singer when a singer where she works as a server at a 3rd-class night club didn’t show up. Performing Gloria, Jin Jin was noticeable immediately. She later signed up to be singer and trained under Kang-Suk’s entertainment company. She eventually spread her activity to acting as well… and she does it really well. Jin Jin has a good spirit and gave her all out in what she does. It took her awhile to decide to be a singer but when she did, she poured her heart out into it.
  • Lee Kang Suk: the second (and illegitimate) son of the nation’s construction company, Kang Suk reluctantly accept the task of  managing  a sub company  owned  by his dad. It is an entertainment business in which previously handled by his elder brother. He is a regular at the night club where Jin Jin works but for a very specific reason: his mom is a singer there. He came to knew Gloria on her first night on the stage. And lo and behold, they bumped to each other more and more since the first night. She mistook him as the driver of the house where she delivers the milk and once she found out who he is, she was so surprised. Kang Suk never exploited his wealth and quite humble of it. Kang Suk life has never been easy ever since he enters the Lee’s household because of his elder brother. He struggled so much in his life he channeled his anger by secretly enrolling in street-fighting competition. Kang Suk appears to be very strong but deep down, he has a weak heart but strong enough to pull himself together and embrace all the challenges in front of him.
  • Ha Dong Ah: unambitious and living in a hell hole, Dong Ah is unable to do anything but working as a bouncer in the night club. He is very rough in person and clumsy as well. He lives under the same roof with Jin Jin. Besides him, he has a father who does nothing fruitful and a nephew. Dong Ah met up with Yung Seo one day and love sparks between them. Dong Ah knows himself that he couldn’t afford to fall in love, especially with a daughter from a wealthy family. He walked away several time knowing his position but he simply couldn’t resists her… Dong Ah appears to be tough and rough but deep inside, he’s a very genuine and honest person.
  • Jung Yung Seo: suicidal ballerina flew back to be with her family when her injury prevented her from performing again. Also an illegitimate daughter (she was put into family registry secretly), Yung Seo feels she has no reason to live her life but came to know Dong Ah one day and started to feel he is the reason for her to continue to live. Yes, Dong Ah is her knight-in-shining-armor! Yung Seo is very fragile girl, her life is fully controlled by her family. She was harassed by Ji-Suk, Kang Suk’s older brother because she refused to go out on a date with him. She was forced to get engaged with Kang Suk in which later disengaged because of Ji Suk. She married Dong Ah in secret but Ji Suk again managed to put his foot down on her relationship. This princess has a hard time moving on with her life because of Ji Suk.

The Villain

  • Lee Ji Suk: a murderer and adulterous, Ji Suk is the elder son of the nation’s construction company. A true chaebol, he once married but ended up with his wife died after a year. The caused of death stems from him having an affair with Na Jin Joo, Jin Jin’s elder sister. He escaped to America for refuge and came back when the statute of limitations ended. Ji Suk met Yung Seo on the way back to SK when they sat next to each other. He tried getting her name but she was not interested in anyone. He continued asking her out until one day he found out that Yung Seo is his brother’s bride. He later discovered that Kang Suk and Yung Seo’s engagement was a fraud. He used this opportunity to his own advantage and used every single power to separate Yung Seo and Dong Ah, and make Kang Suk’s life a living hell.

The Support

  • Na Jin Joo: once a rising singer, Jin Joo became brain-damaged after she and her parents were met into an accident. The parents died, she was left under care of her younger sister. Jin Joo was Ji Suk’s love interest but their relationship became shaky after witnessing the death of Ji Suk’s wife. However, 20 years later, with the help of Kang Suk, she was finally able to get the much needed surgery and her memory came back. She’s now on the revenge mode to bring Ji Suk’s down. Her plan was halted numerous times but she prevail and continue to fight. Her revenge is sweet yet moderate.
  • Yeo Jung Nan aka Kang Suk omma: Jung Nan is mistress to Ji Suk’s dad and mom to Kang Suk. A famous singer in a night club, she constantly seeking her way out of relationship from President Lee but failed greatly. She guided Jin Jin as a singer and support her son’s love. A very supportive mom yet stubborn to let go of her singing past, Jung Nan gives a hell of a fight with President Lee and his wife. She’s a fighter to the end and refused to step back from the dim light.

gloria 1

Gloria seems to be THE drama everyone been talking about and I must say IT IS!!!! The story line is so rich, the layers are crunchy and the arguments are surprisingly good. I must say there are some dumb moments but you know what, it got overshadowed by the story itself. The writers really know how to handle it well. Hands down, this is by far the best family drama I’ve seen. Faintly makjang and less complicated, I highly recommend Gloria! It is one excellent show!