Just Watched: Justice, My Foot!



I was bored one time and decided to watch Justice, My Foot!, a 1992 Hong Kong movie that is currently available on Netflix. I cringed immediately because it has been a while since I last saw a Cantonese drama or movie. I also cringed at the way they acted. Mind you, because it was an old movie, the acting is definitely not as par as movies today. The language tickles me as always but also brought back good memories. I understand Cantonese but never dare to speak it in public. I initially saw this with family and everyone had a good laugh! But I finally finished it myself because I knew no one was interested or even care if they see the ending.

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Just Watched: Triple Trap, Shaolin & 1911

I feel odd. I don’t typically watch movies of any kind, any genre, and any language. I’m not a fan of movies coz they are too short and sometimes it is hard to catch on the stories and plots. But hey, I did it! I saw three movies on Sunday and was proud of myself. Here are my quick review on them:


This is a war drama. If you have a weak heart, do not watch it. I loved it. 1911 is lightly action, but heavily with political issue of China back in the Qing Dynasty. If you know the history of Sun Yat Sen, this movie is about that. The movie portrayed the hardest part of war. China went through so many wars and 1911 revolution was one of them. In my opinion, this is by far the best role Jackie Chan has ever taken. He was awesome. I can’t think of any other word at the moment but he was really, really impressive! I highly recommend it if you are into political movie.


The second movie I saw was a Cantonese movie titled Triple Tap. I was not into this kind of movie but I saw it anyway because majority rules! But this was my first Cantonese in a looooooong time. This movie was about trust and lies of two men. It has the element of anger, jealousy and to outsmart another person. Booooooring! I don’t recommend it…


My last movie was Shaolin. Well, this was a great movie! I highly recommend it! Andy Lau was awesome, and so was Nicholas Tse. To watch them in action together really excited me. This movie is fiction, so please, do not believe in everything you saw. Back then, China was run with many military groups trying to expand their territory. Hue Jie was one of them. He was ruthless! One day, he planned to set a trap on his “big bro” but his right hand man betrayed him. In the end, he ended up hiding in Shaolin monastery. The monks didn’t welcome him but the master said they have to forgive his evil. Well, yada yada yada… He became a monk and in the end, sacrificed his life to pay back his sins.

Well, there you have it! My quick review. I highly recommend 1911 and Shaolin, but please skip Triple Trap. Enjoy!