Just Watched: A Love So Beautiful


Thanks to kfangurl, I finally able to complete another Chinese drama! A Love So Beautiful was never in my radar. I wanted to watch Meteor Garden 2018 so badly but I knew I could not handle the Chinese cuteness. Kfangurl thinks this drama would be better for me and with a storyline that is similar to Itanazura na Kiss/Playful Kiss, you know I would not miss it for the world! And thank goodness I saw it but after that I had a withdrawal when I completed it.

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Currently Watching: Nirvana in Fire 2


Oh my goodness, I just couldn’t believe I let this drama slide again. I started months ago but due to my work travel, I just could not focus on this magnificent drama. Nirvana in Fire 2 is not a drama you can multitask. You really need to sit down and absorb the story. Granted, it has no ties to the first installment, Nirvana in Fire, unless they make a reference about it later in the drama. As for now, I could not see any ties between the two except they are the heirs of Chang Lin.

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Currently Watching: I Cannot Hug You 2


This is the continuation of I Cannot Hug You season 1. This time, you get to see more of the story of Zhi Hao trying to get Shi Ya back. To be honest, I am not liking season 2 route. It is kinda shitty. Yup, I said that. Shitty. I really do not feel like finishing it anymore. This drama has gone to a darker side – completely opposite from the fluffiness we got in the first season. I wonder if this is how it was in webtoon…

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Just Watched: I Cannot Hug You


If you are a big fan of Line’s webtoon, unTouchable, I Cannot Hug You is a must watch! Well, it is only a must watch if you promise not to judge the acting. Because I tell ya, the acting is not the best. BUT the story is! In my vampire drama history watching, this is the most unique one in a bunch. And since it was a simple and lighthearted drama, it made your watch fun and entertaining.

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Just Dropped: Tribes & Empires: Storm of Prophecy


I got so excited about this drama I even blogged the trailer last year or was it two years ago? Well, who cares. It takes forever for them to air this drama out. When they finally did, I got tiny excited but my feelings were deflated. By episode 11, my mood has gone and I have no desire to continue. I would like to be as excited as everyone else. Really I do. But the pace is so slow and I am just not as motivated to sit through it now. Don’t get me wrong, 75 episodes long is no biggie. I have seen longer episode dramas and able to get myself focus and content from beginning to the end.

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2017 Top 5 Blog Views


Hi, everyone! As we leave 2017, I would like to share with you 5 dramas I blogged that gets high views. Now, the views may not seem high when comparing it to some popular blogs out there but it is to me. For an unknown blog like mine, I think the numbers are pretty impressive! So here they are in order:

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Breaking News: Midnight Foodstore


Or Midnight Diner or Late Night Restaurant. Whichever you want to call it, the show is up for airing in 8 days from today! The first trailer was posted today and in my opinion it is the most heart-wrenching trailer I have seen in years! Our handsome Mark Chao pulls a dramatic tragic scene with his daughter here. But he is only a supporting this drama.  I really can’t wait to start it! It has been my anticipated drama since Eternal Love. All because of Mark. Even though he will only be in one of the 40 episodes… But that’s okay.

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