Breaking News: Midnight Foodstore


Or Midnight Diner or Late Night Restaurant. Whichever you want to call it, the show is up for airing in 8 days from today! The first trailer was posted today and in my opinion it is the most heart-wrenching trailer I have seen in years! Our handsome Mark Chao pulls a dramatic tragic scene with his daughter here. But he is only a supporting this drama.  I really can’t wait to start it! It has been my anticipated drama since Eternal Love. All because of Mark. Even though he will only be in one of the 40 episodes… But that’s okay.

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Happy 5th, My Myooz!


I have been too busy with work and life and was completely forgotten that this blog turned 5 years yesterday!!!! How could I do this to myself? To my own blog? Could someone murder me? Wait, at least give me a good nag? *laughs*. Well, so glad I saw it today. Happy birthday, My Myooz! Here to many more years of blogging to come…! Thanks everyone for your support! Hugs and kisses!




Just Watched: Eternal Love



The most anticipated Chinese drama arrived on my lap in February and I immediately fell in love with the show. Despite heavily CGI’d, I somehow manage to ignore it. Well, when you are in love, all flaws turn to rosy no matter what. This show received and still receives lots of love on my twitter. And it not only gets a huge audience in China, it also receives lots of coverage, loves, and raves internationally. Eternal Love proves to be another successful Chinese drama, in my opinion, after Nirvana in Fire. Well, I am not going to jinx anything because there are more Chinese dramas coming soon that may potentially rock our hearts and souls again!

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Just Dropped: General & I


What did I say? I told you I am staying true to my drama resolution *laughs*. My will is pretty strong, right? But please, do not get too excited. General & I was never on my radar but I got sucked into watching it due to peer pressure. Well, I should not put it that way. Part of it was my fault. I got curious. As you all know, I am not a fan of Wallace Chung. But from hearing how awesome the chemistry between the OTP, my sudden ego felt that I should not miss it. Yeah… me. I know. Big mistake.

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Just Watched: Candle in the Tomb


I told you I am pacing up with my Chinese drama watch! And surprisingly I am in luck because my second watch for this year was very different than my first drama. Candle in the Tomb is (kinda sorta) a Chinese version of Indiana Jones meets Tomb Raider. But I love it more because it feels rather refreshing (for me at least since I haven’t seen similar genres in years) and I love anything that has an archaeological aspect with a little bit of fantasy. Even my son was glued to this show!


Many say that Candle in the Tomb is a web drama but for me, it feels very regular. The production of this drama is extremely good. My husband reminded me that this drama was produced by the same production as Snails. Well, it is a winner for me. The show is heavily CGI’d, though. I saw some flaws; not sure if you will notice it. But it didn’t bother me one bit. Because I was too engrossed with the story which, I just found out recently, that it was adopted from a novel with the same title. Would I want to read it? I don’t think so. I am not very imaginative when comes to fantasy drama. I am sure the director did a fantastic job in transferring the writer’s creative idea to live. Seriously, some scenes were spooky and it really made me scared! I once switched my watch out of fear of getting a nightmare. Yeah, it was that scary!


Candle in the Tomb told a story of two good friends, Hu Ba Yi and Wang Kai Xuan aka fatty. Both Fatty and Ba Yi have known each other since their comrade time. Ba Yi inherited his feng shui skills from his ancestors. His family has been using feng shui to locate ancient tombs. Fatty always tagging along with Ba Yi on treasure hunts. It makes perfect sense! They then teamed up with an archaeological team in pursuit of searching the ghost cave. Fatty took advantage of it hoping to score gold. The archaeological team wanted to find the queen’s tomb (which I can’t remember her name). But as they went on their adventure, Ba Yi felt it is their destiny to go along the path. For every puzzle they face, it somehow ties to their adventure.


The show feels like a journey. I enjoyed the ups and down of each character. I rated 8/10 in MDL for two reasons: the pacing of the show in the beginning of the series and Joe Chen. The first few episodes were draggy and boring. It is typically designed to introduce the characters but I think they could have made it more exciting and humorous. I am glad that it got better from episode 3 onwards. Another thing I dislike is Joe Chen’s character. She was introduced to us in episode 6 but she was passive for the first 1.5 episodes. I know she was merely absorbing and listening but it could have been done better. Furthermore, Joe seemed bored. Her one-dimensional face bothered me a bit.


Despite all that, I still recommend you to watch Candle in the Tomb. Well, it may remind you of The Lost Tomb, but I heard this show is way better! Now you may encounter some ridiculous things from this show. Let’s pick one. They are on this rough mission in a rough terrain desert but Joe Chen’s character Shirley appeared clean and well-rounded fabulous throughout the show! She finally got dirt all over her face towards the end of the series. You know it is bullsh*t to be so tidy and clean after two days out in a dusty desert. Yeap, that’s my beef. Other than that, this 21 episode drama is fun, entertaining and exciting. The ending was on an open side because the producer wants us to know that a prequel is coming up next. I can’t wait!

Currently Watching: Pretty Li Hui Zhen


I am sure you all know my 2017’s resolution is to watch as many Chinese dramas as I could. Well, I can assure you that I am making a great progress! After finishing When A Snail Falls in Love, I got so pumped and ready to watch more Chinese dramas. Pretty Li Hui Zhen, as I posted earlier, is one of my anticipated drama this year. Why? All because of Peter Sheng! I have been in love with him since I saw him in Go Princess Go! Even though his acting is a bit choppy and woody, I somehow couldn’t care less! *laughs* the power of love, could you tell? *wink*


As you all know Pretty Li Hui Zhen is a remake from Korean drama, She Was Pretty. So there is no surprising here. If you have seen the Korean version, I can assure you that the Chinese remake follows the story line very closely. There is a slight different but none related with the main and second leads. But between the two versions, I love this one more. The story telling is way better. It is told in details. I usually mind it but this time I am not. And I love Dilraba Dilmurat, the lead actress that plays Li Hui Zhen. I thought she plays dorky ugly (even though she is still gorgeous) really great! As much as I love Hwang Jung Eum, Dilraba does not scream like her. She is classier.


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Just Watched: When A Snail Falls in Love


Oh my god oh my god oh my god! Chinese drama gods must have heard my 2017 resolution!!!! I finished my first Chinese drama in the longest time. Sure, I started it in the late 2016 but the fact that I finished it, it is worth a celebration!!!! *throws confetti* Before I continue, I would like to thank Lena eonnie because she was the one recommended it to me. And y’all know my love-hate relationship…

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