Currently Watching: Avengers Social Club


Well, this is a drama I unexpectedly enjoy from the beginning. I don’t know… sisterhood and friendship genre drama is so awesome and I’m always drawn to it. Like Girls’ Generation 1979, I binge marathon this drama up to episode 9. It was the greatest feeling ever to watch sisterhood of a different kind unite for a revenge. Now, even though I mentioned sisterhood, this drama made an exception – the group accepted a young man to be a part of their club. It makes it more interesting because now the revenge is mutual.

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Currently Watching: Secret Forest


I finally able to start this glorious drama everyone has been raving about. I was either getting ready or already started my traveling when it first began airing. I was full of envy and jealousy that my Twitter friends could watch it and I couldn’t. But now the show has ended and they all are in withdrawal stage while me, enjoying every minute of it. In fact, I even spamming and tweeting madness whenever I get a chance. Some friend I am, huh? *laughs*

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Just Watched: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


It just so happened that Scarlet Heart Ryeo was aired around the same time Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Because it started airing two weeks later, my focus was mainly on the other drama. But to be honest, I usually don’t do this. Last time when Kill Me, Heal Me was aired, Jekyll, Hide and Me was airing too. I’m not a big fan when two similar genre or theme drama airing at the same time slot. Almost always one will get neglected. Fortunately for Scarlet Heart, I decided to pick it up because it has different story plots than Moonlight.


The show ended in early November. It ended with a bang! I was stunned. The ending was not as I imagined it to be. It feels incomplete. Someone told me to draw my own conclusion. I usually am good at that but for some reason, I was being stubborn and refuse to do so. I mean the show, despite the flaws which I really did not mind, ended abruptly as if it was edited by a newbie! The certain loopholes got me really frustrated and disappointed. The writer ran out of time! How could you run out of time? Certainly bad planning! If she wants me to watch her next work, she better work on planning and coordinating her writings well!


One thing to adapt from the original Scarlet Heart, but as a writer, she should have challenged herself and determined to outbid the original! Geez, this is just a lazy work. She wasted good talents’ time and effort! Prop to the PD for giving us beautiful cinematography; but his direction can be a bit choppy. His editors definitely should have done a better job in editing. Some scenes seemed choppy. Prop to the costume designer for giving us such beautiful costumes, though. I really adore them. I really love UI’s earrings. I wish I could keep them! Prop to the musical director for giving us a beautiful soundtrack! Till this day, I still listen to the OST.


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo suffered a lot! I blame the writer and some would blame her and the PD for bad editing. Either way, this show was once the most anticipated drama is now the most disappointing drama of the year. So glad none of the actors and actresses are newbies. Or else it’d be tougher for them to sell out on their next role. Sigh.. what a mess. Though I enjoy the pretty and the stories, I don’t enjoy what the writer did. I wouldn’t recommend this show if you have the eyes for every little flaw. If you are able to see through it, I don’t mind you watching it. It’s watchable but please keep your expectations closed to nothing.

Currently Watching: The Good Wife


I didn’t watch the original The Good Wife. I was not interested at all. When I heard tvN is picking up Korean version for The Good Wife, I hesitated. But I had a change of heart after hearing good comments about the show on my Twitter. I usually try not to get influenced but I can’t help again this time. Besides, since my watch list is pack with Japanese dramas, I thought it would be a great balance to add this drama to my list. Also, I changed my mind because of Jeon Do Yeon. I saw her two movies recently and was impressed by her acting! She is so natural and her acting skill is solid. So I thought if she is good in movies, she should be good in dramas, too. Her last drama was 8 years ago. Oh my God…



Since I did not watch the American version, I do not know how it compares with this version. But I’m sure some plots are in line, right? Anyway, I did not find this show intimidating as I thought it would be. I hate legal terms. I used to envy attorneys and their sophisticated work but after working with several of them and been thrown into legal work recently, I sort of hating anything to do with laws. I started avoiding legal dramas, hence part of the reason for dropping Remember – War of the Son. But I found The Good Wife easy to watch. Thank goodness!



The Good Wife is a life story of Kim Hye Kyung. After years of leaving the working force and become a good wife to prosecutor Lee Tae Joon, Hye Kyung finally decided to go back to work and to find her identity. Surely being a housewife isn’t easy. We get to see her flashback scenes of gatherings with friends at her house. But why she suddenly making a career comeback? Because of her husband, Tae Joon. He was found guilty of corruption. Not any corruption, but political corruption! Hye Kyung joined a firm that is now lead by Seo Jung Won. He used to be in love with Hye Kyung but gave up when Tae Joon swooped Hye Kyung away. But now, Tae Joon is nervous and worried that Jung Won will steal Hye Kyung’s heart. As the matter of fact, Jung Won did but Hye Kyung managed to shake it off her shoulder. Tae Joon needs his wife by his side. Why? A strong man needs a strong woman to be next to him. He needs her energy and support when he is in a trial. I hate it! He’s not only using his wife but he is using her to curb her freedom! Oh yeah, the woman retaliate alright! I would, too!



This drama is more than a drama. What I like about it is the powerful emotion Jeon Do Yeon, Yoo Ji Tae and Yoon Kye Sang invested in this show. Their chemistries are off the chart! And I am surprised how awesome Nana is! She has natural talent in acting! What a badass girl she is! The Good Wife is a very mature drama and I feel everyone should watch it. I’m surprised that the rating is low. Why why why?  If you have not seen it yet, I think The Good Drama is a drama you should consider. Solid acting, awesome chemistry, interesting plots, and definitely worth your time!