Currently Watching: Baek Hee Has Returned


I am bored lately. 90% of my dramas are currently airing dramas. To wait every week for new episodes can be frustrating. I decided to marathon Baek Hee Has Returned since it is only 4 episodes long. This short series is funny, cute and fun! The acting is quite stellar! I got totally engrossed in this show. Even my son is!

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Just Dropped: Our Gab Soon


I did not plan to watch SBS’s new weekend drama but since I was bored yesterday, I decided to give Our Gab Soon a watch. I’ve seen several photos of the drama on Twitter but didn’t put too much thought into it. However, Mary’s apple butt man got me curious. The last drama I saw with him was Inspiring Generation. Yup, that was awhile back. I did watch him in We Got Married. But I quit. I couldn’t stand his cheesy act; plus, I remember he said something that offended me. Hence, the quit.


Anyway, Our Gab Soon is definitely an immediate NO from me. You don’t hear this very often but after watching the first two episodes, I knew this drama will drive me batshit crazy!The immediate makjang got me turn off. The main OTP’s on and off relationship for the past 10 years is problematic. If they can’t get their shit together, what makes them think they are able to endure future obstacles? The environment they are living in is already unhealthy. The screaming, the jealousy, the bickering…. Oh, no. Please don’t get me started… *massages her temples*. All I want is cuteness!!!!


Perhaps Song Jae Rim’s curse is strengthening. I have been avoiding his work like plague before and looks like I’ll continue to avoid him. I feel so bad but sorry man… I can’t watch this drama. The level of angsty will drive me to hell. And I’m not ready to go to hell… Good luck to those who are watching it. Hwaiting!

Currently Watching: Who Are You: School 2015

wech4You’ve heard me saying this over and over before that I don’t like to watch high school drama. Most of the time, it is because of bully and jealousy between kids. I just can’t stand it. Kids should behave like kids, you know? But then again, they are only human and bully cases are everywhere. I’m blessed that even though I grew up in all girls school, not once that I encountered such bully cases. I don’t even know it existed if not because of Korean dramas. I was well sheltered by my parents and they tended to my every needs. I felt lucky now that I think of it… So, so lucky! But for some of us, maybe are not so lucky. Erl told me that she couldn’t watch dramas with bully issues because she had terrible experience growin’ up in her school. Even that she took my advice and saw Angry Mom. Bless her soul for taking my advice *beams*.


I wasn’t planning on watching Who Are You School 2015 simply because I  had bad experience with high school dramas. They are either too much for me to handle or too boring for me to stay awake. And this is why I hesitant to start this drama. I kept hearing good things from girlfriends (Jules and Mari) and read quite daebak tweets on my Tweeter timeline. Still, my heart was not feeling it. I came back from Japan and was determined to give it a try. I’m giving a high school genre drama my last chance! I want Who Are You School 2015 to prove me that I’m wrong. 10 episodes later, I am wrong! *smiles*. This drama, despite the heavy bully issue that really encourages me to cuss and tosses cat toys to my tellie, I’m happy to report to you that it is written so well and the characters are solid performers. The protagonist and the antagonist are both strong! Even though I hate the antagonist, I applaud the actress for playing such a hard character!


Kim So Hyun. I’m sure you all familiar with her. I couldn’t watch The Moon that Embraces the Sun because of her. I barely able to get through Rooftop Prince because of her, too. But after that, I adore her so much in Ma Boy! God, this girl is heading her way to be one excellent actress. To able to act as an antagonist at a tender age, you know she is not the typical cookie cutter actress from South Korea now. She is a great actress. I’m in love with her more and more now. She is definitely one of the best actresses to watch! She was awesome in Reset even though the drama was disappointing. And now she continues to be awesome in this drama. I must say this girl is a chameleon. Give her any scripts, she will give more than the PD would ask!


Ok, back to Who Are You School 2015. It is full of typical high school drama plots, to be honest. Bully issues. Overprotective parents. Rebellious kids. Mistaken identity. Frenemies. Triangle love. Revenge. This drama has it all. I’m not surprised but the reason why I like it is because the writer give surprises that I never imagine it could be done. When you have seen a lot of kdramas, you typically would know the next reaction for each character. Well, I was a bit surprised in here. I’m not gonna tell you everything so if you haven’t seen it, please watch it. But here is what I can summarize it for you. Eun Bi is a victim of bully in her high school. Eun Byeol is Eun Bi’s twin sister and living a glamorous life as a popular girl in her high school. They both lead a complete different life when Byeol was adopted and Bi left behind in the orphanage. I’m not sure why they were not adopted together and for sure, the girls never knew they are twins. I could be wrong. Someone please let me know… Anyway, something mysterious happened. I am so lost to how it happened. Eun Byeol went missing from her field trip, which took place in a town where Eun Bi is. And for odd reason, Eun Bi was saved from drowning and she woke up with no recollection of what happened or her own identity. So long story short, Byeol mom thought Bi is her daughter! Eun Bi plays along and believes she is her mom’s daughter. She tries to blend in with her school friends. Fortunately, she is welcomed by all due to Byeol’s popularity in school. But one day her memory came back and she feared that someone would know. Thank goodness her mom is understanding and asks for her to play along as Eun Byeol. Fair enough, right? *raises brow*


Well, all fun must come to an end! Guess who showed up as a transfer student in Eun Byeol’s class? None other than her antagonist, Kang So Yeong. I shudder just thinking of her name. She really get my BP high! This girl is a great actress! She not only made my blood boiling, she made me wanna cuss out loud! Holy smoke! So when she showed up in her class, Eun Byeol (or Bi) knows who she is. But instead of showing fear, she is determined to fight back. I believe having a great support system really helps her in tackling So Yeong herself. So Yeong was confused in the beginning but later convinced that Byeol is Bi. She is using all her might to get back on Eun Bi. But something happened. While pursuing her goal into revealing Byeol’s true identity, she didn’t plan it so well that her revenge plan was taken down by her entire class without Byeol speaking a single word! Oh my god, when that happened, I was like “in yo face, m*ther phocker!” Yeap, excuse my language! You didn’t see that coming, did ya? *giggles*. So did I *laughs*.


Who Are You School 2015 is ending next week. I started this drama on Tuesday, June 9, and I’m 10 episodes down. I have 4 more episodes to be current and just in time for the finale next week. Aren’t I the best? I know, I shocked myself too. How did I do it? With a great story and cast, I was extremely sucked in to it. Plus, a little jetlag helped my way in catching up with this drama *covers her face*. Anyway, if you haven’t seen Who Are You School 2015, I think you should consider adding it to your drama watch list. I am so dead focus on Eun Byeol/Bi and So Yeong I actually, for the first time, doesn’t care who will Byeol choose for her boyfriend. Seriously, the boys are cute but I got my eyes on these girls. They made Who Are You School 2015 so real!


Currently Watching: Come! Jang Bo Ri

Come!_Jang_Bo-Ri-p1So, it’s been awhile since I saw long episode weekend dramas. I’ve been avoiding it like plagues lately simply because I have too many daily dramas on my plate. Plus, long weekend dramas are usually angsty! I can’t handle angsty much, and if you are the type of watchers that need hand holding, this drama isn’t for you. I need hand holding in this drama. I have been cussing like a mad soldier, chingus! This drama is not good for my health and emotional being, yet…. YET I’m so addicted to it! Why kdrama Lords, whyyyyy? If I’m to describe it as a metaphor, it is as delicious as bitter gourd! Ya, exactly! I have been paying this drama closed attention when it was airing. I was partial to even begin coz I just don’t like the poster drama! Yeah, I judge book by its cover… So what? *sneers*


Guess who influenced me to watch Come! Jang Bo Ri? Who else but none other my daily sisters, Bel and Lena! But guess what? They are done and left me hanging alone! T_____T Fine, fine, I’ll gather up all my fats and energies for this show. I’m dying to know the ending anyway even though, somehow, it is predictable. But the journey to the end will not be smooth. I will remain a flipping cussing girl throughout the show. My only buckle that keeps me from cussing out loud? My son, A. Yeah, I can’t do it in front of him. When I do feel like it, I will make a fist and flip a finger on my back! Yeah, this show is nasty and be prepare for it, chingus!


Come! Jang Bo Ri is a 52 episode drama. Yikes, they extended it by 2 more episodes? I guess it was THAT good, eh?  I’m impressed but this means I have 30 episodes to go! *rolls eyes*. Fine, fine… I’ll watch. So what’s Come! Jang Bo Ri is about? It’s about Bo Ri, of course! She went missing one night after caught in a fight between her mom’s selfish drive to be the next heir to Bo Ri’s grandmother’s imperial Korean traditional tailor and designer hanbok center. Bo Ri was adopted unwillingly by Min Jung’s mom. Min Jung on the other hand grew up poorly but with great ambitious to remove herself from poverty by getting adopted by, unexpectedly and coincidentally, Bo Ri’s parents. Min Jung is one vicious girl, she will do nothing to pursue her goal. Basically, she’s the mastermind of pathological liar! But to be honest though, nothing is wrong her goal. We all need to be ambitious, right? But Min Jung is a little bit nasty though. She was so determined to get what she wants that she willingly cut her ties with her own mother. Bo Ri was brought up well prior to being adopted by Min Jung’s mom. Before she went missing, she was hit by Min Jung’s mom’s truck and caused her a permanent damage to her head including losing her memories of her past.


The time jump brought us to the adult Min Jung and Bo Ri. Min Jung became crazier and will do anything to stop Bo Ri from rising above her. Bo Ri was trained by Ok Soo in making hanbok. Because of her memory loss, she doesn’t know that Ok Soo is her aunt and Ok Soo couldn’t recognize her own niece. Min Jung was trained in clothes designing by but her wish is to replace the missing daughter for her sponsor, Bo Ri’s real parents. In turn, she switched her focus to be hanbok maker. She successfully convinced her sponsor to accept her to become hanbok student. Though it was too late and they hesitant to accept her, Min Jung’s twisted words was so convincing even her sponsor parents couldn’t say no to her.

1401069405-Jang-Bo-Ri-Is-Here-ep12-590by330 (1)

Come! Jang Bo Ri is definitely makjang. It has been awhile since I saw makjang dramas and this show have all the makjang cliches from birth secret to amnesia to revenge and to whatever that will come to my plate. Yes, I have seen 22 episodes but so far, despite the makjang-ness, the show can be super funny and romantic too. You heard me, right! When it is funny, it sure IS really, really funny. But heh, there are some stoooooopid moments too. *shrugs* It can’t be perfect, right? For those who love nitty gritty, cuss induced drama, Come! Jang Bo Ri is the one for you!


Currently Watching: Fated To Love You


Before I start this post, let’s start with the biggest laugh you can ever come out with! Hana, deul, set…! Laugh! Laugh as loud as you can, as crazy as you can! Make sure someone could hear it, okay? MUAHAHAHA! Again! MUAHAHAHA! * wipes tears from laughing*. Now that we get it out of our system, let’s focus on my number one romantic comedy of 2014! Fated To Love You! Is it too soon to judge? I mean… August is almost over. What other romcom can beat this show? It’s okay, I’m biased and this is my #1 show for this summer *wink*.

collageFated To Love You is a remake of Taiwanese drama of the same name. I’ve never seen the original and have no desire to watch it at all. It’s Taiwanese drama for heaven’s sake. We all know how crazy it must have been. Even my Kakao girlfriends said nooooo when I asked if I should consider watching that version. They said it turned to something else on the second half of the show. Yeap, am not surprised at all. And surprisingly, the Korean version of Fated did not follow the original plot, it steer away midway of the series. Thank heaven *wipes sweat*. I do not want to be trapped in a crazy drama. I don’t want to be cheated.


Back to this drama. Where should I even begin? Too many cuteness! Too many funny scenes! Too many laughs produced since the starting of this show! If the God of Laughs ever short of laughs, He should just watch Fated To Love You. I’ll guarantee He will not be running out of laughs for century! The OTP, which I never had fate and doubt since the beginning, prove me wrong tremendously. I had a bad start with Jang NaRa. I first saw her in Baby Beauty Face. I thought she was such a weak link in that drama, next to Daniel Choi. He really trumped her big time. But in Fated, her weak-and-sort-of-shaky personality (kinda like sweet chihuahua minus feisty character) really works for her! And as for Jang Hyuk, I don’t recall he ever does romcom. And he too choked me in a good way! *laughs* So the odd pairing are fated for each other it seems! I approve! *thumbs up*


Fated To Love You is presented to us as a couple of unexpectedly falling for each other after they had an accidental one night stand. They were united through there a bun in her oven. But the wedding was treated as a contract which sadly drove Kim Mi Young away from him. Lee Gun, a chaebol of the nth generation, already has someone in mind. But after his marriage to Mi Young, the post-it note girl, he found himself slowly falling for Mi Young as she is towards him. The process of falling in love feels so real in my opinion. I’ve never seen such drama that turns me to a believer. A true L.O.V.E believer. Jang Hyuk convinced me that Gun is really falling for Mi Young. I was speechless when I saw the sparks in his eyes. Wow. Bravo Jang Hyuk. You turned everyone, even anti-fan, to fans! *salute*


*giggles* By now you probably guess what I would say, right? Neh, majayo yeoreobun. This show is daebak. Jang Hyuk and Jang NaRa are daebak. The show is daebak. This 20-episode drama is nearly over. I saw episode 16 yesterday and the couple was united again through fate. But will she embrace him and put her trust on love again? I sure hope so. I want my happy ending. And I want to be as happy as the OTP. MUAHAHAHA.