Currently Watching: Argon


Yes, I am working on my To Watch List and Argon is one of them. I decided to pick it up this week as I knew my heart is finally ready to face Kim Joo Hyuk. His death was untimely and my heart sank by it. It is not even two years yet but I feel that I am finally ready to face his face. And Argon got so much great reputation from my tlist. It would be sad if I don’t pick this show up. I have always loved an investigative journalist theme drama. It sparks my intellectual interest since I am not that intellectual in the first place *laughs*. Plus, since it is only 8 episodes long and is available on Netflix, I don’t see why I should delay my watch. Right?

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Just Watched: My P.S. Partner


I have been meaning to watch this movie for the longest time. I finally had the time to watch when I was in the middle of nowhere in Bangladesh with a poor internet connection. This movie came in handy just because… I realized when I first started it, I was on the plane and my phone (yes, I was watching from my tiny screen) was visible to everyone. Ooops… that raunchy scene during the first 30 minutes got me shook a bit! Sorry, peeps!

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