Just Watched: Designated Survivor: 6o Days


Honestly, I never thought of falling for Designated Survivor: 60 Days this much. I never heard of the original one until I started this drama. I am considering now after being so engrossed with the Korean version. I don’t do political drama and when I do, it mostly sageuk kind. So it is refreshing to watch modern politics in a drama. I was on the fence starting it but got super addicted as soon as I started the first episode. Never would I thought I would love it so much. I just completed the last episode and A and I cried because of the ending. I am hoping that this show will get a second season. But will it?

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Currently Watching: Mr. Sunshine


Believe it or not, this is the only drama I am currently watching! Yes, my life has gone nuts with all the travels I have been doing it since June! It is not over yet! I am flying out in the next three weeks. At this point, if I want to start any, I must start ongoing dramas that close to be done. I really do not have the time to squee with my Tlists and it sadden me. I never thought my life would end up this way. I might pick up short Japanese dramas to watch soon.

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Just Watched: Life on Mars


Wow! I mean whoa wow!!!! When I started this drama, I did not know what to expect. All I know was that I have to watch it because of Jung Kyung Ho. He is one helluva great actor and he never disappoints me. Once again, his performance in Life on Mars is as magnificent as his other dramas. I still have not seen all of his work *shame on me* but I know for sure that I really need to watch his Time Between Dog and Wolf. Bel has been telling me many times but I don’t know why I delay it for this long. I know I will regret it once I start watching it.

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Currently Watching: The Royal Gambler aka Jackpot


So I started my post and I forgot all about it… And since it was saved on my work laptop, I am not going to complain and decided to rewrite it. This post is definitely overdue. The Royal Gambler (aka Jackpot) has done airing and I placed this drama on hold because I wanted to finish blogging it before enjoying the last 5 episodes. I noticed that there are not many people on my Twitter timeline watching it. I wonder why… Is it because of Jang Geun Seuk? Or no one is interested in this drama? Hmmm… *rubs chin*


Jackpot has been on my radar ever since I found out that Jang Geun Seuk is in it. I’m fond of his acting so I wanted to watch this because of him. I have never seen him  in sageuk drama and I thought this is my chance to see him before he gets enlisted. Seriously, I’m so thankful that I am because the story is captivating and awesome. I’m not a history buff so what I saw, sadly, I believe in it. I should check the fact but too lazy to do so *shrugs*. Anyway, I’m entertained by Jackpot. Every time I watch the show, I pray that the show will not end. I find it so amusing and interesting. Plus, I have never seen this side of Geun Seuk before. He really put his pretty face aside and not afraid to dive down into dirt and mud.


This 24 episodes drama received an average rating of 8/10 on MDL. I am quite happy with that. The show did go a bit crazy and unrealistic midway but the performances by the casts remain top notch. Well, except for Im Ji Yeon. Her performance isn’t bad. I nicknamed her the second Jin Se Yeon *giggle*. Anyway, what I dislike about Jackpot is the repetitive plots. I know this is common among period drama but you know what, these directors need a wake-up call. Why? Repetitive plots bore us to death and it is not only waste our time, it resulted to some of us to drop the show! C’mon, PD-nim… Learn from it!


*clears throat* now that’s out of my system, let’s focus a bit on the story. It was sad in the beginning. Dae Gil had a tough life. He was born premature and got thrown out of the palace because the King believe he was the cause of drought and believed that the boy is not his child. The Queen’s ex-husband took Dae Gil and raised him as his own thinking that Dae-Gil IS his own son. Pardon me if you got confused a bit because I totally skip the history between the Queen, the King, and the Queen’s ex-husband. Dae Gil life went mayhem as he was raised by his dad as a gambler. He won a few but lost too many. Dae Gil continuously challenged by Lee In Jwa. Dae Gil had to gamble his life and realized that In Jwa is correct all along. But deep down, he doubts In Jwa’s intention but unable to dodge him. For now.


Meanwhile, In Jwa resented the King. Why? He believes the throne is his after what happened to his family. He uses Dam Seo and brainwashed her into thinking that the King caused the death of her father. In Jwa has a purpose. He keeps Dae Gil closer to him because he knows the boy’s royalty background. Right now, the combination of raising Dam Seo as an assassin, starting a fire between Dae Gil and Prince Yeo Ning, and keeping Dae Gil under the dark is In Jwa’s weapon to achieve his dream. To kill the King Suk Jong.


See? What did I tell you? This show is fascinating had the writer and PD did not screw it up with repetitive and silly plots. But I would still recommend Jackpot. The story is very engaging. The performance is superb. The OST is wonderful! The cinematography is beautiful. To hear this from a saguek hater, Jackpot really is amazing. Again, I have to emphasize that Jang Geun Seuk’s performance is unbelievably great! The show may make no sense to you, so please be prepare if you decided to watch it. Overall, I highly recommend The Royal Gambler. *wipes sweat* Now if you excuse me, I’m going to finish this show. If you don’t hear from by Wednesday, you know I’m somewhere in the corner crying… T____T


Currently Watching: Oh My Venus


I felt pressured when so many people are watching Oh My Venus and I was not. I really wanna be in the crowd. I wanted the attention too *giggles*. Plus, the anticipated pairing of Shin Min Ah with So Ji Sub is something that no one should missed. But I think it got a bit out of hands. I’m surprised that there are some that are not a fan of this pairing. Some finds Shin Min Ah boring. *hands on cheeks* Oh my God, really? I never thought I would hear this. Min Ah boring? Wow, I did not see that coming! And then I met a few that flat out told me that they don’t find gangsta oppa Ji Sub attractive. Whoa whoa, say that again? That is so not ganji, people! Really? Sure, oppa can be a bit….. older but to find him unattractive? Hmmmm…. *rubs chin*x6hxqRBOh_My_Venus-SJSBut, but… if you don’t like them, there are SuJu’s adorableness Henry who constantly referring Min Ah’s character Kang Joo Eun as ma’am (now I really want a cute adorableness to follow me around and call me ma’am too!) and hunky Noble, My Love Sung Hoon *bats lashes*. Yoo In Young is back as well though I never like in any of her so called “villain” characters. I don’t get why she’s drawn to such foolish and weak second lead. And of course, Jung Gyu Woon is back. I think the show has solid cast but all depends on the presentation and story plots, right? RIGHT!so-ji-sub-super-junior-ms-henry-and-sung-joon-prepare-to-train-shin-min-ah-in-oh-my-venusWhen I started Oh My Venus, I thought to myself, what is this? Why am I not drawn to it one bit? If not because of Henry’s ma’am here and ma’am there, I think I would have quit this show. Jjinja, I was not hooked. Even until now, I’m not so into it. I’m fed up with the OTP playing rookie in love for the past 10 years… I mean 10 episodes. Seriously, the writer should know better. These actors are not in their cute teens anymore, so to act cheesy cute at this age can be awkward. Thankfully these two are darling to me so I found them terribly attractive. But at some point though, enough is enough. “Your body is mine” can be translated into numerous meanings in your head, depending on the time of day or month!CVWtJocU8AAoA-Ofullsizephoto653262

Do I sound harsh? I guess I am because I’m a bit disappointed with the ruckus the writer is throwing at us. We have been waiting for the OTP to be on the same screen for gazillion years and what we got? Blahhhhh. Don’t get me wrong, we got great chemistry with the OTP and the men! I’m just… I should shut up before someone smack me in the face. But anyway, what Oh My Venus is all about? So we got So Ji Sub as Kim Yeong Ho or aka John Kim. He lives in the US,  *rolls eyes* and a well-known Hollywood trainer. He and his minions escaped the US one day due to a cruel rumor that he was dating a famous actress. On his way back to Seoul, he met Kang Joo Eun in an awful situation. Kang Joo Eun happened to be in the US on her work assignment. One her way home, she took a strong alcohol with medicine and she suffered a massive illness that made her suffered a massive chest attack. So who came to rescue our damsel in distress? None other than our knight in shining armor! *giggle*8672f53dd858c15b23f9dccb5a3c94a4Kang Joo Eun is in an off-and-on relationship with Im Woo Sik. Joo Eun has put on weight since they started and now in dire need of losing those weight. Woo Sik officially and finally left her for Soo Jin, a once overweight gal she’s now super slender and thin, and also Joo Eun’s new boss. So you can imagine how much her ego is hurting! Just coincidentally, she keeps bumping to John Kim. She doesn’t know his identity and nor him to her. But one day she found his card and thought Ji Woong is John Kim. She went to his place and beg him to help her lose her weight. To revenge against Woo Sik, of course! But what she ended finding was Yeong Ho is the real John Kim!12232832_1668178280096346_8573876116105751732_oThe encounter between the two are funny and he had helped her big time. Along with getting her on a diet, they both developed a healthy relationship as well. But… BUT there is a catch! Yeong Ho never disclosed to Joo Eun his real identity and when she found out, she immediately feel that she is not his match. The money gap is too big and Joo Eun knows her place well. shin-min-ah-and-so-ji-sub-become-unlikely-fitness-partners-in-oh-my-venusHow would Oh My Venus ends? I just started episode 11 and 5 episodes away to the ending. Would these two able to go through their differences in health, wealth and status gap and survive their relationship? I think they will, don’t you think? I can’t wait to see the ending but I really hope that the writer will stop toying with us and treat us with dignity. I would watch Oh My Venus as my fluffy filler drama or marathon it on my day off. It is painful to watch it live. I feel that my time is wasted. Sorry chingu, I blame the writer *shrugs*Oh My Venus

Currently Watching: Liar Game


By the power of my own will and of course powered by my two drama support system, namely Bel and Lena (yes, my goddesses of dramas), I started Liar Game today. I’m behind them and will remain behind unless I sneak quietly and watch it while Lena is in bed *evil laughs*. Yeah, I can be a little naughty, right? Christmas is over and I have a year to redeem myself *giggles*. So I heard this drama is based on Japanese manga of the same title and they have a drama for it too but I’m not sure if there are sequel after the first title. Many of my friends have seen it. Most of them raved about it, a few didn’t because of the complicated plots. I typically don’t go for this kind of drama style coz I love to be entertained, and not to think too much while watching it. But sure, lately as I’m aging, I love the challenges of such dramas. I have been watching some mind games drama lately so it came to no surprise that I decided to go for Liar Game.


This drama recently wrapped up the show and it was a huge success to many watchers though the ratings were not as good. Some even said it was made better than the Japanese one. Wow, isn’t that a good news? I’m currently at episode 5 and happy to say, see above para, that I have bypassed the ladies! *pops the champagne* I decided that I could finish this overnight since the show is 12 episodes long. Yeah, you heard me. Only 12 episodes! You know what that means, right? Perfect for marathon, and by ideal kind as well!


So, since I have very tiny time and I do not want to waste my time much blogging because you know… *wiggles brows* I have something important to watch aka Liar Game, I’ll give you a quick review of my understanding of this drama. The key to watch Liar Game is to “don’t trust anyone”. You hear me? Do NOT trust anyone! Sure, Bel jolted my memory a bit but my suspicious is growing. Da Jung, the main lead, was tested one day when an old woman trusted her with her luggage while she goes somewhere (heh, I missed this part). She waited and waited for this grandma to come back to get her luggage but she never showed up. Curious, she wondered what was in that heavy bag? She zipped up and found a huge lump sum of money. Innocently, she took the bag home and slept with it on her bed. The next morning, she decided to do the right thing by handing over the money to the police. She needed that money to pay off her dad’s debt but being a good silly girl she is, she thinks being a honest person is the right thing to do. Her loan shark-turned-bestie followed her to the precinct and tried to convince her that keeping the goodies is the way to go. She was stopped half way through by an officer and before she could say anything, she realized the money was part of a test of a reality game called… Liar Game! *cue horror song*


This game reminded me of Blood Royale meets Hunger Games. However, there is no death involved. Only backstabbing! Ouch but it is the truth. When comes to money, everyone is hungry for it. Oh believe me, I could be hungry for it too! So what’s next? I finished the game scene and I already knew the winner but if you wanna know, watch it! Now, I’m at the after-the-game story and the plots thicken now. They are exposing more inside stories such as how Da Jung’s dad got into a heavy debt, why an ex-convict Professor Ha (one of the contestant – a handsome one) was arrested and what is their relationship with Kang Do Yeong, the host and contributor to the jackpot. Now, I have my mission. This show is very engaging. It’s a mind game but one helluva awesome slick mind game. Liar Game is a must watch, I highly recommend it! Now off me go to watch back…