Just Dropped: Hwarang 


KBS’s anticipated winter drama, Hwarang, started last year. I, along with the fangirls of the world, was really looking forward to this show. One of the reasons why this show got so many raves was the cast. They reminded me of Moon Lover, a group of handsome young (and hot) men in their mane of glory dressed in what appears to be Joseon-style pirate like. Also, the vibe that I got where modern music meets modern Joseon world certainly reminded me of The Knight’s Tale time even though the story lines are pretty much different.


Let me be frank. The reason I was drawn to Hwarang was because of Park Hyung Sik. Yup, he’s my one and only intention. I do like Park Seo Joon but he does nothing to my heart. Go Ara, no matter how pretty she is, is not my ideal babe. I don’t know; I just don’t feel her chemistry with the men. Furthermore, she annoyed me big time. I really despise her weak character. Now please, do not judge me because I only saw up to episode 10. She could be the weakest link in the beginning but who knows by now she is back stronger and more confident.


The story, too, weirded me out. When Park Seo Joon’s character, Moo Yung, pretended to be Ah Ro’s (Go Ara) brother when clearly he is not her long-lost, blood brother I sort of feeling uneasy. And then when the two developed some feelings yet suppress it because, ya know, they are “siblings” got me feeling really barfy. Ok, clearly Moo Yung knows they are not related. But Ah Ro though… she was attracted to him. Granted that she continuously reminded herself that her feeling is wrong, I still could not and would not accept it. *sigh* I am sure they have taken care of this misunderstanding. I am sure the two lovebirds feel relieved. But I wonder if Ah Ro felt cheated by her dad. It was her dad’s idea for Moo Yung to pretend to be her brother. They did it all to protect her. But really, she’s a big girl! I am sure she could take care of her own feeling…


Hyung Sik’s character as the snobbiest, arrogant, and blunt Maek Jong is really sad. He was forced to hide his identity as the next King. I don’t know why his mom refuses to acknowledge him. Is she power hunger? Why did he agree to her request? Maek Jong retaliated and joined Hwarang, an elite group of Knights. Maek Jong was not supposed to join but as he was so angry with his cuckoo’s mom, he entered the group as his way of revenge. Of course his mom was shocked! And she could not say anything out of fear leaking his, as well as hers, secret.


Now, the story itself is interesting. The drama, as I remember, is pretty funny. So why I dropped it? I don’t know… I just can’t past the cheesiness. For some reason, it feels as if I am watching Boys Over Flower. In addition, I have been so behind in my watch and decided to sacrifice Hwarang. I might watch the last two episodes just for my closure. But would I recommend it? Ya know, I can’t say I could. I had problems with Ah Ro so I most likely not recommend it. Sorry… (not sorry)


Currently Watching: Laurel Tree Tailors


Wow, it must be something in the water with KBS right now. They continue to produce great weekend family drama. Five Children was a great hit! I enjoyed it so much! If I could rewatch, I would! I was skeptical with Laurel Tree Tailors simply because of the title! And the drama poster was not to my liking. Like Five Children, I waited for reactions on the Twitter before I started it. The reviews were extremely favorable. I knew immediately that it is a cue for me to stat it. And frankly, 46 episodes later, this show does not fail me at all. Bravo to KBS. Again, the next drama has a big shoe to fill in!


Where do I even begin with this show? Unlike Blow Breeze, this show makes me laugh. A lot! I did not like the beginning, though. It started a meh. This drama started with Man Sool, the president and owner of the Laurel Tree Tailors shop. He decided to run away from his family and his work and left his family in disarray. I thought it was a very bold yet selfish move by him. Needless to say, though, his disappearance united the family together. His apprentice Sam Do moved back to the city to run the tailor shop. His once arrogant son divorced his wife and started working in the shop, too. Yeon Shil, the junior apprentice, worked her hardest to escape her almost marriage to Gi-Pyo, a gangster she owed her life to. Tae Yang, Yeon Shil’s friend, struggled after his girlfriend left him for a wealthy man. Lastly, Tae Pyung, once a famous singer had to face his reality that he is no longer known to people.


All these five characters unite because of Laurel Tree Tailors. The plots and twists in this drama really made it really enjoyable. Yes, it has some frustrating moments but it is way better than any other family and daily dramas. The coupling in this show is to die for. They all have their own dynamics. Sam Do and his bossy wife Sun Nyeo are the hardest couples to watch. Sun Nyeo is older than Sam Do and wanted a child. But he constantly avoiding her because really, she really is an embarrassment to him. Physically and mentally. Dong Jin fell for the apprentice, Yeon Shil. Of course, he did not fall for her immediately. He called her pretentious while all she ever wanted was to get along with her master’s son. Tae Yang had the hardest love life. His ex-girlfriend dumped him for a rich man who hired him just to torment him. He found love unexpectedly. Through his ex’s boyfriend’s sister! Small world, isn’t it? And lastly, our talented Tae Pyung. Dong Jin’s sister, Dong-Sook has been a fan of his music since she was in her 20s. She’s been so supportive of Tae Pyung. The road to their coupling hit a roadblock when her mom hooked her up with a self-made stingy, rich man.



The side characters’ stories are as entertaining as the main leads. I really can’t find any other way to hate them. And I really can’t give you any reasons to hate this drama. The only thing I dislike was that the show got extended by another 4 episodes. I don’t know what the reason was but I am actually okay. I haven’t seen this week’s episodes but I am certainly looking forward to it. I know some watchers are sick of the main couple, Dong Jin and Yeon Shil by now. I am not but I do get it. Her loyalty is questionable, sometimes. My favorite couple of the bunches is Tae Yang (aka Kang star) and Hyo Won. I look forward to their scenes all the time! And his proposal to her was to die for. I will never eat cotton candy the same way anymore.

Laurel Tree Tailors, or known to others as The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop, is a must watch family drama. I will seriously miss this show when it ends. Really, the show really brightens up my weekend. Yes, I am a fan of family weekend dramas. I may sound bias but hey, I think it is worth a shot. You won’t be disappointed! If you do *pouts*, please holla me!

Currently Watching: Twenty Again


I’m giddy today. Twenty Again is making me super crazy happy! Wae? Because the main character, Ha No Ra, is taking charge of her life completely! Just like me!!!! Taking charge of my life! I’m all for girl power! Wow, Twenty Again is another awesome production by tvN! I know, I’m just super excited right now and I’m not even through the first paragraph! This drama is so wonderful and energizing I even tweeted Bel to watch it! Aaaaggghhhh and I just completed episode 8! I’m so giddy! Too giddy to even type this post! Just look at his face! Yeap, I just can’t help but to screen shot that face! He was shocked! He was surprised! He was proud! The man is proud!!!! And for the first time, in a loooooooong time, he’s in love again! *squee*


Was that too immature of me? I told you I was giddy! Omo, I think I’ve overused the word giddy too many times today! Who cares! Giddy, giddy, giddy!!!! *claps* *squee* Oh my god, I feel like I’m dreaming right now! *giggle*. What makes it even better? The fact that the lead actress, Ha No Ra took over her life back and said yes to her hub’s ultimatum divorce? Wow, I was blown away by what she said! Do it! Yes, go for divorce! It is not the end of the world! Take that, sucker!

20again 1

And here is No Ra, the woman in control, who said (not her exact words but…) “Go ahead sucker, go ahead and divorce me. I will still go to school!” Muahahahhahahhahaha! I was clapping and laughing so hard! She said it so confidently that she needs no reinforcement (aka her bestie) to back her up this time. I believe her self-confident has skyrocketed so high even her sucker husband was blown away by it! After all, she is no longer the housewife he’s known for the past 20 years!

20 again 2

So now you know why am I so giddy? She’s in control! She’s in power! She finally snapped out of it! After years of being behind the scene, aka serving her manipulative-yet-acting-as-an-angel evil hub Professor Kim Woo Cheol, Ha No Ra finally decided to be in charged of her life by finishing what she had left in the first place: getting her life back and earn a degree. She decided to go back to school secretly even though her idea was shot down by her husband and son. No Ra and her husband have been living separately under the same roof for the sake of their son. And he’s been blackmailing her that if she ever crosses the separation terms that they’ve agreed on, she will lose her store (I didn’t quite get the name but I think it is the store that belongs to her grandma). On the surface, her husband did not portray himself as a typical bad jerk but eventually his true evil started to emerge when NoRa caught him with another woman. Her identity was revealed to us as one of NoRa’s professors but she doesn’t know. Yet. *wiggles brows* 


And one of NoRa’s other professors is Cha Hyun Suk, her school mate who once had a major crush on her. But when he found out that NoRa was pregnant and got married to that sucker Professor Kim, Hyun Suk became extremely upset and left to Russia for his studies. NoRa moved to Germany with her husband so he can completed his studies while she ends up alone with their only son. Hyun Suk may have thought she had a great life because she did not come back for her grandma’s funeral but in reality, she couldn’t afford to go home at all. I have yet to know the reason as it was only revealed on episode 8 but she publicly thanked him for being at her grandma’s funeral. Her grateful towards him was beautifully done, in my opinion. I even shed a few tears… It felt really sincere and genuine.


Twenty Again is a 20-episode drama that debunk the myth that your life will end after divorce. I know how NoRa feels. I would feel lost as well had I not have a great support and to be honest, I too, will be as scared as her to move on with life on my own. Twenty Again brings a great message to us. We CAN move on after divorce. We WILL move on. What I love the most about this show other than great acting, except for….. the kids as NoRa’s son and his yoeja chingu, is the script. The pun. The punch. The lines are so daebak they really poke us at the right spot! Believe me, you will feel so good hearing it! I highly recommend Twenty Again if you have not see it. And if you are watching it, isn’t Twenty Again another must see drama for this year? *wink*


Currently Watching: Kill Me, Heal Me


Oh my, my, my… Where do I even begin? All I wanna say is thank the Lord/God that Lee Seung Gi and Hyun Bin turned the main lead role down! I was so devastated at first when the production has little over a month to find their OTP. When I heard Ji Sung oppa accepted the role, I was relieved. But then, the game of who will be his leading lady started. Not in my wildest imagination that Hwang Jung Eum would be his partner-in-crime once again. The minute I heard her name I immediately nodded. Yes, yes… Why didn’t I think of that? She can be annoying and irritating but I still love her. She works well with Ji Sung in Secret and I know she will do good in Kill Me, Heal Me too. Despite some painful screeching screams from her on the first several episodes, I still don’t mind it. And despite how she overreacted and overacted as well? *folds arm* still don’t mind! I have accepted her wacky characters especially in Full House 2 and I know she will do the same here. For those who can’t stand her, I’m so sorry. How about just accept her for who she is? The SK netizens love her so you have no choice but to love her too! *winks*


I started Kill Me, Heal Me 3 weeks after its airing date and I am glad I did. This show is definitely my current krack at the moment! I usually don’t discuss any dramas once I’m done watching the episode but I found myself continue discussing it after hours. I’m so well immersed and absorbed into Kill Me, Heal Me that I even put a lot of thought into it. Now mind you that I watch dramas for my entertainment and blog it just to let you all know whether it is worth watching it. And if you read my post carefully, I hardly put much thought into it because a) I’m not a professional drama/movie critics and b) my opinion is very shallow. *shrugs* but you know what, I’m going to maintain my shallowness in this post because really… I am *giggles*. But I do wanna emphasize one thing and that is the way Ji Sung portrays Cha Do Hyun and his 7 personalities (even though I have yet to meet Na Na and Mister X). ON POINT! I don’t know any actors could do such great work as Ji Sung! To be honest, I think he deserves an Oscar! I’m not kidding!


Kill Me, Heal Me is a story of Cha Do Hyun and his 7 personalities he developed after traumatic experience he faced during his childhood. His different personalities are extreme characters and unlike Do Hyun at all. The only trouble is that one of his personality is quite dominant he (Se Gi) could take over Do Hyun anytime. It can be scary but Do Hyun is so chicken sh*t at times that made Se Gi unable to sit still and take in charge of the life instead. Oh Ri Jin is a new residence psychiatrist that suddenly caught up in between his personalities. Se Gi has his own charms and he made her fall for him but she later realized she met Do Hyun’s crazy personality. Their fate collided more and more which prompts Do Hyun to hire her as his “Secret Doctor” to care for him and his illness. On the other hand, Ri Jin’s brother, Ri On is a writer who secretly have been following Do Hyun around ready to unveil his rich lifestyle and background. The only problem is that Ri On hold a secret key that could lead him to be related to Do Hyun in secret life. From what I know, Ri On is in love with his sister, Ri Jin. No no no, this is not an incest as later on we found out that they have no blood connection but when he found out that she has been living secretly with Do Hyun instead of attending a 3-month course at the John Hopkins University, he started to be wary and pissy and the jealousy is growing. Now the question is… what exactly happened in the past that lead to this mess?

Korean drama Kill Me, Heal Me screenshot-1

Ok, did I just sound too serious all of a sudden? *waves hands* Please, please do NOT take me so seriously! This show is a rom-com! It’s funny as hell! I laughed so hard with all the characters! I have yet to meet NaNa but she supposed to be a cutesy little girl. And I have yet to meet Mr. X as well and who knows when will we meet him. Yo Na is a crazy teenage girl and all she cares are makeup, clothes and boys (and of course, she fell for Ri On) (she licked his picture on Ri Jin’s cell, and so he is now hers!). Yo Sub is a 17 year old, suicidal boy yet he’s super smart and sensitive. I actually like Yo Sub coz he is quite mature for himself. And then we have Perry Park, an expert is bomb making. Perry Park appears to be a middle age ahjusshi and he loves to wear anything flowery – so if you wanna give him a gift, I highly recommend Hawaiian shirt *giggles*. And then we have Se Gi. He is a sexy beast! But he is the most dominant one of all of Do Hyun’s crazy personalities. To be honest, a lot of people including I could fall for him. His gaze is just too hot to resist! *fans self*. Ok, did I miss another one? *scratches head*


This currently airing drama still has 5 weeks to go! I wonder how it will be for the next 1o episodes to come. Really yeoreobun, the first 10 episodes were so entertaining and fun I find myself constantly rewatching them over and over. My favorite episode so far? #8! Do Hyun’s sssssshhhhh gesture when he and his secretary unveiled to Ri Jin among other secret duties that she was not aware as his doctor really was effortlessly sexy! So yeoreobun, Kill Me, Heal Me is a must watch! MUST! Don’t even think about skipping it, it is the bomb show! What a way to start your 2015 drama!



Currently Watching: Night Watchman’s Journal


My sageuk resolution continues with the Night Watchman’s Journal. This is my second sageuk for this year. I’ve completed my first, Joseon Gunman, and my third, King’s Daughter. When I started watching Watchman, I hesitated again. The show was all cool and full of Hollywood effect, but it didn’t grasp me as hard as other viewers. I hesitated to continue and once considered quitting it. But I was encouraged not to quit… And to be honest, I hate quitting show. I don’t wanna be a quitter. It just look so bad on my drama resume *shrugs*. So I went on… and on and on and here I am, 16 episodes later I’m stoked over the show! What makes it even better? I got my son hooked on it too! He’s so intrigued by the black smoke, the evil spirit (I’m trying not to teach him the word “ghost” as he’s been telling me there’s a ghost on our deck at night – NOT), Sadam (as he referred to whitey bad dude) and the fighting scenes. And me? Other than the show? I’m loving Il Woo’s character, of course!


So this fusion-like sageuk is very interesting. Very cowboy-ish, very fantasy like, very complicated characters (reminded me so much of Inspiring Generation), and very fresh! The mystery behind the wing-less dragon (my hub said they portrayed it correctly as this is how East Asian historians would describe their version of dragon) is fascinating. The black smoke reminded me of ABC’s Lost. Copycat? Oh well, just a tiny concept. Amuden, Night Watchman’s Journal is one-of-a-kind out-of-this-world historical style drama that is not historical at all. It just happened that this drama is set as a period drama.


Regarding with the number of episodes… Yeah, can I say I don’t know? *laughs*. AsianWiki has it at 24 episodes whereas MDL at 20 episodes. Regardless, we are still watching it, right? This is the story of Prince Lee Rin, the direct line to the throne but due to the death of his parents, he was sent to live outside palace. The prince is a rebel but has a cool side to him. He can see ghosts since he was a kid. Now, the country is led by his pathetic schizophrenic half brother.  Rin joined forces with his bestie, Moo Seok, and a newfound friend Do Ha, to seek out the truth that happened in the palace. I called them the sageuk ghostbusters! *laughs* They called themselves the night watchman. Anyway, their main target is Sadam. Sadam is the responsible person that caused all the negative energies in the town and was the reason for the death of Rin’s parents (indirectly to his mom). The goal is to get rid of Sadam once and for all. The dumb King unfortunately is controlled by psychic Sadam. So is the Prime Minister and been feeding dirty thoughts that he could help the Minister to be the King. Aiyayayay…


So the sageuk ghostbusters mission is now to wipe all the bad energies aka ghosts that linger around the town. Sadam had been feeding himself with these energies and his goal is to release the dragon the late King took in in the earlier episode. Correct me if I’m wrong. Like I said, I still couldn’t follow the story well… Somehow my brain is refusing to get it LOL. But in general, this is an awesome show. I like the action and how the story is quite engaging even though I’m still lost. I’m not helping, am I? Well, just watch it *wink*. The romance? Don’t count on it. It’s almost nonexistence! The bromance? Well, would a sleep over between Rin and his BFF helps to get you watch it? *growing horns* I feel so evil right now!