Just Watched: God of War


Saw this movie last Sunday on Netflix. The opening got me curious. It looks very Hongkish. Needless to say, D and I were right. The movie employed few Hong Kong stars. Not that we are against it, but it weirds us out because of their heavy Cantonese accent so when they spoke Mandarin, it sounded off. It may sound fine to you if you are not familiar with the language. Anyway…

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Just Watched: Once Upon A Time


Well, peeps…. I checked out Once Upon A Time. I saw it. I chewed it. And I’m spitting out my *beep* opinion in here. It was terrible! I felt nothing. No reaction at all. They spent gajillion money on CGI and actors but could not get the story right. I knew it would be impossible to cram the stories into an hour and 40 minutes movie. It would make sense if they focus on just the main couple but even that I just think they are incapable of turning the story around. So here how my face looked like the entire time watching the movie…

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Just Dropped: Dragon Hunter


Bel had it on her plex and of course, I got curious. The first minute in and my husband immediately said this movie is bad. Ignoring his advice, my son and I went on with our watch. 20 minutes later, we both looked at each other clueless and embarrassed. This movie is extremely bad. At one point, I felt embarrassed of what appeared to be a girl trying to seduce a man in a quirky, funny yet luscious way. I knew immediately that this spoof movie is not for me. And I knew immediately I will not recommend this movie if you ever encounter it. Just WALK AWAY!!!! DON’T LOOK BACK!


Just Watched: Erased, Seondal & Never Said Goodbye

Yeap, I’m on movie marathon again. Seriously, if not for Bel, I wouldn’t be watching these many movies. I have another movie to watch but currently, my son and I are too absorbed into Indiana Jones series. It will come later… But for now, here are my quick thoughts on the movie I just saw this week.


w3rprqm1_68a104_fErased feels like a time-traveled movie. This 2-hour show tells a story of Satoru, a manga artist by day with a part-time job as a pizza delivery guy. Satoru has this magnificent ability that I wish I have. He’s able to see what is going to happen and turn back the clock to prevent the incident from happening. Literally. Within seconds. But one day, he came home and found his mom was stabbed. He went back 18 years back to figure out who the killer that kills children in which one of the victims, Kayo, was his friend. When he thought he saved Kayo, he realized Kayo remains dead in the present life. He then went back again to figure out what happened. Would his second attempt of saving Kayo eventually saved his mom? This thriller movie is not suspenseful enough but brilliantly acted by Fujiwara Tatsuya, to my opinion. The children scenes were the best part of all. I wish I have the time to read the manga because I am sure not all of the stories get adapted to the movie. I’m a bit hesitant to recommend this drama, to be honest.



I can’t believe what I saw. This movie was hilarious from start to finish! Kudos to the person who wrote the novel that sparks the making of Seondal. I truly enjoyed it! My son and I laughed so hard this morning. This movie is about Seondal – Kim Seon Dal, that is. He cheated life once. With his good looks and partnered with few friends, he became the infamous swindler in the country. He’s able to steal many things and disguise himself as a eunuch, a king, a monk and even as a woman! Trust me, Seung Ho was beautiful as a woman! One day, he and his team decided to steal tobacco from a powerful and notorious merchant, Sung Dae Ryeon. This gets dirtier when on top of that, Chinese is involved in this corrupted trade. Seondal is no hero but being caught in between Dae Ryeon and the Chinese, he indirectly saved his country. The movie was predictable yet enjoyable. I highly recommend this movie!

Never Said Goodbye


Lee Joon Gi in a Chinese movie? Sign me up! And he sounds good in Chinese! I could understand what he said, and not just mumbling the words. Never Said Goodbye was never on my radar until Bel put it up for me to watch. I did not know that Joon Gi would do Chinese movie. Since he’s currently famous as Scarface in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, I don’t mind watching him in a different setting. And truly, Never Said Goodbye is different. Unlike the first two movies I saw, this love story is somewhat confusing. I’m not a fan of a flashback-style movie. The movie is about a Korean exchange student played by Joon Gi, who fell in love with Xiao You, a Shanghainese. The story started with how deeply in love they are but then something happened that prompted them to break up. It was his decision to do so and she could not understand why and her life went spiraling down since he left. And then the movie started to tell us the story of how they met, his life before her, her life before him, and also answered to why he wanted this breakup. It’s hard for me to recommend it since I’m not a fan of back-and-forth plots. Another odd thing is in the beginning, Joon Gi was speaking in Chinese. Later on, he speaks in Korean and the actress in Chinese. It reminds me of Love Me If You Dare. That’s a no-no for me… *sigh*


Just Watched: The Black Devil and The White Prince, One Smile Is Very Alluring, and So I Married An Anti-Fan

Hello! I’m back with yet another three movies I saw in a span of one week. That’s not bad, right? Again, I’m dumbfounded by how I don’t mind watching movies lately. Is this midlife crisis? *laughs* Anyway, here are my quick two cents on the movies! I hope it helps with your watch decision!

The Black Devil and The White Prince


Geez, the title scared the hoot out of me! The poster seems so friendly but with a girl and two boys? I smell traaaaaable! Sure enough, it is a trouble. Yu moved into a dormitory and was stoked to live with Takumi aka the White Prince. But, at the same time, Haruto aka the Black Devil is also living in the same dormitory. Most girls avoid Haruto but always fall for the charming White Prince. Which of course include Yu. But Haruto has a different agenda. He kissed Yu instead as a punishment for defying him. Yeah, out of blue! Yu was startled by him but because of his threaten, she can’t help but obey him. Takumi, on the other hand, pretends to like Yu because he simply wants to annoy Haruto. Gosh, these boys are something else! I gave this movie a 6.5/10 but after tonight, I found out that there is a prequel drama to this movie. That explains it all. I was lost when I saw the movie so now Bel will hunt for the drama. If you decide to watch the movie, make sure you watch the drama first. The ending was unreal. I didn’t expect Yu to go with Haruto despite his aggressive treatment towards her. But you know… Some of us do prefer bad boys, right? *wink*

One Smile Is Very Alluring


If you are watching Love O2O the drama, I’m sure you want to watch the movie version, too. Of course, the drama is too detail whereas the movie isn’t. The story remains the same but the movie was rushed. Well, what is new, right? What I like about the movie is Angelababy as Wei Wei. Compares to Zheng Shuang, Angelababy is more oomph and a better Wei Wei. Gu Man, the writer, portrayed Wei Wei as less girly but more spunk and daring. So I’m surprised when I see Angelababy and she was helluva good. One thing for certain is that Angelababy and Jing Boran are perfect together and so are Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang (but we know Zheng Shuang can’t kiss as good as Angelababy). Overall, I don’t mind watching the movie but since I’m infatuated with Yang Yang, the drama is a better. Also, story development wise, drama is a thumb’s up from me. Every character gets its own scene. The love is more on Love O2O *beams*. But if you ask me who is better, I wish I could cross Angelababy with Yang Yang! Perfect cast!

So I Married An Anti-Fan


This recently aired movie is finally able for us to stream! I was so happy when Bel told me it is up. The movie was so funny. It feels so refreshing to watch it even though I sort of knew how the story will go. Miao Miao is a magazine journalist and was fired from her job. She got fired because she took a photo of a famous Korean superstar in a night club by accident. Hoo Jun forced her employer to fire her. Miao Miao is then determined to ruin his life. This is a cute and lighthearted movie especially if you’re an anti-fan suddenly find yourself falling for a superstar. As an idol, I thought Chan Yeol did a great job for his first movie work. I can definitely see him as a drama chaebol some day. I highly recommend this rom-com movie. If you decide to watch, the handcuff scene is my favorite one! So funny!

Just Watched: The Accidental Detective and Monster Hunt

Hi, peeps! I hope you are doing fine! I’m back with my quick movie reviews. I was able to catch two movies on my route to New Delhi last night. I could have seen more had I not passed out for 10 straight hours on the plane! Yeap, you heard me right. I had issue with my visa that drove me insane and I was literally burnt out from the stress. Well, all good now and here I am lounging in room *beams*. Anyway, check out my post:

The Accidental Detective


The title says it all. Dae Man accidentally became so invested in a case of his friend who was wrongfully accused of murdering his other friend’s wife. Dae Man bothered Detective Mo and worked together to solve the mystery. This movie is on woman hater. The comedic presentation in this movie made is so comfortable that you forgot that the issue is no joke! The whole problem is about men revenging on cheater wives. But to be truthful, at what level should you punish your cheater spouse? Like I said, it is a very sensitive issue presented in a comedy way so you won’t feel THAT offended until you completed the movie. I’m a bit shock by how SK society deal with this issue… Wait, I shouldn’t be shocked. It is South Korea we are talking about… Go see it yourself. Go judge it yourself.

Monster Hunt


Are you ready to hunt for the cutest monster in the universe? This is what Monster Hunt is about! In the beginning, I thought it was an animated movie. It turns out it was a movie of two world – animated and non-animated world collide. I was a bit  bitter when I saw animation scene; I did not expect that! But 5 minutes into the show, I started telling myself that this movie is actually cool. I immediately tweeted to Bel to watch it and she loved it as much as I did. Again, the title says it all. Xiao Lan is a monster hunter. She met Tian Yin by accident while hunting for monsters. One day, while in pursue, Tian Yin was suddenly impregnated with a baby monster. That baby is what every monsters want! Ge Qian Hu wants it for power; Xiao Lan wants it for the price! Xiao Lan sticks to Tian Yin so close to keep an eye on this precious golden whatever baby it is! But both of them became so attached to this “radish” baby and neither one of them want to let it go, especially Tian Yin. Monster Hunt is a must watch movie. It is great entertainment for you and your kid(s). I had a blast watching it that it made me forget that it started with animated scene! Plus Wuba the monster is the most ADORABLE MONSTER you’ve ever seen!!!!!!

Just Watched: Triple Trap, Shaolin & 1911

I feel odd. I don’t typically watch movies of any kind, any genre, and any language. I’m not a fan of movies coz they are too short and sometimes it is hard to catch on the stories and plots. But hey, I did it! I saw three movies on Sunday and was proud of myself. Here are my quick review on them:


This is a war drama. If you have a weak heart, do not watch it. I loved it. 1911 is lightly action, but heavily with political issue of China back in the Qing Dynasty. If you know the history of Sun Yat Sen, this movie is about that. The movie portrayed the hardest part of war. China went through so many wars and 1911 revolution was one of them. In my opinion, this is by far the best role Jackie Chan has ever taken. He was awesome. I can’t think of any other word at the moment but he was really, really impressive! I highly recommend it if you are into political movie.


The second movie I saw was a Cantonese movie titled Triple Tap. I was not into this kind of movie but I saw it anyway because majority rules! But this was my first Cantonese in a looooooong time. This movie was about trust and lies of two men. It has the element of anger, jealousy and to outsmart another person. Booooooring! I don’t recommend it…


My last movie was Shaolin. Well, this was a great movie! I highly recommend it! Andy Lau was awesome, and so was Nicholas Tse. To watch them in action together really excited me. This movie is fiction, so please, do not believe in everything you saw. Back then, China was run with many military groups trying to expand their territory. Hue Jie was one of them. He was ruthless! One day, he planned to set a trap on his “big bro” but his right hand man betrayed him. In the end, he ended up hiding in Shaolin monastery. The monks didn’t welcome him but the master said they have to forgive his evil. Well, yada yada yada… He became a monk and in the end, sacrificed his life to pay back his sins.

Well, there you have it! My quick review. I highly recommend 1911 and Shaolin, but please skip Triple Trap. Enjoy!