Just Watched: Death Note: Light Up the New World


I have heard of Death Note the series many times. But this is my first time watching it because it has piqued my interest while I was extremely bored on the plane. I mean… why not, I have nothing to lose. I was worried though whether I would be able to pick up the show without having knowledge of the series. Thankfully they made Death Note easily to understand with the narration and slight flashbacks. It was great!

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Currently Watching: Bloody Monday


My attempt in watching another Sato Takeru’s drama continues. My last drama of him was Q10 and now I’m back with his another drama. Bloody Monday. I have heard it many times but the title really grosses me off. I have one weak heart when comes to blood. And therefore, you hardly see me watching medical drama unless I am told that bloody scenes are minimal. Lately though, I’m slowly venturing out of my comfort zone. I have faced my own fear and I somehow manage to conquer this phobia. I’m quite surprised myself and concluded that this is all just another mind game my brain put me into. So, yes to conquering my fear for blood! *fist pump*


When I started Bloody Monday, I was expecting it to be very bloody. Well, I was wrong. So, so wrong! Instead, the show explored the land of bio terrorist attack! Huh, where is the blood? *scratches head* I was fully prepared! Darn it! *laughs* *wipes sweat* *saved by the bell* And the story is not just about a biological terrorist attack, it also portrayed how a young teen hacker’s life affected after getting involved in this dangerous mission. The story is so engaging it left me clutching to the edge of my seat at every end of the episode. I am completely drawn by this drama so much I nearly forgot to blog it! It is quite intense and I can actually see myself watching this drama again and again!


Bloody Monday, an 11-episode 2008 drama, told a story of a biochemical attack that wiped out the entire town in Russia. The Japanese Special Unit, called Third-i, believed that the virus used to kill the entire population has entered Tokyo and the responsible people will release the virus soon. The unit reached out to Fujimaru aka Falcon to hack into the Russian system to figure out what exactly happened. Needless to say, Falcon not only found himself fighting to save Tokyo’s population, but had to fight to save his sister’s life as well! The consequences were huge and it affected his friends in school and him personally. At one point, he came to realize that he can’t trust anyone. He, too, found himself drawn into the mess of this mind game. Now, will he succeed into hacking the system and figuring it out who is the mastermind behind Bloody Monday?


This drama made me weigh in on trust issue at many levels. Who should you trust? The show will definitely mess you up. I believe it was a well-thought and planned drama because the plots are very compelling and they constantly keeps you guessing. There is no level of romance in this show which I’m super happy about it. It’s a great break from all the romance dramas I’m currently watching now. However, there is one thing I need to make it clear. Remember how I mentioned of Sato’s dramas? Well, this show literally using him. Sato’s screen times are so short it makes me wonder, why did he agree to be part of this drama in the first place? *shakes head* It turns out that the main lead, Miura Haruma, is his BFF. Oy, I guess he is returning a favor or something… *shrugs*.


So the moral of the story is… Watch for the plots, not for the actor! *rolling eyes* BUT, no regrets at all! And even though I feel completely robbed by the PD, I still feeling okay with the drama. Sure, Haruma can be a little stiff from time to time, but I don’t mind it at all. And that, my friends, I have just made my mind that I would like to watch the season 2 of Bloody Monday. If you haven’t seen it, I think you should consider watching it. It is one insanely written drama that keeps you guessing til the end!!!