Currently Watching: Happy Marriage?! aka Hapi Mari


Happy Marriage?! is cursed! *sobs badly*. My love for Dean is definitely forbidden. The subber is super busy with RL and my watch is now on hold… tsk tsk tsk. Bel and I and other Happy Marriage?! fans are left in limbo and stuck on episode 5. Some of us decided to watch raw episodes. I know how the feel. The power of Dean. I could do it but I’d like to pay more attention to the show. I’m curious and therefore, not willing to watch it raw. Sorry Dean, it’s not that I don’t like you… I just need to understand the story. *shrug*


Happy Marriage! is slated for 12 episodes. I’m a bit surprised that the drama is this long. It is rare for Japanese dramas. But since each episode is about 35 minutes long, I think it isn’t bad. Once a week airing though is stabbing my heart deeply *sigh*. Anyway,… As I’m typing this, the subber finally released subbed episode 6 and 7. Of course, I just saw it *beams*. And apparently, she will release episode 8 soon. I really appreciate her hard work. I wish I have learned the language so I could help her out too.


So Happy Marriage?! is adapted from a manga of the same title. However, I do not know if the story follows the exact plot. But I do know one thing, Chiwa is one insecure girl. Her dad is a serial gambler and she works two jobs to support themselves and to pay his mountain of debt. One night, as she works as a hostess, she met Hokuto but she found him so offensive that she splashed a glass of water onto him. The next day, she found him at the front door willing to compensate the debt her father owed with loan sharks. She was dumbfounded by his generosity. But his generosity comes with a price! She must marry him! A rational woman would not marry him for money! Wait, that doesn’t sound good. Maybe some would marry for money. Well, let’s not argue. Chiwa, on the other hand, is desperate to get out of the mess her dad did and agreed to Hokuto’s proposal. This contract marriage is not looking good, ladies… *worried*


The reason Hokuto approached Chiwa was because she is the granddaughter of his grandfather’s ex. Hokuto has different means and wanted to please his family. Besides, since Chiwa looks like her grandfather’s ex, Hokuto feels he will have the advantage in the family. The two got married eventually but they went through a lot to get where they are. Hokuto is known to be manipulative but Chiwa doesn’t know that. She heard it from his dad. Chiwa is too weak and easily influenced. Her awareness radar is low. She’s pretty but really, I do not know how a success man like Hokuto sees in her. Status wise, they are in two different playgrounds.


Hokuto is a success man with many admirers, especially women. On the other hand, a colleague is liking Chiwa more and more. Hokuto warned her that she cannot see other men but him. Urgh, that sounds very selfish, isn’t it? Chiwa obliged to his request. I don’t know whether she should. After all, this is a contract marriage. She may love Hokuto but we don’t get his real feeling. I could see in his eyes that he is for real but his arrogant action really gives her mix messages. In the end, is this another Happy Marriage?! Let’s find out together! By the way, this is an Amazon-produced drama. Well, they did not pay me to say that… But who knows they might *laugh*



Currently Watching: Alice no Toge


Yeap, I’m watching Japanese dramas chingus. For some odd reason, nothing in kdrama land really grab my attention. My Secret Hotel is a flop but I’m still watching it even after advising you all to drop it. Yes, I have a terminal drama sickness. I have a problem with dropping drama… *hang head low*. It is just hard to drop as you know I want to give these writers and directors chance to prove to me. But you know what; I never made decision based on writers and directors. My decision to watch a particular drama is mainly influenced by my twitter chingus and bloggers. So there you have it… And hence, I decided to watch Alice No Toge.


I heard Alice was a hit among watchers. Bel raved about how it was so good that I must watch it. Knowing her classy taste in dramas, I agreed to watch. This 10 episode, hourly drama is quite dark to be honest. I did not expect it to be dark, mysterious and in maze. The actress is very familiar. She was Nodame in the Nodame’s Cantabille. But *shaking head*, I could hardly recognize her. I mean I do but she looks older than she was in Nodame. Well, Nodame was an old drama anyway *shrugs*


Anyway, this mysterious drama is like a maze. By the time I finished episode 7, my jaw was on the floor. I did not see it coming! The mood was dark, not once I remember laughing at any of the episode. And this drama requires your full attention, which I’m not used to. It started with Asumi, a resident doctor in a university hospital. She decided to pursue just this particular hospital to take revenge on her father’s death. The rumor has it that her father died of complication at the surgery table but no one honored his death after that as Asumi was told that her dad scammed the hospital. So her mission since then is to take out one by one anyone that contributed to the death of her father. Her plan was sniffed by Yusuke, a reported who is coincidentally also reporting any medical news just from this hospital. Yusuke found out that Asumi changed her last name so that no one could relate her to her father. Yusuke offered his help. Asumi hesitatingly accepted his offer. Together, they slowly reveal the dirty secret the hospital has been hiding for years. But… A twist of event took place. Tsuyoshi, one of the head hospital is skeptical with Asumi and was able to connect the dots. He started to mess with her by giving her assignments that eventually led her to believe that he too wants to reveal the truth. She accepted the assignment which later on revealed that she was fooled by Tsuyoshi and Shuichi. So now what? 


I don’t know what the next three episodes will bring in to the table. The intensity is completely insane! It gets complicated from now on. One of the nurse discovered Asumi’s identity. *facepalm* I feel like I’m panicking as I’m writing this. To be honest, I am definitely clueless. Looks like I have no choice but to watch it to find out whether Asumi is succeed with her plan. One thing for sure, I don’t trust Yusuke. He has his own agenda as well. Oh wow, how can the director pack this maze of messiness into 10 episode drama? JDramas are famous for that, you gotta give a salute to them. Would I recommend it? If you like a puzzle drama, this is the one for you. This drama is very puzzling. When you think you almost found out the truth, the story start to make a full swing and twist. Aiiii… Just watch it if you’re interested! And what’s more interesting is that she relate each perpetrator to one of the Alice in the Wonderland character! Yeap,…. you have got to watch it, my friends!