Our Favorites Shows of 2017

Hello guys!!! I can’t believe that this year is over and it’s time for this list again. I pitched this idea to Nelly about 6 weeks ago and she said “let’s do it” and then she got busy & I got.., well let’s say my middle name is “procrastination” but here we are.

So what dramas made me have lots of feels? What dramas did I rewatch? What dramas did I talk about nonstop on twitter? Like always the criteria for this list is simple. A drama that aired in 2017, it has to be an Asian drama but it can come from any Asian outlet. Nelly let’s do this!!!

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Just Watched: Girls’ Generation 1979



First of all, I must credit kfangurl of The Fangirl Verdict for this watch. I started Girls’ Generation 1979 one night and completely forgotten all about it. Kfangurl’s blog post on the show prompted me to go back and finish it. I can’t believe I missed it completely. The first episode was so awesome. For some reason, it gave me fond memories growing up in the 80s even though the show was based in the year 1979. And I am quite surprised by the lack of attention this show got. I wonder why? I really loved this drama. Yes, it is super chick flick but it was pack with emotions. It reminded me of the Reply series which I adore so, so much!

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