Just Watched: The Last Princess


When I first saw the trailer, I knew I must watch this movie no matter what. I fell in love right away with Son Ye Jin’s portrayal as Princess Dok Hye. Her stunning beauty and her elegant and poised character struck me immediately. The trailer got me into tears. And when I finally saw the movie, my heart and soul were moved by it. Wait, I was also angry! Angry at how the Japanese treated the Princess and angry at how the citizens were treated.

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Currently Watching: Will It Snow For Christmas?

628816Will_it_Snow_for_ChristmasWill It Snow on Christmas? (WISOC) has been on my to-watch list like forever. I don’t know why I put it on hold for this long. The reason it was on my list is because I was intrigued by the title. Yeah, for some odd reason, I feel attracted to the title.  Last year, ironically, Jules sent me a love package. One of the items in the package was a USB. In the USB, there are several dramas, movies and a variety show (Kang SoRa and Suju’ Leeteuk We Got Married). I started watching the show but you know me and variety show… We can never get along. We both need attention *giggles*. Anyway, WISOC was one of the dramas she included. As if she reads my mind… *tacklehugs Jules*. And there you have it, my history with WISOC and I finally able to watch it since I had limited access to internet when I was in Indonesia and limited time to watch my other current dramas. Her USB came in handy… Thanks, Jules!

I didn’t expect this drama to be dramatic and makjang but not too bad. At a glance, the title hinted a warm and hearty romance. But after 11 episodes in, it turns out the drama is more than that. Though it remains as hearty and warm as I want it to be, the ambitious part and the triangle love really turn me off. But the relationship between sons and mom are to die for. I would like my son to treat me as how Cha Kang Jin treats his mom. He respects her even though he dislikes what she does. He loves her so dearly. Kang Jin would talk with his mom for hours over the phone. And he would sing lullabies for her, too. As I’m writing this, I’m tearing up as Han Ji Wan finally went back to her parents. Her disappearance after her brother’s death tore her family apart. Her mom was mourning so hard that she ended up wishing that her daughter would have died instead. Ji Wan felt guilty and ran away from home. It was a lost-lost in Han family. And, her mom was unable to accept her presence even after 8 years of her son’s death.


Yeah, it is pretty tough to swallow. Where is the romance, right? Well, in this drama, you don’t get one but two romances:  between Cha Kang Jin and Han Ji Won, and between his mom and her dad. This gets complicated a bit. Wae? Ji Won’s dad was in love with Madam Cha but Ji Wan’s mom separated the love birds and married her dad. Sadly, she forgets that she can’t break their love apart. So when Madam Cha and her sons moved into the town, she realized that her ex-lover is living in the same town with his family, too. Tension flared between the two old lovers. Madam Cha acted dramatically just to make a point. At the time, they didn’t realize that their kids like each other. But Ji Wan ran away from home after her brother’s death. She blamed herself for making her brother searched for Kang Jin’s missing pendant that was dropped into the main river. Fast forward later, Kang Jin is a successful project manager in a prominent construction group in Seoul whereas Ji Wan lives from paycheck to paycheck while studying traditional medicine.


When the two met again, she was stood up by her fiancée who is Kang Jin’s colleague. He was shocked to find out that the bride to be was not only got stood up but also was used by his colleague who is in love with the Chairman’s chaebol daughter. Kang Jin was immediately drawn to Ji Wan but she played hard to get for two reasons: her guilt over her brother’s death and for what she said to Kang Jin right before she ran away from home (her brother’s death drove her to admit that she made him fall for her so that she can dump her – which technically true since she made a bet with her school friend, and she insulted Kang Jin who has a barmaid mom). Her childhood memories made her realized that she is in love with him but do not know where to begin. She tries to protect herself but she found herself dealing with Kang Jin more and more. In the end, she apologized to him and he embraced her. Their love blooms.


Sadly, when the two started dating, they found out that their parents are in love too. Kang Jin is furious with his mom and Ji Wan is feeling helpless. But in the end, Kang Jin felt his mom deserves the love she needs after being single for years. He is willing to give up his for his mom’s happiness. But now what’s going to happen with our couple? Kang Jin is the strongest one succumbs to his mom’s love whereas Ji Wan suddenly fights to separate the old lovebirds for her mom’s sake. It gets tough. Who would win in this battle? I believe our OTP will get their happy ending but Madam Cha and Han Joon Soo must accept that they are not fated to be together in this lives. On top of that, Joon Soo is terminally ill. It will be a sad ending but I think this drama will satisfy me and you if you haven’t seen it. I really love old dramas. Well written. Better performance. Well executed. You should watch it… I really look forward how the ending will be.

Song of the Moment: Wind Blows


Baek Ji Young’s heart wrenching voice made Wind Blows so beautifully crafted you may not realized your tears will fall unexpectedly throughout this 3:45 minute long song *wipes tears*. You can never go wrong with Ji Young’s voice at all, she is the queen of OST. The music is sweet and gorgeous I just can’t… The strings give you that longing and missing effect in your heart. What a beautiful composition! Now I want to watch The Royal Tailor so badly! Anyone know where can I watch this movie?