Currently Watching: Switch – Change the World


I seriously cannot quit watching Switch! This drama is really my current crack! It is so much fun and entertaining watching Jang Geun Seuk managing two roles. Just like Nice Witch, Jang Geun Seuk plays two roles – as a flamboyant con man and as an uptight prosecutor. He really is so good at switching roles. I am amazed by the way he did it. It does feel like I am watching two different people before my eyes! The story is so fun and exciting! I really love con- artists storyboard. When you almost figure things out, the bad guy is a step ahead of you or the conman is a step of you. The constant guessing on who does what and when is so thrilling!

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Currently Watching: Six Flying Dragons


If you are looking for the most interesting, intriguing, engaging and intellectually stimulating sageuk drama, Six Flying Dragons is the drama for you. Even though I am only on episode 39, I can assure you that this drama is really great. A year ago, I was in a different place and time. I was not interested in watching it all. In fact, I started episode 1 because of all the hypes it received. No luck at all. I was bored and frustrated that I could not feel the excitement like others.

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Magical Radios, dramatic soldiers, blended families and lots of great friendships: 2016 a year end review  

Hello again!!! I finally got the girls (Nelly and Erl *waves*) back for another combined post. After “W” I was afraid we would never work together again.

My Love for end of year list is humongous, I read every single one I see. So I was very excited to put this one together.

The rules were simple: 1. Any show that aired in 2016 2. It can be SK, Taiwan, China and Japan 3. only get 2 picks per question and one honorable mention ( I suck at following my own rules).  Lastly 4. Only shows that have finish airing. I have tons of love for mermaids, weightlifting fairies and goblins, but they can’t be in this list! Also keep in mind, these are our opinions, life would be boring all loved the same things. Lastly guys there may be spoilers so please beware. Let’s get it started!  Continue reading

Currently Watching: Age of Youth

Y4BEOl63_27b708_fAge of Youth is gold! I think everyone should watch it. No exception, this show is a MUST watch. Age of Youth is a drama gem I can relate to. I missed living with girls. So many secrets and heartaches one must wonder why do we girls still enjoy being with other girls! I do wonder that myself. A house full of estrogens yet we love it so much! We are catty and feisty, we are awkwardly social, we are ignorant and naive, we are also stubborn and stuck up, we are arrogant and proud, we are aggressive and gentle, we are introvert and extrovert, we are emotional and unpredictable, we are just a human being. But what makes Age Of Youth fun is the relationship between the girls. This show covers all range of behaviors that I sort of missed it when I used to live with a bunch of girls in my tiny apartment back in college. Ahh…. those were the days.


I just completed episode 10 and now feeling tiny withdrawals after I found out it is ending next week! What? Why? *stomps feet* I know all good things must come to an end but… but… I’m not ready to part with my girls! This is too much to handle! I still not ready to say goodbye to Five Children (which ends today)! Why is it only 12 episodes long, jTBC??? This is totally unfair! Do you know how difficult it is to get all your shows subbed? Ooooh, even the sky is pouring its tears for me! *sobbing*


The house where the girls are living in is called Belle Epoque. There are five of them. Each of them has their own baggage. Eun Jae is the youngest of the bunch. She moved into the apartment with a secret on her shoulder. I sort of knew her secrets by now but really she needs to reveal it quickly now and to confirm whether my hunch is right! And then we have four sunbaes in the house. Sunbae Ye Eun is bubbly and cheery on the surface. But deep, deep down… She is insecure with her relationship with her boyfriend. She caught him cheating but had no idea who he cheated with. In the beginning, she suspected one of her roommates but realized there is another person. In the end, she broke up with him. But really, though, she still missing him terribly. Will she go back to her ex?


Sunbae Yi Na has not enrolled in college since after high school. She’s been going out with men, in general. She switches from one sugar daddy to another like changing clothes. In the beginning, I wonder why is she doing this to herself? She’s pretty and sexy. She could have asked the men to pay for her school. But rather, wasting money on branded clothes, bags and shoes are just too stupid! In between men, she met Jong Gyoo and they became drinking buddies. There is something about him that I got curious. He was not attracted to her at all. But once I get to know him, what I thought he was stalking Yi Na was actually an excuse! He wants to know the truth about his daughter’s death! Only Yi Na can soothe his achy heart.


Next, we have Sunbae Song Ji Won. Ji Won is my favorite character of the bunch. She overdoes things a little too much. But her lovely spirit is to die for! If I can get a sunbae like her, I would. She can be overwhelming a bit, just so you know. She’s dying to be in a relationship but because of her nature, and her Bohemian style, none of the men she met the first time would go further other than being friends. Once a country bumpkin, Ji Won really just want to be known as the cheery person. She must be hiding something… *rubs chins*. One day she claimed that she can see a ghost. But is she? The ending of episode 10 says otherwise. Did she lie about the ghost just to get attention?


Last but not least is Sunbae Yoon. My heart aches for her. In the beginning, she appeared snobbish to uri maknae. But it was not her intention at all. She came out a bit too strong but Eun Jae finally understood her after seeing numerous rolled up notes in the trash bin. There are too many burdens on Sunbae Yoo, to be honest. Her mom still holding on to her younger bro’s life even though he’s been in vegetative state for years. Her bad luck continues when not only she have two jobs to support her education and everyday needs, she also got treated badly by one of her bosses. Life is tough for this girl. I cried for her… *tear up*


Age of Youth is a great life drama. I’m just lost for words to describe how great this drama is. You should really watch this show. I will really judge you if you aren’t *raises a brow*.



Currently Watching: Imaginary Cat

b3EgQjy1_1c5717_fIt’s Yoo Seung Ho!!!! I have no choice but to watch it even though the drama is moving at a snail pace! The only winner in this web drama is Bok Gil. She’s the most adorable kitty and the fact that she’s so cooperative (wait, how many kitties they have to play Bok Gil?), I feel like they make this show 10 times more worth it. Bok Gil ahhhh… Meow! ImaginaryCat4The only downside to Imaginary Cat? It’s 35 minutes long! I’m also disappointed with the love story Imaginary Cat is portraying. I think it is unnecessary. I’m here to watch Seung Ho and his kitty, that’s all. The show is heartwarming and cute. Seung Ho as Jong Hyun is pretty much a very calm character. I like him and understand his frustration as a webtoon writer. The way they develop this drama is pretty refreshing even though story wise, it is another typical kdrama style. I really don’t mind. But I do mind the lead girl. She is cute and all but her character can be super annoying. And sometimes pushy. Na Woo really pushes Jong Hyun’s button and sort of, unapologetic and does things her way. So to really ship them together is definitely a no no from me *sad face*ImaginaryCat02-00212Anyway, Imaginary Cat is still worth watching. Jong Hyun found Bok Gil on a rainy day and adopted her immediately. They are such a good pairing together. Jong Hyun loves his cat so much that he tells her everything but it is harder for him to open up his mind and heart to another human. He came to know Na Woo one day through an unfortunate incident. She was browsing in a book store where Jong Hyun works and a thief put a book in her bag. He eventually had to chase her when she left the bookstore and caught up with her later and accuse of such bad behavior. But he was late, she already knew about the book and returned it to the bookstore. He was ashamed. ImaginaryCat03-00246aBut later on their conversation led to cats in which she found out later that he has a cat. She showed up at his apartment one night and he was startled. She told him Bok Gil looks like her cat. She lost her cat and found peace through other cats, including street cats. Her eagerness to meet Bok Gil was turned down by Jong Hyun and when she found out that his kitty was sick, she paid all her medical fees. It bothered Jong Hyun so much but has no way of pushing her around.CUT2Op-UkAAEQksI somehow figure out how this show will end. Wait, not somehow. I think I already know how it will end. I’m sure by now you have figured it out too. But the question to ponder is… Would I recommend Imaginary Cat? Of course! A drama with kitty and my handsome bias? Totally! Besides, it is only an 8-episode drama. You have nothing to lose *giggle*. And it is great to watch with kids… *wink*fullsizephoto661442