Currently Watching: Ossan’s Love


So here’s the thing… I do not recall I have seen BL theme drama before. Ever. Wait, does Bromance counts? Anyway, I must be having a memory relapse but omg if it’s true, I think my BL cherry just burst with Ossan’s Love. I finally got a chance to start it after weeks of hating and bickering with my TL for enjoying the show without me. Yes, I was THAT cranky! But yesterday I got to dance like a maniac because I was able to marathon all five episodes in one sitting! Thankfully the episode was 40 minutes long and they were funny!

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Currently Watching: Final Cut


I can’t believe this show is ending soon!!!!! I have been watching it since early this week but put it on hold last Saturday at episode 5 because I couldn’t take it. Of course, I mustered my energy Sunday morning and watched it until episode 8. One more episode, people. One more episode! If you aren’t watching it, I highly suggest you do. It’s a revenge drama that makes you wonder how far you would go to expose the truth. To be honest, it isn’t far because everything was done with a decent of respect. Well, almost.

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Just Watched: Guardian of the Spirit II

seireinomoribito2taitoruyouayase! What a ride! This drama, a continuation from the first season Guardian of the Spirit, is better than the first one! I could not blog it while watching because I was totally invested in this season. As I was with the first season. This saga is too good to be missed. If you are a fan of taiga fantasy, this drama is for you. But really, if you haven’t seen the first season, you MUST watch it before you start on this one. Technically, you can still skip the first season but I feel it sets a tone for this season.

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Currently Watching: ON Ijou Hanzai Sousakan Todo Hinako


What is the title means? ON (like the turning ON the switch) Special Agent Todo Hinako. A pretty long title, huh? *shakes head*. One day there will be a competition on which Japanese drama has the longest title ever! I got tongue tied sometimes! But regardless, don’t make a fool of this drama. It is one of the best Japanese dramas this summer. It is intense, disturbing, and mad cray! I really did not expect this drama to be this way. I mean, I recently wrapped Haru’s rom-com drama, Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi. She was pleasantly surprised and awesome in that drama but in ON, she is a completely different person! Talk about being a chameleon!!! I like her!


Haru plays Agent Todo. She’s a rookie assigned to the famous team in the Tokyo Police Department. Todo does her investigation differently. It’s almost a shock to others because it seems very unorthodox. Besides being new, she also isn’t afraid and quite daring as a detective. This really bothers Shoji, her partner. Todo is not only that, she’s dark and mysterious too! Even I’m bothered by her. In a good way, of course! I somehow feel that Todo is a psychopath. I don’t know; it’s just my hunch. I could be wrong. She really has this weird habit of adding chili peppers that were left by her late mom to her food and drinks. I find this very disturbing. Well, it could be just a habit… But, it is a weird habit.


So far, a total of 8 episodes has aired. I have yet to watch episode 8 and the show will end at episode 9. ON is a must watch. If you are curious and want to know more, my pal Bel is recapping the show. Here is the link to her first post: episode 1. I highly recommend ON. This show is as crazy as  Siren!


Currently Watching: High and Low Season 2

81yeNO01_2c3be0_fYeap, I’m on High & Low season 2. I saw High & Low season 1 and it was awesome. Confusing but indeed awesome! Well, this season is confusing, too! But like I care… I’m watching it for the boys! The season 2 is obviously a continuation from season 1. At the end of season 1, we were introduced to Mighty Warriors. So who are they?

Honestly, I don’t know *laughs*! I’m serious! This drama is extremely confusing. And besides, who wants to pay attention when you get to ogle hot men in action for 20 minutes! Yeap, that is literally me! Right now, I have seen 7 episodes. How many episodes left? Nobody knows! I’m not kidding you! Unless you’re reading this months later, you might be able to tell how many episodes left *shrugs*.

Okay, I feel bad. Here, let me tell you who Mighty Warriors is. Remember the Amamiya Brothers? They had to face off with the Mugen. Mugen started with Kohaku and Tatsuya. They are bikers. Later, Tatsuya left and open a diner. Like a headless chicken, Mugen became weak especially when Mighty Warriors influence is growing. So basically, up to episode 4, the episodes were on the rise and fall of Mugen. Starting episode 5, we get to see how Mighty Warriors recruit and expand their power…

See? Who cares about the story. Just watch the handsomeness High & Low continues to offer to us… *wink*. Next to watch? Road to High & Low. The movie aired on May 7 but I think it is not sub yet. Soooooon….

Just Watched: Guardian of the Spirit


Right after I completed Guardian of the Spirit (season 1), Bel tweeted me that “you can lament with me that we have to wait until 2017 for the next season!” Shut the front door!!!! What???????? Next year? 2017? Why next year??? If High & Low could produce the next season immediately, why can’t Guardian of the Spirit??? Why the fudge, why? This can’t be happening to me!!! The show, obviously from my rant, is bloody awesome! Why can’t we have dramas like this? Seriously, this drama is so entertaining. I started two episodes last night, saw the third one in the wee morning and completed the final episode while having breakfast. Yeap, if I had my way, I would have watched all four episodes straight!


To be honest, this is my first Japanese fantasy drama. Guardian of the Spirit is an adaptation of manga and anime but I won’t check them out. I’m not interested. However, the way this season ended, I won’t be surprised if some fans may seek to read the manga to find the answer. Yes, I must warn you up front that season 1 ended with a major cliffhanger! My jaw was on the floor. I need season 2 now!


If you decided to watch Guardian of the Spirit, you will find that the storyline is common. Balsa, a female warrior was asked by the second Empress to take the second prince, Chagum, away from the empire. They initially met when Chagum fell into a river and Balsa was able to save him from drowning. Chagum bears the egg of the water spirit, hence, he is the Guardian of the Spirit. The Empress asked Balsa to take Chagum away and return the egg to its rightful owner. Balsa vowed to never kill so to protect Chagum makes her job twice harder. To protect the prince she may ends up hurting others which a no no to her. Because the Empress helped Chagum escape, the Emperor put her on house arrest. The Emperor then sent his assassins to kill his son!


So why the Emperor wanted to kill his son? He believed Chagum and the egg spirit were the reason for the drought, and by killing him, he would end the drought. Things like this make it so interesting. And hence, though the storyline is common and quite typical, the execution of this drama is superb! I’m so glad Bel suggested it. By 2017, I will be Elsa! I hope you get that joke *laughs*. I highly recommend this drama. The cliffhanger will make you want for more! Yes, I want more!!!!


Just Watched: High & Low


So, I did not know what to expect with this drama. By the time I finally figured it out what’s going on, I completed season 1. What in the world? What just happened? Did I really finish watching all the episodes? *sigh* Yeap, that was me two weeks ago. I was clueless yet calm while watching the series and sort of figured things out by episode 5. I know some of you would have dropped it if you are unable to follow the story. So what is my reason to continue to watch it despite being clueless? HANDSOME BOYS IN ACTION! *wink*


Yeap, that’s it. A legit reason, right? Plus, with only 20 minutes long per episode, you can’t help but press play. I was mesmerized by the number of actors in this series. I recognized some but not all. They are all not just pretty faces. Well, I don’t get to evaluate their acts clearly because… They each got very limited screen time. Don’t even count on script time, either. They all got few lines to share. The only time they have for us is fighting scenes. Yeap, with each episode I saw, about 13 minutes of the time are fighting and action scenes. That’s all. You don’t get  much. BUT you will be able to piece out the story by the end of the series.


High & Low is quite complicated to follow. But my understanding is that five gangs were formed as a result when Mugen, a legendary organization, got disbanded. The 5 gangs are Sanno Rengokai, White Rascals, Oya Koukou, Rude Boys, and Daruma Gurentai. Now, they are all fighting each other to become the ruler of SWORD – a large territory that houses these organizations. The peacemaker of the gangs is none other than the Amamiya brothers. They are unbeatable brothers who are now trying to regroup the gangs again. While all these going on, Mighty Warriors emerge as a new and rising group. The gangs and Amamiya brothers got puzzled. They do not know which side Mighty Warriors is.

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This 10-episode series was very entertaining. The fighting scenes were to die for! Your eyes will thank you because each fighting scene was choreographed beautifully. I really mean it! And the OST… bloody hell the OST is strong and powerful. I wish I could own it! High & Low is one of the first two series drama and will follow with a movie. Basically, the first series is a long introduction of the boys and how the friendship and brotherhood are formed again. I’m currently watching High & Low Season 2. I can’t wait to introduce you to the Mugen aka Exile Tribes. Now if you see I misdescribed the series, please correct me. Like I said, I couldn’t follow the story until episode 5. There are lots of trailers out there for this series. I hope you enjoy some of them.